Swasan & Raglak (Just hold my hands it’s enough for me) (intro)

Hai friends I am Keerthana.I am a silent reader.This is my first ff.Sorry friends,I am making my ff with a Kerala touch because I am a south Indian from Kerala.I am making it Kerala because half of the plot is a real life story.The happenings and characters are alive in a corner of this world. I am only changing their names.My first option was to make it as a Marwari plot but the problem is Marwaris are strictly vegetarian and non veg is also a component of my ff.I didn’t expect that I can make it as a Malayalam story.But I had seen some another ffs from these days that had a Kerala touch.It encouraged me to write it.Please forgive me friends I am not efficient in English. If you can see grammar mistakes please pardon me as your sister.

The Cast

Swara Shekhar as Helly Shah,a bubbly girl but she is careless in another hand.
Ragini Jayaram as Tejaswini Prakash,a girl who is sensible sometime but is naughty like Swara.
Laksh Ayyar as Namish Taneja,Ragini’s boyfriend a cool guy
Sanskar Nair as Varun Kapoor,Swara’s boyfriend. A handsome guy

You can figure this charecters as your wish
Shekhar Krishnan-Swara’s father,a bank employee
Lakshmy Shekhar-Swara’s mom,she is a stubborn and lovable mom.She can read Swara’s mind at any time.
Devdath Shekhar-Swara’s younger brother who is studying in seventh standard,He is a pet of his mom but he supports both his sister and his mom.
Jayaram :Ragini’s father,He worked in abroad before some years. He is a middle class man he is very stubborn.
Sita Jayaram:Ragini’s mom, she loves Ragini very much.
Soni Jayaram:Ragini’s elder sister,and supports Ragini. She is giving the enlightenment to Ragini in any Matters
Aakansha Balachandran:Swaragini’s common friend, they have a gang in their college,She is a scholar and careless
Avina Avinash:4th member of Swaragini’s gang.She is in love with a guy.
Sanaya sahdev:Swara’s friend.she is a scholar.
Veena Mahesh:Swaragini’s common friend,but Swara hates her because of some reasons.I will tell you about that in the ff

These are the main male and female leads and I will introduce the another characters in my ff.

2014 August

The time is 8:15 am Swara is sleeping in her room.The pillow was raked so she have a comfort to sleep… her room is the smallest bedroom in her home.It is in upstairs.Shekhar comes to her room.He is tapping at her hand and calling her with a low pitch voice.”Mannu wake up,heyy Mannu wake,?Mannu wake up.”She woke up but she don’t want to go to college.She never woke up with her desire to go to anywhere except School tours.At last he whacked her with anger.She wakes up.”Look, Mannu she is very angry today.She is scolding me.come on, come to downstairs”
Ok Dad I will come.
Oh no come on Mannu it’s getting late.look time..
Papa I will come soon.
This girl is a headache for me.Come on.

I will come she shrieks with a high pitch voice.

? I don’t know anything. Do what you like.
he goes from there.
She checked her Mobile phone. It was a old version touch screen phone. She had bought it when she was in her 10th standard. “Oh it is just 8:17″ she herd her head to the pillow and closed her eyes….


What happened dad? she suddenly opened her eyes.She shockingly looked at the mobile it shows 8 27 pm.

Where are you come to the downstairs fast..

Papa I am arranging my time table. I will come soon…she got up from the bed.
She heard the sounds of vessels which are colliding each other in the kitchen…
She hears Lakshmy’s voice”This girl never do anything. I am falling sick.My back pain is increasing and increasing.She know that I am a diabetic patient,but she doesn’t helps me. I had seen many girls someone will study well and someone will do house hold activities,but I have never seen a girl like her whom had no interests in any of these activities.Just look at that Sanaya she is the topper in our province.And what about my daughter she also studied but only got 81% and studying in a private college”

“Maa it’s not 80 it’s 81″she said from upstairs.
” so what what is the difference between 80 and 81″

That was true she got only 81% mark in higher secondary examination and studying in a private college which is recently opened. The fees was 15000 per year. The last allotment for degree courses was over.The only hope was Spot admission. But her parents had no faith in it so she joined there.Sanaya is also studying with her.She is eligible for higher studies she got 87% marks in higher secondary examination. But her caste her caste and category went wrong when she registered it in the online…

“Oh my god what will I do I am fed up of this Amma”
She slowly comes to downstairs. Dev is coming from the puja room.He is a fan of god.His hobbie is cutting the pics of lords from the notices of temples and glueing it in his personal diary.
“Who is coming this” he speaks with a mockery.
Nonsense?she stairs at him and goes from there.She brushed and going to take a bath. The bathroom is situated at the backward of the house. She goes through the kitchen. Lakshmy stares at her”why did you woke up now “she asked.” All of in the world know her name because this man is calling her like a loud speaker in everyday morning” she signals to Shekhar.”
She got ready to go to college. She wore a olive green Salwar with embroidery.
Suddenly a call arrived for her from Sanaya”
The call which changed her entire life.

I don’t know you guys will like my ff please comment friends do you like it

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  1. Its fabulous ya and a complete different one good luck

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  11. Hai keerthana me too a malayali ☺hi fi to all malayalis and I loved ur ff it made me laugh to the core because it depicts the atmosphere of every typical malayali family
    And one more thing I am happy that u gave it a chance
    Ruhani u r ri8 moideen and kanchana mala real life heroes
    R u from mukkam?☺

    1. No yr frm kochi n u?

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