swasan and raglak- happily ever after (5)

hi guyaz iamback so without wasting time lets start with the story

@ swaragini’s room
ragini – aww swara jiju is sooo sweet na movie wow
swara- yaa but iam still upset because i left him alone na
ragini – its ok di now get ready dont make jiju wait
swara- you also get ready ragu maa
ragini- yes swara

sanskar-laksh aaj hume movie dekhne jana hai vo bhi romantic wali
laksh – what bhai? mein us type ka ladka nahi hoon or ragini ke bare mein to socha hota na
sanskar- shut up lucky what are yo saying ha iam married
laksh – then?
sanskar- are we will watch movie with swaragini for fun
laksh- haaaa then its fine
sanskar- be ready at 3 pm
laksh – ok bro

@ gm
ragini- tell na swara
swara- you are looking very nice ladoo
ragini- laksh will like this dress na
swara – ofcource
ragini- iam going to get ready
swara – hello miss ragini gadodia and future mrs ragini laksh maheswari who will help me haa?
ragini- kuch bhi pehen lo swara you will look good
swara- tell me na ladoo
ragini – ok wear this red saree you will look hot in this
swara- are you sure
ragini- jiju ko faint hone se bachana hai to mat pehno
swara- oh today both sanlak will be fan of swaragini
ragini- yes

@ mm
sanskar- lucky get ready fast today we arev going to watch movie not at your baarat
laksh – haa haa very funny now lets go we are already late just becauseb of you bhai you talk so much swaragini must be waiting for us na?
sanskar -[ ignoring what he said just now] lets go

swargini- you both took more time than us to get ready
sanlak- lets go and buy ticket
swara- pati dev and soo cute devarji we already did as only 4 tickets were left
ragini- lets go we were waiting for you
sanskar- [ whisphered in swara’s ears] priyatama paas ke seat par bathna
swara- ok
swaragini and sanlak went inside thehall and swasn and raglak sat together and enjoyed the movie
sanskar- how was the movie
swara- awsm
laksh- ragini what about you ?
ragini – it was awsm
sanlak started laughing
swaragini- what happened
sanskar- so movie was awsome haa
swara- yes
sanskar- thats why you both was crying continously throughout the movie
ragini- hehe lets go home
sanlak were driving home just then swara started shouting
swara- sanskar stop the car
sanskar- what happened swara
swara- stop the car
ragini- swara tell us some thing na
swara- puchka
laksh – what?
swara- puchka kitne dinio se nahi khaya
sanskar- you want to eat here
swara- yes
laksh – lets have puchka party
sanlak and swaragini had a puchka party

precap- raglak engagment

hope you like it

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  2. Short and sweet…

  3. Nice….plzz update longer parts……

  4. kash aisa real mai b hua hota …!

  5. Sweet story

  6. nice…but what is puchka..sorry i dont know hindi that much

    1. Pucha means golgappa

  7. good but wt is puchka???

  8. thanx shanaya

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