Swasan, Raglak In Ghost House Inn (episode 1)

Hii my friends I don’t know you will accept my concept or not.If u don’t like it, I will not update it further more.It is just a story that I have thought and I swear I will end it in below 15 episodes.

Episode 1

It was night,a huge wind was blowing,Swaragini are sleeping together in their room.They are moving their heads awkwardly.It is evident on their faces that they are watching a nightmare. Their eyeballs are running fastly inside their eyelids……
They are seeing a haunted castle, a wolf is howling in front of it.They are dancing with a mysterious man.It is not showing his face. Lakshya’s deadbody,Someone is stabbing Sanskar.A damaged book.At last that mysterious man is standing at a peak opposite to the castle resting his hands on his waste.His face is not showing yet…

An old lady is saying…..”meri bachiyon bachao khudko aur apne patiyon ko.Uss janam mein jo kuch bhi hua tha voh iss janam mein hone math dena
(My children please save yourself and your husbands. Please don’t let it happen which was ruined your previous birth)…..”voh voh aa raha hai (he is coming)”…….


They woke up with yelling their respective fiance’s name.They are fizzling and sweating…… “Same dream right????”….. Swara asked Ragini midst of fizzling. Ragini nodded yes.Swara looked at the clock it was early 2:25 am
Ragini had a glass of water and gave an another glass of water to Swara.Ragini remembered something……”M mu mujhe Laksh se baat karni hogi (I want to talk to Laksh)”…….
Swara: hmm Mujhe bhi Sanskar se baat karni hai (I also want to talk to Sanskar)……


Sanlak are sleeping in their respective rooms. Swaragini’s call arrived…


San: Swara please let me sleep
Swa: I want to say something

Lakshya’s room

Lak: what happened,want to do romance???? Abhi aa jaun?????? (Can I come now??)
Rag: voh voh Laksh….


San: Swara please say fast.Don’t you know tomorrow is our marriage.Please so jao aur mujhe bhi sone do kyunki kal main tumhe sone nahin doonga??.( please sleep yourself and let me too coz I will not let you sleep next night)


Rag: Laksh voh voh I had seen a nightmare.


San: bas Swara??? stop this.

Lak: probz kya hain tum donon bahnon ka haan.Hamesha yahi kehti rahti hai.( what’s wrong with you both sisters, always saying like this nightmares)

San: If you don’t want to sleep then please let us sleep????

Both guyzz hung up and returned to sleep…..Swaragini hugged each other.Ragini wiped Swara’s tears…..”Don’t worry Swara at least we are together na??”…..They hugged once again.

Next day evening.

Both grooms are sitting in the Mandap.Brides arrived and and sat beside them……”Naaraz ho mujhse??”…..Sanskar asked.
Swa: pehle shaadi karo aur mujhe bhi shaadi karne do???

Sanskar giggled with nodding his head…. “Ohh she had innovated my dialogue. She said it like she is marrying an another guy.”……. Sanskar thought

Laksh forcefully held Ragini’s arm but none didn’t noticed it…..”Laksh chodo mujhe,leave me Laksh otherwise I will shout.”….Laksh left her hand…..”Ab chod rahi hoon raat mein nahin chodunga (I m leaving you now but will not leave you at night)….

Raglak got married first. Now they are taking the blessings of elders. At this time Swasan completed their wedding vows. Sanskar applied sindoor on Swara’s hairline.When Sanskar attempted to garnish her neck with mangalsutra,it broke and the black pearls dissipated onto the floor. Everyone was shocked, what to do, they have no idea.They didn’t have an another one.Suddenly AP remembered something…….”Pandit ji please just wait a second I will come soon”…….
Pandit ji: Ap ji jaldi aao mahurat nikala ja raha hai.

Swara was about to cry but Sanskar held her hands……”Shona calm down nothing will happen to our relation”…… Ap came back with a jewel box.She opened it and showed it to Sanskar…… “Sanskar your badidadi saved it for your bride.She always said us that it belongs to ur wife.We forgot it but she remembered us at on time”……

Sanskar garnished her neck with Mangalsutra…

Ateevalagnam…………………. tanohari Plays

Pandit ji: Shaadi sampann hui,aaj se aap donon pati patni hai

A man is standing at a peak.It is only showing his back

………You both couples got married right??? But Joan, Shivani u both r solely belongs to me”…… The fangs in his mouth are glazing in darkness.His evil laugh is fluttering the valley.Some wolves are howling at a rock.Moon turned red.Black cats’s eyes were glittered in the night.Bell rang in the church. A huge wind was blown.Bells in the Vishnu Mandir were rang unite…..
Pandit ji: Hey bhagvan yeh kya ho raha hai.Kuch asubh mat hone dena.

Raglak room

Ragini is sitting at the bed.Someone opened the door
She is blushing…….”I know Mr Maheshwari u will hug me now”…….
…….”Bhabhi r u waiting for Laksh bhaiiya”……Ragini was stunned to hear Uttara’s voice then blushed……”Bhabhi unfortunately bp had sent him to a meeting. Voh kya hai na someone had came to buy our Udaipur ki Haveli.”……..Ragini got disappointed.She crouched her head.
Uttara: don’t worry bhabhi he will come soon……
When Uttara is about to leave, Ragini called her…

Ragini: Uttara voh kya hai na neend nahi aa rahi,will u please show me ur library. Laksh had told me that Papaji have a large collection of books
Uttara: kk bhabhi come follow me
Uttara smiled and left. Ragini followed her.

Maheshwari office

Laksh is walking this side to that side.He is furious about the meeting…… “Shagun (YHM Shagun) where is he??????.Is he trying to fool others???? What ever I am leaving”…….when he is about to leave a man opened the door of his cabin……”Can I come inside Mr Maheshwari??”……. Laksh saw a foreigner there.He is looking hot and handsome,it seemed that any lady will fall for him…….”I m so sorry that’s why I am late coz my flight was delayed for an hour”……. Laksh received his apology and said sorry for his mistake

“Hi I am Henry de ville”……Laksh smiled and said…..”Laksh Maheshwari”……. They shook hands……”Ohh Mr Henry ur hands are too cold like ice”……. Laksh said.He smiled at him and Shagun. Shagun lustfully stared at him.The meeting had started and is continued still early morning.

Sanskar came to his room and is mesmerized to see Swara there.Sanskar didn’t went to the meeting coz he established Karma two years before. Sanskar is solely taking responsibilities of Karma. He believes in his hard work and doesn’t wants his ancestral properties.

Swara was trying to remove her earrings.Sanskar came in front of her and removed it.Swara snatched it from him……”I know it better than you. I m removing and wearing it daily n I don’t want ur help. So please Pehle so jao aur mujhe bhi sone do????”(Sleep yourself and let me sleep)…….Swara told

When she was about to leave. Sanskar dragged her hands…….”Sone doon?? aaj raat main tumhe sone doon??.”(how can I let you sleep tonight)…..She tried to resist…..” Sanskar leave me, leave me, you idiot”…….
Sanskar threw her earrings.Then he removed her haar and threw it away.Left her mang teeka to the bed.
He hugged her from behind.Now she is not trying to resist him,she closed her eyes. Sanskar tightly stroked on her hands, her bangles had left her hands with its metallic voice….
Ang laga de re plays on the background
He lifted her to the bed.The lights turned off.


Sanskar was sleeping…”Sanskaaar wake up, where is my earrings”…….Swara is shouting at him

Sanskar in his feeble voice: Swara I am too tired, please let me sleep??”………
Swara continued her shouting……”Sanskar please tell me where is it”……
Sanskar: Shona u r so careless, how can I know about your earrings……
Swara: ???yeh toh kal raat sochna chahiye tha useless fellow.( u had to thought about it last night)
Sanskar dragged her hands and she fall over him at the bed…..
Sanskar: Useless??? I am useless!!!.I proved it in yesterday night right??, can I prove it once more.??”

Swara gave him a fake slap and stood up….. “Aaaaahhh”……he yelled
Swara: Sanskar please stop acting I want my earrings
Sanskar covered the blanket over his face
Swara: ???. Isse toh baat karna hi bekar hai (it is useless to talk to him).

Maheshwaris are gathethering at the Mandir for the morning Aarti.Sujata had noticed the Thali was damaged.So Ap sent Swara to store room for an another Thali.She was shocked to see something there.

Swara came back with an another Thali.
All the couples did the Aarti.Ragini was still angry to Laksh.After the Aarti when Laksh was about to hold her hand. Swara had dragged her another hand and ran to store room. Laksh got disappointed by Swara.

Swaragini reached store room. Ragini asked Swara what happened…….”Ragini jo aurat ko tum sapne mein dekh rahi hoon voh yeh wali toh nahi hai na??”…..Swara showed her an old pic of an old lady.Ragini is also shocked to see that picture.She told Swara that she is the same lady that she is seeing in her nightmares……..

Parineeta passed there and noticed both sisters in the store room they asked Parineeta about that lady
Parineeta: Mummy ji told me that she is our Badidadi.I don’t know further more about her

They are shocked and
Swaragini reached Raglak room

Swa: I m shocked Ragini, it is stunning
Rag: It is not such a problem,I m stunning from the last night.
Swa: what Ragini?? I can’t get it.Tell me please.
Ragini showed her a semi damaged book.Swara was stunned to see that.It was exactly like the book that she had seen in her nightmares
Rag: Check it.It will be a shock for you.
Swara checked it in a hurry.It was horrible???.The book was written in 19th century but she had seen some paintings in it.
Swa:??? Ragini it is horrible. Painting of you,me,Sanskar, Laksh,Shagun……n he???⁉️⁉️ I can’t believe this that 5 of us had a relationship with him. I didn’t read such a story about him before.Did u read this book???”……….

Rag: No no Swara,we will read it unite but when?? It will take a full night
Swara: haan haan Ragini voh donon toh hamhari aage peeche khoom raha hai.
Suddenly Ragini cutted by something……
……..”Swara I have an idea”………They shared it.The conversation was muted.

Swara: But Ragini I don’t know it will works or not and Ragini ur battle is still continuing with Lucky. It’s not for good.
Rag: So what Swara we will say sorry at morning….
Swara:?? hmm okay……..and we will read it in ur room okay.
Ragini: okay then we have to shift them to ur room.
Swara: okay Ragini I am going to buy safety measures after all horror story na?
Swara left

Sanskar overheard all of these……”U devil sisters are bothering us⁉️⁉️ the great Maheshwari brothers⁉️⁉️. I will show you both Gadodia sisters.”…….


Sanlak are sitting in the studyroom.

San: Lucky un donon ki plan ki hisab se sab karne dena phir dikhati hoon hamhara power.(Let them do whatever they want, we will show our power after that)

Laksh showed thumps up and peeped outside.


Swa: Ragini I am feeling awkward
Rag: Swara please don’t feel awkward. You please take this Paalak paneer and go to study room.Then shower it onto that file.
Swa:?? hmm kk
Rag: n remember please shower it only on that file coz that was xerox.Original is with us.Remember Swara it’s color is skyblue.

Study room.

Lak: bhai she is coming

Laksh sat on the chair and pretended like they are doing some serious work.

Swara came their with hiding the bowl of palak paneer but she doesn’t saw that file….she placed her finger on her lips and stared above
……….”file nahi dikh rahi”…….. Sanskar knowingly moved that file in front of her.
Swara: ?? yeh rahi

She showered palak paneer on it.
……….”??? Swara”………Sanlak angrily shouted. This was what Ragini wanted, she came across them and supported her sister…..

Rag: Swara someone can only know how to shout n how to leave others at night
Lak: Offo office is better than some bothering sisters hai na bhai
San: exactly Lucky
Sanlak shared a HiFi and Swara became furious
Swa: Sanskar I want my earrings right now. You don’t know how to behave to others
San: bas Swara khud so jao aur hamhe bhi sone do???????
He secretly giggled

San: Come on Lucky we will dozz of in my room.Sanlak left and Swaragini happily jumped……”Ragini sab kuch hamhari plan ki hissab se hi chal rahi hai.”………Sanlak peeped and laughed silently

Swasan room

San: Lucky is it all arranged??
Lak: yeah bhai cm v wil change
San: k let’s go

Raglak room

Ragini is stunned to see her room.It was filled with om,Swastik,Krishna’s and Mahakaali’s idol,Cross, Tawiz…..
……”Swara what is this???”…….She asked Swara……”Ragini it is the safety measures at least one of them will come to save us na”……
Swaragini gathered at the balcony in Raglak room and begun to read it.

Swara, Ragini I do know that you both don’t know me but I know you both very well. Please don’t be stunned, I am not ur badidadi and leave it. It is not important that who I am but you have to know about me and my story coz ur future is depending on it. It was the story of Count Dracula, I know you knows about him but it was the story happened before Jonathan Harker’s entry in his life. He is the hero here and the villian also

Swara is reading it loudly she is fizzling and shivering
Swara: Count Dracula is a cruel vampire. Women are his weakness. His eyes have a magical power.

(It is showing his eyes)

Once a lady will look upon it she will fall for him madly

(A lady had came to him and hugged him tightly)

He will enjoy that lady’s body

(They both lied on the bed and Dracula leaned to her body)

At last he will bite on her neck.He is biting on her neck coz his intention is to break her neck vain.There will be two small holes at her neck like snake stinged her.He will sucks the whole blood in her body through that holes??

( The vampire is sucking her blood )
??……Ragini I can’t read it please read na……
Swara is Sweating
Ragini: ??? hmm Darpok……Ragini begun to read it….

Then he will inject his infectious blood to her body through that holes.It will infect her whole body and she will become an another vampire.

(The lady turned to a vampire)

The painting of him was almost vanished in that book.

Suddenly a huge wind were begun to blow.Lights turned of.Swaragini hugged each other. Wolves are howling. A black cat passed in front of them.Swara yelled loudly…There was filled with darkness. Thunder and lightning started without rain. Swara saw a man beside them midst of lightning, it is only showing his back portion

????????? Aaaaa Draculaaaaa????????
Swaragini shouted loudly…..

To be continued……

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