Swasan, Raglak In Ghost House Inn (episode 2)


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Episode 2

That night was exactly mysterious and strange.Thunder and lightning……. A wolf is howling. And a man dressed up like Dracula was standing beside them.They shouted loudly and ran into the room. Ohh my God Dracula is inside,they retrospect oohh nooo the outside one was disappeared.Swaragini hugged each other and shouted continuously.The room was filled with darkness…..
Swara is praying……”Hey Kanha ji please save us??
Achutam kesavam ramanarayanam Krishnadamodaram Vasudevam bhaje(she is repeating it)??
The spirit was still there.Swara took the cross and showed it to him…… “In the name of God go away, In the name of Mahakali go away??,in the name of Shiv ji go away,in the name of Buddha ji chali jaaaooooo????

Ragini: Swara what are you saying cross belongs to Christ….
Swara: Jesus ji maaph karna mujhe main aapko nahi bulaya are koi toh bachalo hamhe ???.
The man came close to them and extorted that cross from her.He dragged Swara’s hand and took her to the balcony.
Then pined her to the wall and came more close to her…..”??? Please Dracu ji don’t sting.Kanha ji he is going to suck my whole blood????”…..She closed her eyes. His face came close to her neck and kissed.She immediately opened her eyes and said……”Sanskar”…… She said innocently.She pulled him more close to her.
Ragini was totally afraid and shouted Swara.Ragini noticed also an another man there dressed up like the same.
Suddenly she accidentally found out the emergency lamp and lighted.Ragini is shocked see Laksh there……”?? Laksh tum” she attacked him vainly.Lucky hugged her from back.Ragini is blushing. Laksh passionately smelled on her hair.

Swasan are lost in their thoughts.A black cat passed them. It awoke them from their lovely moments and came inside the room.

Swasan are ashamed to see Raglak romance. Raglak blushed.
………”??? so you people frightened us,right??”……
Both brothers laughed madly.Ragini said…..”Laksh tum bhi na??”…….She said it in an innocent voice……
Sujata is shouting outside……”Padosiyon ki ghar mein to light hai phir yahan k hua???”

…….”Chachi ji I think someone had removed the fuses”……Parineeta said.Swaragini angrily?? stared at Sanlak.
………”You both sisters bothered us na???? so it is a small revenge.???.”…..
Sanskar said.
Lights came back.
Lak: Bhai this book is the villian
Laksh took that book
Swaragini: Laksh give it to us
Swaragini and Sanlak tussled for the book.
Ragini begged……”Sanskar please give it to us.Our nightmares are bothering us,we want to know about that please???

San: okay okay compromise,we will read it together.
Lak: bhaaaiiii???
San: Chodna yaar ek hi raat ka hi toh baat hai

They begun to read that book. The first 3 pages are very boring, Dracula is this Dracula is that….. Sanlak felt dizzy.Laksh fell asleep.
Sanskar rubbed his eyes and yawned….. “Shona,I am going. Jaldi aa jaana”…… Swara nodded yes.Sanskar left.
Ragini covered a blanket over Laksh then kissed him. Ragini was lost in his innocent sleep like a child……”Ragini jaldi aao”…… Swara shouted from the balcony.
They started to read the actual story.

It was the incidents happened in 19th century.India was suffocating from Europeans.There was many provincial kingdoms in India. As we all know foreigners had a crush in our women. They used,misused and abducted our Indian ladies. This was just an introduction, I will tell you more about that again……

Now we will go to Count Dracula’s (Ichchadhari nevla of Naagin) story

Dracula’s father was a great Count in Transylvania. He was the owner of a very kind heart , helped orphans and poor people. His spouse, brother and brother’s wife died in an accident years ago. So Count also took the responsibilities of his brother’s sons named Collins (Sanskar) and Williams (Laksh).He treated them like his sons…..
Dracula was a womanizer. Women are just a toy for him. Williams was his best friend,even he was the companion of Dracula’s all misdeeds. But Williams didn’t look upon a girl with lust cz he had a crush on a Planter’s daughter named Joan(Ragini).She was also from Transylvania.An innocent and a plunge natured girl.Will easily trust anybody. She didn’t showed any anticipation before making decisions.
Collins was a kind hearted, just like the Count. Even he was unaware of Dracula’s and Williams’s misdoings.He loved his brothers and his Uncle. Count was more a than God for him.

Williams and Dracula left for their further studies to London. Whether Collins remained there for Count’s well being as he knew that none is there for treating him.
At this time Dracula wasn’t a vampire.He was just a human being like us. The following incidents made him a vampire…..
Dracula and Williams successfully completed their studies and returned to their castle in Romania.Count’s condition was very bad and he passed away within some days…..

A month later

Joann was blossoming in Williams’s mind day by day.She used to visit his house daily.Joann grown up in Williams’s mind like an endless desire.
Dracula was declared as the new Count. Slowly Dracula also fell for Joann.He learned that Joann is not at all like other ladies to him.The most attracting thing was her simple nature.But the fact was women are also his weak point . Raglak I mean Williams and Joann became friends even he didn’t expressed his feelings to her.

Now Dracula is the Count and he begun to show his despotism to both brothers. This despotism was not at all affected Collins coz he only wished to live in his world.But Williams opposed the Count and left Transylvania by some financial misunderstandings between them.Dracula utilized this chance as he knew that Williams have a crush in Joann.Dracula proposed Joann.As I said it above she didn’t showed any anticipation before making decisions. She fell for meretricious Dracula.By the way any girl will like such good looking rich guy na??
Dracula is loving Joann so he is gonna marrying her but he will not leave any girl .He is approaching other ladies with lust but Joann is his true love.He can’t compare Joann with other girls. She is special for him even he can’t live without her. But Williams was unaware of his love to Joann

Dracula got married with Joann.It was a special day,special day for ghosts……

13th friday
And that was a new moon night.The night was bathing in darkness.

This night will make evils more and more powerful maybe than God. Ruse will maltreat Truth……..

Williams learned about Joann’s marriage and came to show her Dracula’s real face….
It was their bridal night. She was sitting in the bed with blushing…..
Williams came to her and expressed the whole truth to Joann.When she was not willing to accept the fact he showed her some proofs…
Her heart was burst she lied on bed with sobbing. Williams wanted to express his feelings to her.When he dare to touch her,he was cutted by something in his mind…… “No no Joe not right now.Now we want to end this relationship together. I will open my heart to you after that.”………
He left the room with a smile.

But none can tell that what is destiny saving for us. Joann’s heart was burst in her husband’s betrayal and she committed suicide.
She stabbed herself with a sword. Like I said it before she hadn’t any anticipation about life…..
Dracula came to the room with a lots of rejoice. He praised the maid for decorating his room more beautiful….. But he didn’t noticed Joann inside.He called her but no reply. Dracula checked the whole room at last he found her bathed in blood at the floor beside the bed…

He passionately patted on her head. Tears are falling from his eyes…….”Joann r u sleeping?? Please wake up darling. No no(he nodded his head) no I will not talk to you. This is injustice dear r u sleeping with leaving me sleepless.”……..He kissed on her forehead. Slowly slowly his calm face changed to a rude one.He walked towards the huge Cross and vociferated to Christ on the Cross…….”So this is your justice right??? As you know very clearly that Joann is not at all like other girls for me.You knew it very well that how much I love her. So you did this right (he raised his finger to Joann).No I don’t want any God here.From now I am the God and I am the evil.He took his sword and damaged that cross. Blood were begun to flow from Christ’s chest. He shrieked like an evil……”aaaaaaaaah”…..

Then returned to Joann.He was fizzling, his little longer hair was fall over his face.His fingers are running over Joann’s face.Suddenly his tears turned to blood. Nails were elongated. Fangs appeared in his mouth. Eyes balls changed red.
He found out her last letter and learned that it all were done by Williams.

Now he turned to a ruthless vampire.
He approached Williams with his whole anger.First of all he beated him badly. Williams tried to resist but it all in vain. When he was half dead the vampire sat over him and gave a big hit on his chest.His chest cleaved,that hit also destructed his heart.Droplets of human blood splashed on his mouth. He was tasting it first time.Taste of human blood made him a cruel slayer. Dracula madly licked the remaining blood on his lips.Then drunk his whole blood through Williams’s heart.Yes Dracula killed Williams…. He yelled loudly…….Aaaaaaaaa…
..Blood is still remaining on his lips and it’s surroundings.

That 13th Friday new moon night made him a ruthless vampire.
He preserved both corpses in two boxes and shifted them to a secret celler in the castle. None except Dracula knows about it.A news was spread in the town that Joann eloped with Williams.
People only knows that a vampire is doing his misdeeds there but none of them expect that it was their Count.
He suck different bloods, especially women blood and made them vampires like him. Collins was still unaware of it. He moved from
Transylvania to England so he may find new blood and spread the undead curse.A girl named Diana(Shagun) truly fell in love with him with knowingly he is a vampire…….
He lied her on the bed and enjoyed her whole body. He sat on her belly and dare to bite her neck…..”So you will sting me soon right??”
She asked….”yes”…….he said
Diana: will u try to rethink it. We can live a happy life.
Dra: no I have only lust in you
Dia: but I love you

He stared at her for a moment
Dia: if you are wishing to suck my blood then I have no objection.if my death will make you happy then I am also happy.
He stunningly stared at her then moved his face towards her neck for sucking her blood
After sometime she also turned to a vampire.

Somethings strange was happening there, girls got missed. Someone found dead. People begun to see the died ones.Dracula and his gang are enjoying this.
Dracula soon knew that his evil powers are decreasing. So he have to be remain in a box until his evil powers will be back.Before his this step,he had seen a girl in England named Shivani(Swara).

As I said it before this Europeans always had an eye in our Indian ladies.There was many provincial kingdoms in India at 19th centuary.Shivani was the princess of the provincial kingdom of Bikaner (please pardon me friends I don’t know that there was a provincial kingdom in Bikaner or not.).Shivani is the most gorgeous girl in her province. Enemys approached English east India company for ruining Bikaner kingdom.So they placed a demand in front of the rebel King. The demand was Shivani and her beautiful mother. The enemy King accepted that proposal. They killed the King with the help of east India company.That ruthless English fellows raped her mother and killed. Shivani eloped from there with burst hearted but unfortunately she once again knotted into European net. They sent that seldom beauty to England.She prejudiced that she will never trust Foreigners. They have made an auction for her and Dracula bought her in a huge price. He fell in love with a girl once again……He accommodate her in Transylvania castle and went to a cemetery for his long sleep.

Now the Carpathian valley is peaceful.
Here Collins was broke down. First of all his parents then care taker. Finally Williams and Dracula. Everyone left him alone.
The castle was in the hangover of mourning.

4 days later

The morning

Collins awoke with hearing a different song in his house. It was exactly a different language. He didn’t understood that. He immediately moved to that direction.
Actually Shivani is performing the bhajan in front of Lord Shank chakra gadha dhari Mahavishnu’s Panchaloha idol.

Jayjagdeesh hare swami jayjagdeesh………

She is doing the Aarti. Collins saw a girl there in an exotic attire.She was wearing a lehanga.Her naked belly made him more addicted. He didn’t look upon a girl like this before.Her hair was loosen and is wearing a mang teeka. Her language, doings,attire, ornaments all are unknown to him.He smiled,he just wanted to hear her voice life long.
She completed the Aarti…..”Thank you bhagvan.Today coz of your blessing that vampire Dracula is no more. I m so happy.Please bhagvan please ruin this whole Europeans like this”…….She smiled.Collins is furious to knowing that she is joyful in Dracula’s death.He shouted……”So r u here for digging our tomb”…….She is shocked to hear some voice and looked at him.She noticed a handsome young man there.
Shiv: exactly,ohh u understood it?? So smart
Col: What kind of a fiance is you??.Are you loving him or not??
I can see rejoice in your face.

Shiv: What did you say, what did you say.I m loving that vampire?????
How dare you….
You Europeans ruined our whole nation.U cheated us.U people destroyed my nation.Killed my father, ruthlessly raped and killed my mother. (She is weeping) Finally (she wiped her tears) your cousin that vampire Dracula had bought me in auction….. How do you know that how much I am suffocated.
And you are telling that I am loving that vampire..
Collins: How dare you tell him a vampire ohh u r from a commonwealth nation.

Shiv: Yes and don’t dare to think that we are your slaves
That conversation lasted for some more minutes.
Shivani came to the dining hall. How disgusting it was. Non veg, he is enjoying the taste of non veg.She sat near him and opened a lid…..”What is this???” ……..she vainly asked….Mutton…..he said.
She covered her mouth and ran for vomiting.

……”Hey where are you running, come and have this.You will be hungry”……he shouted.
Shiv: no no I don’t want anything.
She left to her room.

At night

Collins approached Shivani with a glass of milk.
Col: Maid told me that you didn’t had anything. Come on have it. Look you can drink this it is milk.
Shiv: I know hmm?
Shivani peeped at that glass coz she was too hungry.He secretly smiled.
Col: I want to ask something.
Shiv: what.???
Col: Do you have any other relationships in India. I will send you to them.I know your parents are dead but….
Shiv: no they aren’t died.They are alive.
Col: but you told me that….

Shiv: yes I told you that my parents are died but they are not my biological parents. They are childless so they adopted me from Udaipur. I am the daughter of Udaipur’s King Vikram Singh.I don’t know they will accept me or not.
Col: Okay I will send a messenger to India. You don’t worry…..
Now have this milk.
Shiv: no no I don’t want this.
Collins left the room and peeps from outside.She consumed the whole milk like she didn’t had it before……….

After some time she felt dizzy and fell asleep…..Collins was lost in his thoughts. Her passionate sleep made him crazy…….. “Ohh God what is happening in me.I know she is solely desiring my havoc but I am falling for her.I want her here.You know what I won’t send any messenger to India. You will be here for me. I will marry you.Your body is only belongs to me”…………….

The morning

Both of them gathered at the dining hall. Collins was mesmerized to seeing her happy but also suspect what is the reason behind it. He opened the lid midst of thinking this.?? what how horrible it is. Pancake. He tasted a little bit.? ohh no egg less pancake…..” Ohh it was the secret of her happiness”……
An indignant Sanskar I mean Collins shouted his maid and servant’s name but no reply. Shivani said in a rude voice……”Don’t shout, none is here for hearing your commands.
Collins: What do you mean.
Shiv: I meant that I fired your all maids and servants
Col: what
He yelled

Shiv: Don’t shout, I told you before.What happened to your hands.Can’t you do your works yourself. 100 servants for protecting one man.And listen one thing with your open ear.From today you can’t get any non veg here. Whenever I am here you can’t cook any non veg dishes in this kitchen.
Col: Are you enjoining your religion in me.
Shiv: look Mr I am not supporting any religion.
I am solely supporting mercy.How can you consume poor birds and animals……..
He furiously went to upstairs and opened his cupboard.??? ohh God where is it???
Shivani came inside……”What happened??? searching for wine bottles??? (She created a lizard like voice) ohh what a pity.Wine is restricted for you.

She created many hurdles in his life. Shivani captured the kitchen’s key for not cooking non veg.
She hided his fully loaded gun for dissuading him from hunting.

At last He met his friend Darcy ( Viraat of EHMMBH)
Col: Darcy whatever please send a messenger to India. I can’t tolerate her here
Darcy: But Collins Dracula had bought her in a huge price.How can you give up her like this
Collins: I don’t know Darcy price or priceless but I can’t tolerate this girl anymore. Please do it

To be continued………

So friends I don’t know you liked it or not. Please comment.Please pardon me if I hurted your religious emotions.

Credit to: Nandana

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