SwaSan and RagLak FF Part2


Hey its Ayesha again. Thanx for amazing review you gave to me and thanks for liking Dodo. And those who said make swalak I’ll make another ff of swalak and ragsan..
Let’s get started <3

Scene 1
Shekhar goes and asks Swaragini and Dodo to come for breakfast. Dadaji, Shekhar, Dadi and Swara sit for breakfast and Ragini and Sumi serves them food. Dodo is running around. Sumi taunts Swara that she knows only how to eat. Swara when her mouth fill laughs. Ragini says maa I’m with her. I will make food in her husband’s house. Everyone laughs excluding Swara then Swara also laughs. Everyone was sitting including Ragini and Sumi just then Shekhar asks Swaragini about their college life. Swara says papa we have decided we will go to Excel College for our further studies.She says right Ragini? Ragini nods. Shekhar agrees and asks them to bring admission form. Swaragini agrees and takes Dodo with them.

Scene 2
Sanskaar gets a call from his childhood friend who asks him about his college. Sanskaar tell him that he havent decided yet. He suggests him about Excel College and Sanskaar says he would think about it. After disconnecting the call he checks on net about Excel college and gets to know about admission forms. He informs Lakshya and asks DP for permssion. DP agrees and asks them to go now. Sanskaar and Lakshya leaves the house.

Scene 3
Swara drives her scooty and Ragini sits behind her holding Dodo. Lakshya and Sanskaar sat in their mercedes and came to the same place where Swaragini came along with Dodo. Swara asks Ragini to wait as she will bring the admission form. Sanskaar asks Lakshya to wait. Swara takes Dodo with her. At the place where forms were given. Sanskaar was standing behind Swara and Swara was holding Dodo. Dodo slipped from Swara’s hand and pee on Sanskaar. Sanskaar started sneezing and Swara gives him a hankercheif. But due to his attitude he doesn’t take and started to shout at Dodo and Swara. Swara says she’s sorry and asks him to be in limits. Sanskaar smirks and asks Swara her name. Swara says Swara Gadodiya. Sanskaar says I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari and ur dog pee on me. You wait and watch. Swara says he’s Dodo. Sanskaar says oh Mr Dodo. So you are Miss Dodo from now. Swara addresses him as a idiot. Sanskaar recognises her to be Kolkatta’s pretty and famous guitarist. Sanskaar taunts her and named her Dodo Guitarwala. Swara ignores her and asks Dodo to go to Ragini.

Ragini was standing in her suit and Lakshya came and taunted on her sweet nature. Dodo came and bited Lakshya

PRECAP : Swara thinks of Sanskaar and thinks why this guy make her feel better. Lucky felt bad for what he did to Ragini

Sorry for short ff as per I am suffering from fever
Will continue <3

Thanks are need feedback

Credit to: Ayesha

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