Swasan, Raglak In Ghost House Inn (episode 3)


Sorry for the delay friends. Here is the new episode. I m so sorry u miss Dracula in this episode…… This episode is filled with the love story of Collins and Shivani. Please don’t misunderstand me guyzzz that I am not giving Raglak in their previous birth coz I want to show hw different is Ragini from Joann and Joann had to love Dracula so he can arrive in Ragini’s life……..

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I know nw readers will confused

It is Swasan’s previous birth

Collins- Sanskar
Shivani- Swara
Darcy- Virat of EHMMBH
Dracula- Ichadari nevla of Naagin

Episode 3

Darcy had sent a messenger to Udaipur……..
Collins was praying in the Church.He was bending down his knees…… “God whatever it is. Please remove this devil girl from my life”………..He stared at her.She was lighting the candles there.Shivani seemed like an angel in the middle of candles……”ohh God please tell me how can I let her go. She is damn beautiful”……..She came next to him and also bent down her knees. She bowed her hands and closed her eyes. He was mesmerized in her beauty. Her hair was playing with cool breeze. He attempted touch her…

” Ohh God how can I let her go??”…… Suddenly her eyes were opened. He retrieved his hand…….”U r from an another religion right?? Then why r u worshipping him???”…….She stared at him and vainly smiled……”hmm”…..she nodded with an insensible smile…..
“I am not worshipping, I am respecting”…….
She stood up and moved. He retrospect and stunningly looked at her.

They are walking through the valley. Friendship didn’t flourished between them. Some goons noticed Shivani with their nasty looks and attempted to attack them.
Col: Look Shivani please escape from here.I can oppose them.
Shivani: No no u please escape from here. Nothing will happen to me.
Col: What rubbish are you talking. Look at me,(he showed her his biceps) hasn’t you noticed how strong ?? I am???
She began to laugh.
Shiv: Then okay. I want to watch it. I will be here. You please oppose them…….

Then fight……

They made his body nothing less than a feast ground.
Col:??? please save me
Then they approached her lustfully. During one of them touched on her hair, their hands began to burn.Others also came to molest her.Each of them ran away with their burning body.Collins was like this???. Shocked….He asked her about this. They walked through the banks of the river.She bandaged his wounds…….”coooz if anyone will touch me lustfullyyyy without my permission.They will burn like this.I got a blessing from my lord Vishnu since my birth”
(She said it in a calm and quiet voice,like she is talking to a child).

Collins: OMG,it’s for my well being that I didn’t touched her before.
He muttered

Collins shrieked.She was applying ointment on his wound.
“Shiva please do carefully.It is agonizing??”……
She looked at him for a second…..”Shiva!!”…..
None called her a nickname before. She loved it in the core of her heart.
He snapped….”Hey what happened”……
She nodded nothing
Suddenly she found out something.
???? she began to giggled……
“I m understanding that how strong?? u r ??.Look ur biceps are also bleeding.”…….
He was lost in her laugh…….”How gorgeous it is. her laughter!!??.I think she is laughing after months.
They walked together. Suddenly she fall of from a cliff but by God’s grace she hitched a tree……”Collins Collins please save me??”…….He reached his but cutted by something and returned his hands.
Collins: No no my hands will burn??.
Shiv: Look u r just saving, u r not touching me lustfully na please??.
Col: hmm okay but I have some demands
Shiv: wh wh what??
Col: You have to recall all my servants
Shiv: okay save me
Col: no no I have some more demands……
Shiv: now what
Col: Give me my wine bottles
Shiv: k nxt?

Col: You have to cook non veg for me
Shiv: what? no no I can’t
Col: K then I am going. We will meet in the border of hell and heaven
Shiv: no no please don’t go?? k agreed.
He reached his hands
Shiv: tell me who will be in heaven and who will be in hell??.
Col: I will be in heaven and you???.
Shiv: ??? let me safe,I will show you stupid.
Collins returned his hands.
Col: hello ego queen,I am going
Shiv: Please don’t go ???
Suddenly a bulb flashed in his mind. He placed an another demand in front of her.It was only for teasing her.
Col: I have an another demand.
Shiv: ?? what
Col: You have to surrender you in front of me I want to enjoy your whole body.
Shiv: ??? what
Col: Yes promise me.I will save u
Shiv: No you can’t touch my body like that. You know what it needs an another thing.

Col: No no you are lying.It is ur nw trick…..
Shiv: No Collins, if you want to touch my body.I have to love u,You have to love me means.
We have to love each other and that love have to be sacred like milk.
Col: K then love me
Shiv: Collins please save me.
Col: First of all surrender yourself, I will save you
Shiv: ??? I think death is the better option.Good bye forever. Hell or heaven I don’t want to meet you.
She left her hands free from the tree branch.Collins was shocked by her sudden action. He did that for teasing Shivani and here she is……

He rushed to the valley and found out her body.Ohh God she is still alive. He shifted her to his castle. The physician examined her. She was in coma,a deep sleep…..Collins bent down his knees and held her hands. Her silence was making him a mad. She was the only true companion for him in the world. She is alone in home, it was the only reason to made him coming back from late night parties. She is a devil,teased him alot,bothered him madly but she was making his life live……..”Shiva I was just teased you. Please wake up and leave your ire on me. Look ( he looked around and muttered) I will give you a chance. You can slap me”……..but she was still sleeping. Now and then she came with wine and non veg…….”Ohh hello??? take a look at this. I m having it in front of you and you can’t do anything??????? please dear wake up. You are killing me”………..She was becoming more and more gorgeous day by day to him. He can’t tolerate a mosquito if it will bite her even he can’t live without her.

Darcy came to him with a gun.

Dar: Look Collins I had found out your gun. She stashed it in the garner.
Col: Ssshh she will kill you if he will learn about it.
Dar: Collins stop this nonsense, come we will go for a hunting
Col: No no she doesn’t likes it.
Dar: So what Collins, you know what. She will not come back from this coma.She will remain like a vegetable.(col:??) I think mercy killing is the better option. I know you want to enjoy her body right???.Then do it and kill her.Ohh no I forgot it none can’t touch her. Kill her Collins
I will introduce you 100 girls

Collins held on Darcy’s collar…….”how dare you???.How dare you to say like that. Vegetable!!! She is not a vegetable to me.She is my life. I will give also my life for her.If she will leave me, I am feeling like death. She is the only reason which I m living for breathing for eating for and praying for….. I didn’t felt a pain like this before. My parents left me,Uncle left me,brothers left me. I suffered that all pains but I can’t tolerate this…..I am feeling that if she will leave me, it will lead to my death
If she will remain like a vegetable then I have no problem. I will take care of her. She is breathing it is enough for me. I can talk to her it is enough for me.
Darcy don’t compare her with another girls coz she is unique. My brave devil girl (he nodded and smiled vainly). She is not a entertainment for me, she is becoming special for me daily. I am giving up hunting and non veg coz she is not liking it. She is in this state coz of me I don’t know what is going through my mind regretion or a life less feeling.

Darcy came close to him and shaked his shoulders……. “Are you loving her???”……
Collins: No no Darcy how rubbish…..
Darcy: U r loving her you said it but unsaid.I approached my best friend Collins but you are an another Collins.She made u like this….
Col: No no Darcy y r u blaming her.Please don’t do that she is innocent.
He showed him his arm and alerted him to be silent.
Darcy: Let me complete Collins, What did you said firstly, She is ur life right?? It is love Collins…… Love makes life live,so you are living for her, what did you said,if she will leave you, you will be a lifeless body that lifeless feeling is love damn it. Everyone left you but you didn’t felt much pain like it coz she is living in ur heart my friend. She is a unique girl coz love is unique
Col: hh hh what
He was sweating his whole face from chin to forehead.


Dar: yeah stupid it is love.

Darcy differentiated the milk and water to Collins. He understood about his feelings for her.
He came with some surprises for her daily. Like some flowers, new pictures etc…..
He prayed to the Vishnu idol at a night……”Look God I don’t know about you but I know she is ur beloved??? no no not ur beloved. Please see her as a daughter or a sister coooz she is my beloved.

He bent down his knees and bowed his hands

God I know u r her best friend. Please tell her to wake up. I will die without my Shiva”……
Collins heard something grousing. He immediately looked at Shiva..Her eyeballs are moving inside her eyes… She opened her eyes. She remembered about the accident…… “How ruthless is he.???I hate him”……. She whispered. He was joyful to see her awake.
………”Are you awoke??? You frightened me darling. You know what I love you so much”……… He hugged her. She felt something at the core of her heart. She also remembered an another thing.

Fb b4 the accident.

Col: You have to surrender you in front of me I want to enjoy your whole body.
Shiv: ??? what
Col: Yes promise me.I will save you.
Shiv: No you can’t touch my body like that. You know what it needs an another thing.
Col: No no you are lying.It is ur nw trick…..
Shiv: No Collins, if you want to touch my body.I have to love u,You have to love me means.
We have to love each other and that love have to be sacred like milk.
Col: K then love me
Shiv: Collins please save me.
Col: First of all surrender yourself, I will save you
Shiv: ??? I think death is the better option.Good bye forever. Hell or heaven I don’t want to meet you.
She left her hands free the tree branch.

Fb ends

She pulled him back…..”I hate you Mr, u r so ruthless. Hw can you love a girl.U r also from that cruel community.I hate u

Collins left the room with broken heart

Meeting- Collins n Darcy

Dar: omg hw stupid ur Darcy.Hw can you propose a girl like this???.Without any preparation. Without a bouquet, without a smile ohh no,hw could you damn it…….
Collins attempted to go
Dar: hey hey where are you going??
Col: for bouquet
Dar: ohhh God hw foolish u r

Col: Sorry Darcy please tell me what to do??.
Dar: k k I will tell you. First of all blossom ur friendship.
Col: k ????

Shivani was stitching her clothes.
He approached with a raised hand for a shake hand…….”?? Shiva I want ur friendship”……
She is not talking….. “Please please please look I will not eat non veg, will not drink wine.I am also gave up hunting.”……… She attempted to walk but he wrapped through her feet……”Please be my friend”…..
Shiv: ?? ohh God it is so irritating.

Suddenly she saw something outside the window. She looked around her surroundings then smiled???.It was midnight…….”K I will”…..
Col: ?? really
Shiv: but I have a demand
Col: Tell me I will do it definitely
Shiv: Did you see that river
She raised her finger outside the window.
Col: Yeah??
Shiv: It is very cold outside.You have to remain in the river until I will tell you to come back…
Col:??? what…. No no please give me an another one. I will fall sick.
Shiv: Don’t tell lie.This is only door to our friendship
He left.
Shiv: Hey bhagvan chali gayi
She bowed her hands to the Vishnu idol

She didn’t noticed him in castle still the next midnight…….”Where is he?? I think he eloped from here??Ohh God it is so cold today I am shivering”…….
When she was dare to close the window. She noticed him in the river. Fog was moving slow motion.He was shivering….. Ohh no…..she ran to him. He was not in his senses. Going unconscious. She rushed him to the room.Then checked on his neck and forehead. High temperature!!!!…..She rubbed his hands and feet. He is whispering something and held her hands……”Mom mom please don’t leave me”………She tightened the grip.A tear droplet fell from her eyes….. “Please wake up, I was just kidding. I didn’t expect that you will suffer like this”…….. She hugged him and rested on his chest.Then dozzed of

Collins wake up in the morning and became happy to seeing her on his chest. He slightly patted on her head. She woke up in his sudden action…….They have an eye lock…….

He attempted to stood up from the bed but she slowly pulled him back to the bed.He was just moving like a machine. He will solely move like this if it might be a cliff……”You please take rest, I will come in just a second”…… He nodded like a child and she smiled for a microsecond.
Shivani returned with a yellow colored liquid.
Shiv: have it
Col: what is this
Shiv: haldiwala doodh
Col: ? what
Shiv: Milk in addition of turmeric. Have it,it is good for ur health.
Col: no no I don’t want this???.
Shiv: Have it,I will give you your favorite wine
Col: No no I don’t want wine.
Shivani was shocked,how addicted was he and now……
Shiv: K tell me what you want….
He raised his hand for a shake hand.
Col: Will you be my friend. Please I don’t have anyone here,parents relatives you and Darcy are my only two companions. I missed you so much when you are in coma??? please.
She felt bad for him.
A smile blossomed on her lips. They shook hands.
Shiv: can I give you something
Col: kk fast
Shivani slapped him slightly, he leaned his head like a kid……. “??are u crazy hw can you do such a thing. Look at your condition. I was just kidding stupid”…

Col: I will do anything for you.
Shiv: hmm now have it.
Col: no?
Shiv: for me please
Col: hmmmmm okay
He had it.
……They spent some more days together. They became good friends. Collins laughed with her,shared his most happiest moments with her……..

Dar: r u sure that she is loving you.
Col: I don’t know but I think so…..
Dar: Then do one thing go away from here.
Col: You ??? what are you saying. We are living peacefully and you are saying that I have to go from here

He walked a little with nodding his head……”No no I can’t live without my Shiva”….. Darcy punched on his forehead himself….”Ohhh my God I didn’t meant that. You please stay far away from her. She will miss you. Your absence will bother her and she will express that..
Col: What….
Dar: When you will be back, she will come to you with blushing and express her love.
Col: hmmm?? okay
I will go to England. I also have to buy some raw materials
He left and returned after one month….. Swara I mean Shivani was preparing garlands for the evening pooja.
He showed her a big spare rectangular gift wrap. She opened it…..??? Mural painting…….
Col: I visited an exhibition centre in England. I bought it from there, thought that you will like it ……”Yeah Collins it is awesome”…….
She hugged him even he was also shocked in her sudden action…..”You know Collins I am so happy to see you back. I love you so much. I missed you stupid”………
He was shocked and happy too. He felt that his heart will come outside soon. He was dare to touch her ,she told something stunning suddenly………”The messenger arrived Collins. My real parents are gonna accept me…….. He clenched his fist and returned his hands…..his heart was bursting

I m leaving in 2 weeks.I will miss you stupid. You are my best best best friend.

When she was dare to leave, he hold her hand……”Please don’t leave me Shiva. I love you and if you dare to leave me, it will end in my death. Please don’t leave me”……..
Shivani was stunned to hear that. She retrieved her hands from him and walked to her room with ire. But Collins couldn’t give up his love. He wrapped through her feet and cringed like a begger…….”Shiva please don’t leave me (He remembered something sudden)….no no you can go anywhere. I will not forbid you but please let me come with you….

Shivani was stunningly looking at him.She don’t know what to do.
Something had felt in her heart. A snow like feeling in her abdomen…….. “Shiva I know you can’t love me coz I am from ur hatred clan. You can marry anybody you want, I will not come across your family life. Shiva please allow me live with you and I am assuring that I will not harm you. I will solely follow you like ur shadow. You know about shadows na they will not harm their owners, solely follow them life long. I only want to see you always, you are my breath, you are my life and u r my inspiration. Please let me follow you Shiva,please……..

He was sobbing madly.She was staring far away, a tear droplet rolled from her eyes

To be continued……….

Hw was it friends. I am asking you ur opinion, do you want a season 2 of Swasan tere ishq mein??

Credit to: Nandana

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