SwaSan and Raglak Is This Our Destiny (Part 4)


Hi Fiends thanks for ur comments and silent reader’s also and I think my ff is not interesting so I’m going to the story soon and any more I’m not gonna drag the story.

Recap-Raglak confess their love and swara goes missing.

Sanskar tries to follow the car but the car goes faster and Sanskar shouts saying Swara.In Car Swara cries saying to leave her but some unknown people keeps handkerchief on her mouth and makes her faint.

@Raglak place

Sanskar runs to raglak dinner arrange place and shouts saying swara is kidnapped.Then Raglak ask what happened and Sanskar says when he was speaking in phone to bhai and than some kidnappers kidnapped Swara.
Ragini-(crying ) Laksh see it’s my fault I should have been careful because of me only she got lost.I forgot her totally Laksh now what will I say maa, papa and dadi .Laksh I want to find swara can u help me.

Laksh-Don’t worry Ragini,u go home me and Sanskar will find her and bring her and one more thing Ragini don’t say ur family that Swara is kidnapped because they may be scared so u say them that she is in her friends house for group studies and sure we will find her.Sanskar did u notice the number plate of the car.

Sanskar- Bhai I have taken a photo of it so it might be useful.

Laksh-Comes let go and Ragini come I will drop u in ur house

Laksh drops Ragini and both Sanlak goes in search of Swara

In a old farm house.
So many girls of the age of 14 to 15 are kidnapped by some kidnappers and in that place and it’s out of city place.And even Swara is kept there.

1st kidnapper-We have brought a new girl also and we will call there family and ask them to give 50 lakhs and her father is the top most business man and for sure he would have money.If he didn’t gives the money we will kill this girl.

2nd kidnapper-Oh ur idea is right and where is that girls father’s number.

1st kidnapper-it’s in that dairy and say him clearly that he should not include police this matter and say if he include then he will get his daughter dead body.

@swaragini house
Ragini goes in and her maa ask why is she late and she says that she went to leave Swara in her friends house.

Sharmista-Ragini where is ur phone and I was trying to call u from a long time but ur phone was off.

Ragini-Maa my phone is lost and don’t know where it is.

Sharmista-Ragini be careful with everything

Ragini-maa can I get a phone and wanted to call my friend.

Sharmista-wait I think shekher has two phones and he kept one to give swara and u take it I will buy a another for her.

Saying this she gives the phone to Ragini and Ragini takes it and goes to her room and starts to cry thinking where is Swara.Then her phone rings and she attend’s the phone.

Ragini-Hello who is this.

Kidnapper-madam is ur anyone is missing.

Ragini-Yes how do u know it.

Kidnapper-I have kidnapped her and if u wanted her u should give us 50 lakhs.

Ragini-Hey why are u asking this much big amount and we can’t give it and if u don’t give me my swara then I will give police complaint.

Kidnapper-if u don’t give us the money and if u try to complaint police then u might loss that girl and take the money and come out of city there is a jungle come there.

Saying this he cuts the call and Ragini thinks now if I say maa and bapa they might get scared so I will say laksh this and she calls laksh and says the what kidnapper said and asks him to give 50 laksh and after swara comes i will return it.Laksh says ok.

Laksh-Ragini say me where to come taking the money and what time.

Ragini says the place and says around morning 9 o clock and keeps the phone thinking that Swara will come tomorrow.

Next day
Ragini gets ready and laksh comes pick her and both goes to that place and waits until kidnappers come then laksh gives him the money bag and that time police comes around there and kidnappers thinks they called the police and soon runs to car and in Swara got and see Ragini and shouts .Then sees swara and cries but unfortunately police comes so the kidnappers miss the balance in driving and the car falls from the cliff.Ragini cries shouting Swara and she misunderstand’s that Laksh only called the police.she calls her family and says that Swara gotten kidnapped yesterday and today when she gave the money to take her unfortunately police comes and due to that the car in which swara was there fallen down from the cliff saying this she cries so much.

Sharmista-Ragini calm down come home swara might be fine.

After Ragini goes to home and shekher gets to know this and breaks down and anyone did’t scold Ragini because they knew it’s not Ragini ‘s fault and after this they found out that the car which swara was in was blasted.All was sad and Ragini couldn’t think that swara is no more.All try the best to make Ragini normal but she was so sad of swara and she thought that’s her fault.But after few days she went to college and she missed her sister very much and she ignored Laksh thinking he is also reason for her sister’s death.

@Sanlak house
Sanskar in his broken so much and he thinks he is the reason of swara’so death.

Precap-6years leap.Still Ragini misunderstand’s laksh and Swara in a new look.

Is swara is dead or she is alive and if she is alive why she is not returned her family?Will Raglak clear there misunderstanding? Will Swasan love?What is there destiny?

Friends I think it’s boring but I will make it more interesting in next part and any mistakes forgive me.

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