SwaSan and Raglak Is This Our Destiny (Part 1)

S,Lisa, Sny,Cutie, Vyshu10,Ammu,sreevijayan,S,Fairy,Rabia,malu thanks for ur comments and for the silent readers also.Friends because of u all only I’m writing this.Now let me start my ff.I delicate this for the my friends who commented me on last ff.
On a beautiful morning a beautiful girl was sleeping on her bed hugging her teddy bear.Then her mother came and woked her up.
Sharmista -Ragini wake up u are getting late for ur college.If ur papa see u sleeping still he will get angry so wake up soon.
As soon she heard everything what her maa said she woke up.

Sharmista-Good u woke up and by the way u for an wake up ur sister swara also.
Ragini-Ok maa
In Swara’s room
Ragini-Swara wake up today ur school starts after ur vacation so u should wake up now and for school u should go earlier then only u can speak to Sanskar so wake up.
Swara-Ok di I woke up by the way why did u say if we go earlier I can meet Sanky and chat with him and directly that u want to talk to Laksh.
Ragini-Blushing and saying Swara stop it now get ready and soon it will be late.
Swara -ok

After a while both get ready and goes. Ragini as a scooter so she drops swara in school and she goes to college.
The screen shifts to a huge mansion. There a boys sleeps and his mom come and says him to wake up.
Annapurna-Laksh wake up soon see it is getting late to ur college see Sanskar has got ready but are still sleeping.
Laksh-Maa wait I will get ready in few minutes.
Soon as possible he gets ready and go down and drink some milk. After he dropes Sanskar in school and he goes to college.But due to traffic he gets late.In college Ragini searches for Laksh everywhere and at last she goes to the classroom then Laksh come but the bell rings so he goes to his classroom.

Ragini’s pov
I was so sad that I didn’t see Laksh from morning.Now it was chemistry period and I was sitting in my bench. Suddenly I saw Laksh entered my classroom to ask a doubt about chemistry.Due to that doubt his didn’t even look at me.I though if he didn’t understand chemistry how will our chemistry work out. Then I thought how fool I was to compare the chemistry subject and our love chemistry. Suddenly I was disturb by a voice.
Kavya-Ragini why are u looking Laksh like this and thinking what?
Ragini-I was seeing the board Kavya.

Ragini-(in mind)I didn’t say her I love Laksh because she have a crush on Laksh.
Laksh-Sir thanks for clearing my doubts.
Master-Laksh I wish everyone should be like u.
Laksh-Thanks sir
While Laksh goes from class he thinks he forgot to say hi to Ragini.so he hi to ragini and ragini feel so happy and she also says hi.By this Kavya feels so jealous.

Now the screen shifts to Swasan’s school.
Swara-Sanky come here I won’t to speak near u about my sister’s love .
Sanskar-Why should u say ur sister’s love near me shona.
Guys Swara used to call sanskar as Sanky and Sanskar used to call swara as shona.
Swara-U tubelight my sister love ur brother.

Sanskar -Really?
Swara-Yes tubelight
Sanskar-Oh no then u will be my relations in future, oh God what wrong did I do to make swara has my relative.
Swara-Hey why did u say like that Sanky, very mean of u Sanky hereafter I won’t speak with u.
Sanskar-Oh my bestie don’t u know joke. It was only a joke.Say me what u wont to speak about there love.

Swara-sanky my sister is scared to confess
Her love to ur brother. So I won’t help from u.
Sanskar-Ok I have a plan.
Swara-Really so sweet of u.

Precap-sanskar to say the plan and Ragini to confess her love.

So friends if it was not ur expection then say it I will try to make this interesting. So if u like this please give ur loveable comments if u like this if ur don’t like this say I will stop writing this.

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