SwaSan and Raglak Is This Our Destiny (Part 3)


Sorry friends for late update and I will try to give a long update.

Recap-Sanskar says the plan to swara and laksh is so happy because Ragini loves him.

Ragini-why is still swara haven’t come yet and she is always like this.
She gets up from the seat to go to search swara but someone closes ragini’s eyes from hands.

Ragini pov
I feel it like someone whom I love so much and I think it is laksh but why should he come here.Why think too much I can ask it from that person.
Ragini-who is it closing my eyes
Laksh-it’s me ragini don’t worry come with me I have to say u something.
He takes her from car to a place which is fully decorated with red and white colour and has written I❤U.Before he comes he blindfold her and now he removes it.
Ragini-wow it’s awesome
Laksh-Ragini I love u so much will u marry me
Ragini-Do u love me
Laksh-yes will u accept my love
Ragini can’t believe it so she shouts I love u laksh.Both share romantic moments.It became night so they goes to have dinner.

@cinema theatre
Swara and sanskar watching the movie.
Swara-Sanky it’s boring
Sanskar-why shona
Swara-I have watched this movie already because u asked only came to watch so now it’s enough shall be good for walking.
Sanskar-ok but it’s night we can’t go out we should wait until Laksh bhai come and also ur didi ,we can’t go alone swara.
Swara-ok so you call ur bhai.It’s too late maa said to come early so u call ur bhai.
Sanskar-Then u call ur didi because bhai went near only so he said me not disturb him.By the way due to it here gave me his phone because anyone shouldn’t disturb him.
Swara-Sanky even I took didi to call u and say to send ur brother so they both don’t have anything to communicate so we should go to there place because saw my didi didn’t even remember me still.
Sanky-Come we will go to them. I knew where are they come shall be go.
Swara-Sanky OK
Sanskar- Shona are u angry with ur didi because she forgot u.
Swara-Sanky I love my didi so I won’t get angry but felt sad that she forgot me.
Both of them goes to the place where RagLak is there

@raglak place
While they having the dinner
Ragini pov
I didn’t think he loves me but see my destiny is different.He loves me so I’m so happy.

Laksh-Ragini what are u thinking about and I’m so happy that you loves me and you because of Swara only I knew u loves and sanskar made a plan so I can confess my love to u and even this arrangement was made with the help of him.They both are small but intelligent and if I didn’t know from swara that u loves me I won’t have proposed u.Sorry for saying about them here and shall we dance a again Ragini.
Ragini-Laksh where is swara I totally forgot about her.
Laksh-don’t worry sanskar is with her so no worries they may be watching movie.
Ragini-It’s too late also I think Swara might be sacred so shall we end this dinner.
Laksh-it’s ok ragini don’t be scared wait I will call Sanskar I have given him a phone.
Laksh calls sanskar and sanskar says that they coming to RagLak place.After Sanskar keep his phone he notice that someone is kiddnapping swara and she shouts swara.

@RagLak place
Laksh-Ragini don’t be scared both of them are on the way to here so before they come shall we dance.
Both dances and had a cute eye lock

Precap-Swara goes missing and Ragini thinks it’s her fault and laksh consoles ragini.

What will happen to Swara?What has her destiny planned?Will RagLak love lead to marriage?What will Sanskar do after swara goes missing?
Friends l’m sorry I don’t know any romantic sences and next I will do proper romantic sences.And sorry for short update.Next for sure I’ll give a one.Please comment.

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  1. Awww!!!!loved it….raglak scene were amaznggg….oh god!!!who kidnapped swara…hope dey”ll find her soon…..keep rockng n stay blessed dear????

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