swasan and raglak .. blossoming luv story ( Intro)

SWASAN AND RALAK…Blossoming luv story (intro)

Hi guys!! This is my first FF… So plz support me… , i love reading other FF of my favourite shows … so i thought … y not write one .. i hope u guys like it , i have tried my best in putting up this story for .. even though i might be not such a good writer like the other FF writers (personally i think they are awesome writers ,than the original writer of the shows)
I think i should end my intro and start my story ‘s intro
I am writing a FF on my favourite pairs SWASAN AND RAGLAK!!!!!!!!!! (as my title suggests ) hope you like it ..

All the characters in the story remain the same …. but there ‘s some character like
• Kavya – she is the daughter of adarsh and parineeta .she is three years old .. and is very cute ..

My story starts from the point…When uttara confesses her crime and laksh also… Does but there‘s a small twist.. Ragini doesn’t become evil or something … but she forgives laksh and turns to that same old innocent ragini … laksh loses his feelings for swara and starts to feel smthing –smthing for ragini …meanwhile swara starts to feel smthing-smthing for sanskaar and during that time adarsh and parineeta have a child and name that child “kavya”… and now everyone is happy now as all the relationship have started to stabilize… there’s many more events which you get to know during the story … hope u like the story !!! (Fingers crossed) :> 😀

Credit to: poo


  1. K.praveena

    It’s really good. Y shows my ragini as a good. This is i want. All the best ur ff. I wish u gets sucess very soon and every one likes ur ff.

  2. K.praveena

    All the best for ur ff. I really likes ragini and u shows she is + role it’s really nice. And kavya role unexpected that so good.

  3. manu

    Actually I uploaded this DP for my ff but they have given it to you. This is my DP but I don’t know why they have given it to you.

  4. Sahima

    Wow.plz continue . And I want rags to be gd. But when did lakh confess hi crime. Only utar a dI’d na.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.