swasan (rab ne bana di jodi) – episode 8


Helloooo all
sanskaar who shocked by the action of swara. Rushed downside and take her to hospital with the help of kanika.maheswari and gadodia reach their they saw kanika and get shocked. She explain everything to raglak. Doctor came out of the theator.
Doc: sorry we can’t save her.
Everyone is shocked. Sanskaar feel like the soil under his feet was losing.he lost the grip. Lucky hold him .the body of swara was brought near them.the scence reminds him kavitha.he unfold the body and kiss her on forehead.
He start to wake forward then inbackground it played
pyaar hum ho hi hai
pyaar tum ho hi hai
phir yeh kya sinsile hogaye***************
sujatha: where are u going beta.
Sanskaar: don’t know .for me heart is like my path which iam walking.per aaj my heart broke into two .now there is only a silent.my mind repeats the words which is
why god always take me as his target of his cruelty . Today iam going. Don’t stop me. Iam not going to hear anythng.
Sanskaar rush to home to his room.that time like miracle swara open her eyes. Ragini tell everything.swara rush to her room where she say sanskaar with a bottle of poison looking at swara’s pic.

Swara: sanskaar. No i’m not allow u to do anything that harm u.for ur jaan i can die then i will stop u.
Sanskaar who was shell shocked saw swara.but he didnot show his happiness and tell
sanskaar: who are u i don’t know u.its my room swasan room. Whom hell are u to enter here.
Swara: sanky ,what happen to u. U hate me.why are u so harsh.
Sanskaar: my love for u had lost. I ask u not to do anything, but u have no trust.
Swara: not becoz of trust but becoz of love i do that.
Sanky: u can’t see me dying like that i can’t .pls go away from my life.
That day kanika handover baby to sanky and tell this is my kavya.look after her up to when i came back from jail .
From that day ownward sanswara was with swasan. And that day ownwards they don’t talk each other. Whenever she try to take his attention he aviod her.atlast one day he ask divorce from her.at first she did not agree .
Sanskaar: pls leave , don’t try to break my heart once maybe it’s will be the last time. Ok.
Swara: pls sanskaar ek baar. Trust me .i need u pls .
Sanskaar: never
swara: i’m going.

Sanskaar: will i help u to pack bag.
Swara: no , i will go myself .but i will take kavya with me .
She start to leave butshe think he will stop. But no. before leaving the last stair she turn and told
After this incident i hate u somuch.
Sanskaar go and close the door.after closing he fall on the floor and cry like a child lost his maa. Its a sentiscene for all.
flsb back end.
Swasan were crying in different room.
Next day kanika come and ask for kavya.they talk for a long time. Before leaving kavya give swara a hug and bye to sanskaar in next apartment.
Kanika: go back to ur love swara.
Screen freeze

precap: swasan nhokjhok, unision.before some emotional

anu di and my reader include silent reader .i hope u like .pls give me so many cmmnt

Credit to: Devanandhini

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  1. Last seen is confusing is kanika came in flashback or present

    otherwise it was awesome

  2. It is awesome yr really

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