SwaSan and RagLak FF Part1

Hey guys it’s Ayesha here and it’s my new fan fiction
Most Romantic ff ever <3

• Swara Gadodiya – A cute and chirpy girl who is in love with music, family, her sister Ragini and their dog Dodo. She loves her dog like anything. And somehow she don’t like boys at all. Though she thinks her Dad, Dadu and Dodo are perfect men and no one can beat them.(Ya Dodo is included). And she is the prettiest guitarist ever. (According to Kolkatta)

• Ragini Gadodiya – A sweet and shy girl who always listen to her elders. She’s not so near to Dodo as Swara but Dodo and she are good friends. She’s the ladli of her family. She have no problem with other boys but she agrees that Dad, Dadu and Dodo are perfect men ever. She also love music and her family. And she is the prettiest sitarist. (According to Kolkatta)

• Sanskaar Maheshwari – A rude and handsome boy who have a big allergy from dogs. He is the most intelligent guy ever. He don’t like girls as he thinks that girls are most irritating animals ever. (Yaa animals). He was really proud of himself and his family was too. He had only one person who knew the innocent Sanskaar his best friend and brother Lakshya Maheshwari.

• Lakshya Maheshwari- A really spoiled brat who was handsome and smart. He was irritated with sweet and shy people as he think sweet is always sour. He loved to party with his friends and was always called useless in front of Sanskaar by his family. But he loved his brother Sanskaar and can do anything for his brother.

• Dodo- A cute pug who is fawn and black in color. The uniter of Ragini-Lakshya and Swara-Sanskaar.

Scene 1
Swara was playing her guitar and Dodo was sitting near her legs. While playing her Guitar Swara was cuddling on Dodo. Swara was playing chocolate icecream (From Hum Aapke h Kaun). Just then Ragini enters. Its shown Swaragini’s hair blows and Swaragini plays in the background. Ragini gives tea to Swara and they both smile at each other. Dodo jumps around to gain attention from Swaragini. Swaragini laughs seeing his attempt to gain attention. Swaragini cuddles Dodo and swaragini song plays in background.

Scene 2
Lakshya and Sansaar are in their respective rooms just then Sujata calls them for breakfast. Dp asks them about their college. Sanskaar and Lakshya asks Dp for time. Dp agrees.

Precap- Dodo pee on Sanskaar. Sanskaar sneezes due to his allergy and Swara and Sanskaar get into a fight. Lakshya taunted Ragini and Dodo bited Lakshya.

Are you liking Dodo as its not related with real show
Please I need review or I have to end the story..
Need Review <3

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  1. Hey very HUD nd different concept plz continue

    1. Thanxxx

  2. Please make it swalak and ragsan….there are already so many swasan ff….otherwise good ?

  3. yes, I think dodo is really cute n very interesting story. pls continue

  4. Very good Ayesha,liked the narration..pls continue.

  5. Ya plz continue but make swasan

  6. Dodo is sooo nice to hear and also the uniter then how can we hate it …and tis ff is nice and grt job ayesha?

  7. It’s awesome ayesha :-):-)

  8. Very good nd different. Liked it a lot plz continue…

  9. superb start yaar

  10. Ayesha…. it’s superb yaar… pls continue…

  11. Nice plz continue

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