swasan (rab ne bana di jodi) – episode 9


next day mm and gadodia decide to leave the place . Before that
rag: come with us pls without u i’m incomplete .don’t hurt me any more. Why are u adjusting the pain ur self pls tell me.
Swara: what pain. I don’t have any pain.
She rudely look into the eyes of sanskaar.she go neat the inhouse temple and place the glowing diya in her hand and tell.this diya’s heat produce a severe pain to the surface but it adjust for diya. Like that i’m also adjusted.the ghee melt and fall into her hand sanky rushed and take away the from her hand and blow the air on the hand and tell
sansk:it may adjust for diya becoz it’s love the diya to be happy.
Then he come to sense and leave her hand.
Suja: pls come with us not for sanskaar but for me ur mumma.
Atlast she agreed.

They reach kolkata. Swara enter her room and was her pic all there. She feel happy but did not show. She saw sanskaar coming inside. She go to wash room and change her dress and come outside saw sanky fall asleep on couch .she wrapped him with a blanket.
swara in a pink saree. She is in kitchen busy with preparing food .
@in dining room
dp: wow aftr a long period we all are together.
Swara: bada pappa i want to annex my company withu.
Adarsh: with great pleasure.
Raglak enter. Swara saw lucky’s shirt there is the ear ring of ragz.
She go near to rag and show her the ear ring.she blushes and lucky to take the ring from dress through action.idiot lucky who did not understand ask ragini loudly that
lk: is i want to remove this ring.
Everyone laugh. They saw sanskaar leaving house without breakfast .
Suj: after u re gone he never sit with us .
Swara feels gulity and said i will bring him back.

@. In office
swara arrive there with food . She saw sanky crying in cabin. When she go to enter someone stop him.
Man: (unknowingly who she was) hai sweetheart .whom dou want??
Aftrsometime sanky disturb by some sound comes outside saw swara holding broom and bitting the empolyee , the employee ran here and there. Sanky saw this and smile for a while and said drama queen . Atlast security come try to slap her but sanky came btw and he get the slap. Guard ask for forgiveness and try to hurt swara again
swara: who are u to hurt me iam the half owner of this company.
They some of them gather there said “see when the security try to hurt her how sir come . He never show this much care .may he spell some magic. Both swasan feel hurt. Dp Rp Adarsh and LK where there.
Swara : he feel hurt becoz i’m his wife swara maheswari.
Then she think for a while that action make him sad . Then
swa: not swara maheswari
sanskaar in a sadly shock.

Swara,: but, swara sanskaar maheswari.:)
everone is shocked exept sanky.

Precap: their nhokjhok, romance**************
cmmnt pls.

Credit to: DevaNandhini

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