Hii guys ..janvi here ..back with a new epi..
At morning
Swara waked up and been to temple .!
Here heart was beating with the mixture of emotions
And soon it was afternoon and sharmishtha ask swara gini to get ready and they do the same ..
And finally it was time
It was time to call swara
Swara was in tears ..and ragini takes her down …
In function ratlam even didn’t look each other ..
And soon the pandit Ji asks to get up for pheras and they done so ..
Soon sanskaar fills vermilion in her forehead and make her wear..mangal sutra and they takes blessings of panditji and all the elders ..
Soon it is vidhai and swara hugs ragini and cries miserably..
And sharmishtha and shekhar also cry but it was fake …

At mm
At the door annapoorna comes with a pot of rice , arati, and plate of red aalta…
First she takes 7 rounds of her hands with aarti and then asks swara to kick pot with her right leg ..
And then to put her right leg in aalta plate and again the right leg coloured with aalta to step inside …
She does the same ..

Then she takes swara to her room
Swara was nervous..

Then she sits on beautifully decorated bed ..
Soon sanskaar came ..
Swara was scared ..
Sanskaar: swara don’t scare I am not going to do any thing ..
Swara feels safe
Sanskaar:I just came to tell u that I am going to other room..and please sorry laksh for his behavior ..
Swara: sanskaar okk and you sleep in this room
Sanskaar:swara then I will sleep on couch
Swara: you have to asleep on bed
Sanskaar: but how
Swara:I will mAke boundary of pillows..
And she half
The bed into 2 parts
Sanskaar sleeps aside and swara to other side!!
Both sleeps
At hall
Kavya:aunty I think and laksh should marry early as all know that laksh is dating me ..
Ap: you are right.. don’t worry ..
Let start the preparations..
Kavya leaves with a devilish smile ..

Precap:promo 2
To be continued
Hope you liked it

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  1. Vyshu10

    nice….and yay…swasan got married

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thankew and yes swasan got marries

  2. nice!!

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thank you so much

  3. Sriya

    hey janvi it was a wonderful episode thanks a lot for commenting on my it means a lot to me and u said that u will send your intro in private message till now i didn’t get that post it soon
    love u loads
    keep smiling always

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanx dii but you will get it soon..

  4. SPP


    1. Janviiivyas

      Thank you spp

  5. Nice but why are swasan sleeping seperately I didn’t understand plz clear my confusion

    1. Janviiivyas

      Because they are just friends till now

      1. Oh thank u janvi my confusion got cleared

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanks soujanya di

  6. nice waiting for raglak to be together whether they hate or love next part soon

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanx shan diii

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thankew very much

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