swasan raglak ff: we are made for each other (episode 1)

It was a fresh sunday Morning I’m too Lazy to wake up early.. but my di she started to scold me and shaken me to awake.. ” no ragu di.. Let me sleep some more Please” I pleaded .. but she was very Stubborn and she shake me Strongly. .

“why you are always irritating me di? my sweet ragu di.. if you don’t allow me to sleep well then I will complain to jiju..”

” hey drama queen just shut up .. he is not your jiju anymore. . I broke up with him”

” what? ”

I couldn’t believe what I hear. .

” di you broke up with laksh jiju? really? ”

” swara I don’t want to hear that name.. why are you calling him jiju? he is not my husband. . he is my ex- boyfriend”

” di what is the reason? he is so sweet and loves you madly.. ”

” stop praising that idiot.. go and fresh up.. I planned to go for a film ”

” waw di… is jiju also coming with us?”

” swara ki bacchi I will kill you if you said that word jiju again”

” sorry di.. I will come within 10 minutes”

swara wake up from the bed and ragini leaves the room.. swara called laksh ..

swara: hai jiju.. sorry ex – jiju

laksh: hai doll.. did ragu told you anything?

swara: no jiju. but she is very angry on you. .

laksh: it was my mistake. . doll will you help me to patch up with your di?

swara: of course jiju.. first tell me what happened?

laksh said about it

……flashback. …..

laksh and ragini were talking in an ice cream parlour..

laksh working as a fashion designer and ragini is an interior designer. . laksh was thinking about some events which he have to take charge of.. ragini was talking to him.. but notice that he is not concentrating her.. ragini found a modern girl sitting on other table and think that laksh is starting her..

ragini: is that girl beautiful than me..

laksh was in deep thinking so didn’t hear what she said. .

ragini: laksh ( she raised her voice)
laksh came back to his sense.

ragini: laksh tell me..

laksh: ha . yes ragu..

ragini: ( angrily) you stupid, idiot, monkey. . how can you say that she is more beautiful than me.. I’m your girlfriend. . but you moron.. I hate you. she is beautiful na.. not me.. go to hell laksh.. I don’t want to see your monkey face anymore I hate you.

ragini stromed out.. poor laksh run behind her.. but she didn’t listen. .

..flashback ends…

swara: ha ha ha.. what a serious reason to break up..

laksh: doll don’t tease me.. it is not my fault. .

swara: ok jiju.. now how will you convince her?

laksh: hmm I have a plan..

laksh told his plan to swara

swara: wat an idea jiju ji.. di and I will go to film .. you can utilise that time. . I will tell this to our servant maya aunty.. she will help us..

laksh: ok doll.. you are the sweetest sister ever..

swara: that I know..

both of them laughed. .


swaragini came back to house after watching film..

ragini: swara I’m going to my room.. go and study ok.. don’t waste your time by chatting or playing games ok?

swara is 12 th student.

swara: you are so boring di.. my jiju was the best..

ragini: jiju my foot. . that idiot spoiled you.. he always pamper you. .

ragini felt bad when thinking about laksh..

swara: ha di.. he is very stupid. .

ragini: swaraaa.. how can you call him stupid? he is your jiju.. you have to respect him. don’t repeat this..

swara starts to laugh. .

swara: di so he is my jiju .. not your ex -bf .. ha?

ragini realised what she said..

ragini: you don’t have anything to study? how much you scored in maths last time..

swara: oh di I have to submit my lab record. . I’m going bye..

swara runs to her room.. ragini smiled by her childishness. . their parents died 4 years ago in an accident. . from that time swara is ragini’s life.. and laksh her childhood friend and her love.. he is her strength. . ragini sometimes behave strictly with swara.. but love her unconditionally. . swara too love her more than anything. .

ragini go to her room and shocked by the sight.. room is fully decorated .. and filled with teddy bears , chocolates and gifts..

she smiled.. she understand that it is laksh’s plan..

” laksh I know this planning is yours.. come.. where are you”?

someone patted on her shoulders she turn back.. she saw laksh standing there holding a big teddy bear on his hands.. ‘sorry’ was written on it in big letters..

laksh: my princess.. my soulmate.. the most beautiful lady in the world. . will you please forgive me? I love you more than myself. . your silence is killing me.. Please forgive me jaan..

ragini smiled.. she hugged him..

” you are mad”

she whispered in his ears. .

” you are looking hot ”

” shut up stupid” ragini beat him playfully. .

” ahem , ahem ”

they hear swara’s voice..

swara: di , jiju romance over? can I came in?

ragini caught her ears..

ragini: pagal.. you also involved in this plan na?

swara: ha .. if I don’t help my jiju then who will help.. I will always help and support my jiju..

ragini: dramebazz you are my sister.. you shot support me..

swara: no no.. who is your sister? I’m my laksh shergil’s sister.. hei na jiju..

laksh: ha ragu.. she is my doll.. my sister. . we are in a team..

ragini: ha ok.. I will also get my team mate one day.. hei na swara?

swara blushes..

sceen freez..

hi guys .. its me Jwala.. I felt bored and write this .. how is it ? did you like the first episode? if you like it please comment. . your comments will decide the future of this ff.. and sanskar will enter soon.. may be in next chapter. . love you guys.. don’t forget to comment

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  1. Awwww. .soo cute..loved it..continue soon n waiting fr Hero Sanskaar kI Entry fr Swara..Post da Nxt part soon..waiting eagerly

    1. thank you so much angel.. I will make his entry asap..

  2. awesome jwala loved it…..very nice…..continue this soon…..update ur other ffs also dr…..waiting

    1. thank you so much shan.. I will update my other ff’s also.. I’m glad that you are liking my all ff’s.. so sweet of you dear

  3. Yaar..its really cute n u shud continue dis..but where is my angels n devils? I’m eager to know wat hpd nxt.. Sanskar raped Swara and then? I’m dying of suspence…don’t do dis to me..update nxt epi of dat ff..

    1. thank you so much hope.. angels and devils are in a short break.. as I’m thinking about a leap.. that leap will be the most shocking part..

  4. nice Yarr….continue

    1. thanks dear

  5. raglak scenes are nice

    1. Thanks lovely

  6. Wowwww its amazng dr….wtng for sanky entry n love raglak scenes…haapppy brthdayyy tejaswiiii…love ragini

    1. thank you so much dear..

  7. Nice start loved RagLak alot and yeah waiting for Sanky’s entry and to see SwaSan moments keep going all the best indeed it was a sweet epi

    1. thanks dear.. sanskar will make an entry soon.. keep supporting me like this

  8. Awesome plz continue

  9. I love it… Plz give little bit more importance to my raglak

  10. Awesome….

  11. Awesome
    When u will update broken wings and gang of angels vs gang of gansters (sorry i forgot the name i think)
    I m waiting fore those two ff very eagerly

  12. awesome

  13. superb…waiting for sanky

  14. Really nice jwala….Post next one soon.

  15. Super ma…lyk to read ur ff….plz update it soon…..

  16. thamiazh magan

    loved the cute swara

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