Swasan & Raglak-Friendship that never ends (chapter 3)


Precap- sanskar’s birthday party and some sweet moments between them.

In the morning all are sleeping as they are tired after party and long convo whole night. Ap comes and wakes sanskar and Laksh then she goes to wake swara ragini but swara is not in room so she wakes ragini. Ragini gets ready for collage in a blue short dress and she is look damn beautiful. She goes and sits with Laksh on dining table
Raglak both asked about swara
Ap-so today is swara preparing breakfast?
Laksh- OK auntie bye I m getting late for collage?

Ap – Laksh don’t worry she will made eatable food ☺
Ragini – Maa aap bhi?
Laksh – ragu where is sanskar
Ragini – I don’t know
Ap- he is cooking with shona
Laksh – (shockingly) auntie you are kidding right I want to see.
Then he goes in kitchen and he sees sanskar & swara are playing with floor and their faces was fully covered with floor he smiles than ragini come and see Laksh smiling
Ragini – Laksh don’t smile like this Kahin Mera dil Bahar na aa Jaye Nikal ke
Laksh – achha itni cute hai meri smile ?
Ragini – wo to h

Laksh – they are playing like kids like they do in childhood
Ragini – aur ham kya Karte the Laksh Bachpan main?
Laksh – ragu Plz stop flirting yr Mujhe Sharam aati h
Ragini – so cute?
Laksh – I m not a little boy yr don’t call me cute
Ragini – yes u r not cute u r my laddooo
Laksh – why u always call me by tat name
Ragini – because when we kids u always steals others ladddu and eat them secretly and u always got beaten by ur mom ? and trust me it is very difficult to identify the real laddoo between u and the sweets.
Laksh – oh ya and also join me in eating the sweets right
Then suddenly some sound came from kitchen of falling all utensils and things in the kitchen whole kitchen is mess
Raglak smiling looking at them

Ap comes and see
Ap- hey Bhagwan swara sanskar tum dono ne kya haal Bana diya
Swasan make innocent faces and sorry auntie
Ap – go and change I will get u breakfast.
After change all are sitting on dining table
Ap- today’s breakfast is made by swara sanskar so be careful while eating this ok?
Sanskar- Maa agar aapne khana khane ke baad Hamari taarif na ki to Mera nam bhi The sanskar Maheshwari nhi.
(Sankar always called Annapurna his mom because she always loves sanskar more than his real mom?.)
After having breakfast

Ap – Kehna Padega khana waakqui bahut achha tha
Sanskar- banaya kisne h maa?
Ap- ragini u also need to learn cooking from them
Ragini – (looking at swasan) haa Maa
Sanskar- Maa vaise Manana Padega aapki beti ka dressing sense Kamal ka h
Ragini – of course
Ap – but meri Bachhi swara sab se achhi h
Ragini – Maa u don’t know her she always bunk her classes and go canteen with Laksh.
Ap – swara is it true?

Swara – (making an innocent face) no auntie aap ko Lagta h main Karti Hongi
Sankar – nhi nhi Maa ye bahut sharif
And after a long conversation all four leave for collage in car.
Laksh and ragini are in front seats while swasan is sitting on back seats
Sanskar – ragini koi bataye is swara ko she is looking so beautiful today
Swara – (making a sad face) shut up sanskar
Sanskar- what happened
Swara – actually I did not complete my assignment because of ur birthday preparation
Laksh- oh shit man I also forget
Swara – luckky can we bunk our class today pleaseeee
Laksh – no
Swara – Plz na
Laksh – fine

Sanskar – I m going tell auntie that u always bunk classes
Swara – just shut up
Sanskar – shameless girl I can’t up my shirt in front of them but I can do in private
Swara- chheee yr
They reach collage.
Sanskar and ragini goes In their classroom.
Laksh- shona let’s go in garden
Swara – ok
They were talking then their group friends come and says
Sahil- shona let’s practice for our play.
(sahil is her classmate and a friend who always help her and he likes swara)
Swara- kk let’s go

(As a part of the play) sahil start acting of teasing swara
Swara – plz leave me leave me
Meanwhile sanskar comes and start beating sahil because he is unaware about this act and he misunderstood them
Sanskar is beating him swara Laksh tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen to anyone
Swara shouts
Swara – just stop it Sanskar what are u doing we were just practicing our play
Sanskar- oh shit I m sorry sahil bro m really sorry
Swara- sanskar leave from here how can u misunderstand and how dare u to beat my friend
Sanskar – I m sorry swara I didn’t know
Swara – are u leaving or not?
Swara holds sahil hands and take to cafe

Both seats on chair
Sanskar Laksh ragini also reach their they are looking them from distance
Swara- I m sorry sahil because of my stupid friend….sahil cuts
Sahil- u don’t need to say sorry I m fine
Swara brings first aid and start applying anticaptic on his face
Sankar can’t control himself he become so jealous and his face becomes red due to his anger he was going to confront them but Raglak stops him
After some time sahil leaves from there
Sanskar come to swara

Sanskar- what u were doing
Swara- great so u were spying on me
Sanskar- see shona I m sorry I was unaware about that
Swara – that’s the problem na ?
Sanskar- oh sorry yr so tell what can I do ki tum Mujhe maf Kardo
Swara think for some time
Swara- so u can do anything na?

Sanskar – hmm
Swara – u have to complete Laksh and my assignment
Sanskar – oh swara ?
They both have a hug
Laksh- swara u r my true friend Mera bhi Kaam ho gaya Kam ho gaya without mehnat
All have a group hug and all laugh.
A boy comes
Boy – oh guys u are here I was finding u let’s go
Sanskar – where?
Boy – in assembly so u don’t know about this are yr all students must have to come the professor said it is combined assembly of all sections.
Sanskar- we are not kids why are they arranging assembly
Swara – let’s go
Raglak follows her

Sanskar join them with frustrating look

In assembly
Professor – so students we called u here for giving u some assignment and this Is compulsory for all of u so this is going to be in teams of four students in a teams, in this assignment our college is sending all the teams in some different places for two days and u have to discover the place and explore new things about the place and make a report on it and who will be the winner got a special reward and the reward is surprise for u so u all r thinking how the pair are decided so here are some chits in this bowls of every students name

So come one by one and make ur team
Sanskar comes and pick four chits and fortunately the names on chits were sanskar swara ragini Laksh
After assembly
Sanskar- so we are going on a trip on a boring place
Swara – It can be fun yr
All leaves collage

Precap- they are doing fun on trip they explore new things and having a great fun together

So friends tell me how was it? ?

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