swasan and raglak- happily ever after (2)


Hi guys am with my first part of swasan and raglak- happily ever after hope you guys like it .and guyz your comments are needed so lets start it.
( the story stars after the kavay’ s drama and laksh relised the love for ragini forgived laksh and decided to marry him again.so lets begin.)

a girl was seen wearing a blue saree singing arti.
girl – ( in mind) bhagvanji thakyou for making every thing good .now i feel that every thing is on right path .( and she continues to sing the arti)
A.p- swara beta you sing really very well beta.
sujata- has jiji my bahu is no1.
uttara- my bhabs is the best.
swara- hmm iam upset
ap , Sujata and uttara together- why?
swara- there will be one more choti bahu in the house na( and she started laughing)
ap – tum bhi na beta.
uttara- bhabhi papa , adharsh bhai and bade papa is out of town but where is my other two heroes.
a.p- don’t tell me they are still sleeping.
swara- ma vo..vo actually they were working that’s why.
ap- jo bhi ho .wake them up
swara- let them sleep na ma.
ap- no means no.

swara went to wake sanky.
swara- ( goes near sanky and was staring him lovingly)
sanky- ghoorna band karo iam feeling shy
swara- hoooo you are only pretending to sleep na .
sanky- i was sleeping till now but you are a alarm clock ( pointing towards her anklet.)
swara- ok baba sorry now get up.
sanky – nooooooo
swara- why my hubby is feeling sleepy.
sanskar- nooooo
swara- then?
sanky – i want morning kiss.
swara- you will not get it.
sanky- that’s not fair
swara- my sweet hubby morning romance …… Bad idea get up and get ready we need to take shagun to my sis,
sanky- ohh yes.give me 5 min.
swara- ok .
swara went to laksh room and and tried to wake him but all went in vain them she got and evil idea and she whispered in his ears
swara- devar ji uthia shagun dene jana hai devrani ji ko.
laksh- has jana hai jaldi.
swara was laughing madly.
laksh- swara ki bachi ruk.
swara- hoo laksh is this way to talk to your bhabhi.
laksh- sorry bhabhi
swara- noi laksh we are bf for ever no formality with me.
laksh – swara tell me na what should i wear.
swara- ( choose a dress for him) get ready fast.

@ gadodia house
shumi- laado you are ready or not?
ragini – ma 2 min.
shumi – get ready fast.
ragini- iam ready maa
shumi – my sweet daughter looking very pretty.
shumi- laksh will be fan of yours.
ragini- maa
( screen freezes on smilling faces of swasan and blushing faces of raglak)

precap- shagun or ragini and some masti of swasan and raglak
guys both the pairs will be getting equal importance.sorry for short update


Credit to: shanaya

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  1. Wow thank god now no hatred or negativity….. Plsssss some romance

  2. good. i wish that this should happen in real serial also. so cute. i am preying that god please stop kavyas drama very soon . anyways good one keep going on

  3. Hope this happens even in SR…

  4. Swara is awesome yaar

  5. wawww amazing concept & writing skill… cannot wait for the next part.

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