SWASAN RAGLAK—- Hum Sath Sath Hain ( introduction and part 1)


Hello friends I am aisha and till now I have read a lot of ff and so I wanted to start a new one.. I need at least 5 comments to continue…..


Swara— a cute modern and bubbly girl. She loves her sister more than anything in the world. She is daughter of sumo and shekhar.

Ragini— a sweet kind and modern girl. She too lives her sister and her family. Daughter of sumo and shekhar

Laksh— an arrogent and flirty boy. Son of ap and dp. He loves his brother a lot

Sanskar— a charming and handsome boy. Son of ap and do. He too loves his brother a lot.

Shekhar— the husband of sumi and father of ragini and swara. He is a rich business man.

Sumi— wife of shekhar and mother of ragini and swara. She is sweet and kind.

Dp— he is husband of ap and father of laksh and sanskar. He is a rich business man and good friend of shekhar.

Ap— she is wife of do and mother of laksh and sanskar. She is a good friend of sumi.

Uttara— she is daughter of sujatha and rp. Her parents died when she was 5 yrs old. Since then dp and ap take care of her.

Episode 1


Gadodia Mansion

A bedroom is shown where 2 girls are sleeping. Suddenly a voice calls out ,” Shona, lado get up fast or you will get late for collage.” ” Please mom 5 minutes more”. After 15 minutes Dadi calls out swara ragini uthi nahi kya!!!! Swara and Ragini get scared and say ” abhi aye Dadi…..” After 15 mins both the girls came down. Swara was wearing red colour dress till knees with hair tied up in a high pony and Ragini was wearing pink colour long dress with hair left open. They take breakfast and leave for collage.

PREACAP—- mm sanskar and laksh go to collage. 4 boys try to tease Swara ..

Sorry for short update and guys pls comment…. Sorry for mistakes as I am in class 7 and this is my first fan fiction …….

Credit to: Aisha Kapoor

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