swasan and raglak- happily ever after (9)

hi guyzs aim back with the next part of my ff and really sorry for late update . so lets continue
recap- raglak engagment and swasan and raglak dance
lets continue
swra felt dizzy while dancing so sanskar sked her to sit on the couch
swara- sanskar iam fine please let me dance plzzzz
sanskar- noo ways swara you was about to fall i cant take any risk and enjoy seeing them dancing na
sanskar- jo bhi bolna hai bolo par no dancing right now
swara- ok fine but you go it dosent look nice
sanskar- but you will be alone then
swara- are you go na
sanskar- ok
they enjoyed and swra was ahappy seeing others enjoying after some time they guest left and party was over
swara- i felt really happy today my best friend and my sis got engaged
ap- shumi ji you can stay here tonight
swara- yes ma plzzz
shumi- but..
ragini- maa please
shumi- ok fine
swara- maa today your bahu and would be bahu will prepare dinner
ap- ok beta
ragini- swara today why you were not dancing
swara- oh! your jiju he dint allow me to dance
ragini- why?
swara- vo…vo
ragini- whatvo…vo..?
swara- i felt dizzy while dancing
ragini- what?
swra- hmmmm
ragini- how can you be so careless swara yesterday also
swara- daato mat na
ragini – ok how you are feeling now
swara- iam fine ladoo ma
swara- lets concentrate on preparing food otherwise we will be in trouble
ragini- yaa very true
they were preparing food just then swara felt uneasy and ran towards washroom
ragini- swara.. swara… wait
swara- oh god what is happening to me( she felt cramps in her s ttomach and started vommiting) god save me from yesterday this is 4 time iam vomiting i think iam suffering from any chronic disease
ragini- swara are you fine ?
swara- yes
ragini- then come every one is waiting for dinner
swara- hmmm
@dinning table
swara was bringing water and suddenly she fell and everyone was shocked
sanskar- swara
shumi- shona….
raglak- swara….
sanskar carried swara to their room as she was unconcious
sanskar- swara please wake up swara….
ragini- it is my fault from yesterday she was continously vommiting but i ignored it
laksh- what ragini how can you be soo careless?
dp- adarsh call the doctor
adarsh- ji papa
after sometime doc arrived and asked everyone to leave as she had to check swara everyone left and were standing outsid ethe room theatmosphere was tensed just then the doctor came out with a smilling face
sanskar- doc tell me swara is fine na
shumi – ji doctor can we meet her
doc- yes mr sanskar maheshwari she is fine and you can meet her
sanskar- but what happend to her
doc- congractulations she is pregnant.
every one was very happy and started hugging each other.
everyone wentinside the room and greeted swasan and soon everyone left swasan alone
sanskar- swara iam very happy you have given me the best thing in the world
sanskar kissed on swara’s forehead and placed his hand on swara’s tummy and started crassing it
screen freezes on happy faces of sswasan

precap- pampering swar and raglak marriage preparations

how was the episode guyz do tell me

Credit to: shanaya


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