swasan (rab ne bana di jodi) – episode 7


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Swara scream in a terror .everone include sanky come thre with a fear that some thing happen to swara when they rush they saw swara falling unconsious.
Sanky: what happen.
Swara : snake
they saw a snake ,
sanky: that all i will help u tto make it outside.
Swara: carefull.
Sanky in afunny way go near it but it was so dangerous.
Sanky: what did this silly creature will do ??? May be it bite me and i will die that ‘s all
snake wave to bite him swara put her hand in order to save him .the snake bit her
sanky: no swara no
swara: for u ur life is a toy but for me its all abt my life.wajah tum ho song played.
Sanky sneeze the poison thru his mouth. Now both swasan is safe. Ap give medicine
suja:why u guyz are doing. Both of don’t want to live.sanki beta agar uske saath kuch hathsa huva kya tu jee saktha.
Sanky: whenever im there nothing will be wrong to her .
Ap: from where this it come.
Sanska;may be it’s poison finish hogya iss liye charge karnekeliye.swara ka pass agaya.becoz her body is 90% filled with poison.
Lk: i think it get mistaken and bit bhabhi.
Sanky: why dear??
Lk: ragini was in my room .
Rag: u fool, jiju see what he said .
Ap : lucky i will give u a slap.ok

ragz: come to my room. ur mission will disconnected.
Sanky:what mission sali ji??????
Everyone in a confusion leave the room exept lucky.
Lk: today i help u but see what happen.
Swara: whats the mission!????
Lk:mission lucky2.that means i want a child
swasan have a nice laugh
lk: here my kite is is going away and u guys are laughing.
Sanky: go to room and try to hold the kite dear
swara go for a walk saw kavitha . She go near her.
Swara: kavitha are u alive
kanika: im not kavitha, i’m kanika twin sis of kavitha.
Swara: why are u here.
Kanika: to get the love which i lost from my hand.the love for which i kill my sister.and the love for which i’m going to kill u.my love sanskaar.
Swara is shell shocked.

Kanika: i will kill sanskaar if u sting in his life like this.
Swara: no pls don’t harm him. I will do what u say.
Kani:today u want to behave wierdly and also take him to the cliff and confess him that u never love him.u love only his money..
Swara agreed for her love which she want to saw alive.
Swara returns ask sanskaar to come early frm office and come to cliff. She also ask him not to romance with her today.
Swara : sry sanskaar i don’t love u becoz i love only our money.but i don’t need ur money also therefore leave me alone
sanky(shocked): swara ur telling it for someone.pls revael the truth.trust me i will be with u.
Swara:no i hate u .pls leave me.
When sanky come forward to hug her she smiling slightly say i don’t deserve u and jump from the cliff.
Shocked kanika come out. Go near to him and told everything and ask sry.she also hand over a child to him(kavya/sanswara)
will continue……….:………….:……………..:..
little long sorry

precap: sanky took swara to hospital.becoz of her this action he tell her that he hate her.flash back will end and come to present

Credit to: Devanandhini

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    and plzzzzzzzzzzzz update soon

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