swasan (rab ne bana di jodi) – episode 3


Hai .need more cmment.pls
sanskaar saw swara sitting in his couch crying badly.
Swara; u come here na. That means u love me.
San; don’t do prank with me . I hate u . Ur playing with my feelings.how dare u shona. sw:that means u hate me then walk out of this room because i consider this room as the birth place of my 2nd life. Then i don’t compel u to love back.
San : yes iam going .
Sw: close the door and take bottle.
Rag: no my dear no u can’t do it pls leave that bottle
lk: no swara don’t do.
Sw: pls don’t show any fake concern . Iam alone . Sry sanky i don’t deserve u .if this life not give any priority then i should leave this life.
San: i saw u keeping the poison bottle .there should i change this. Don’t think i love u becoz i don’t want u to die becoz of me.
Sw: why are u behaving like this first u separate me from my love .then now u separting me frm urself i don’t want this life .
Swara saw the real bottle lying in the dust bin .
She take it out
ssan: no swara never
smilingly swara drink the bottle which he claimed that he change.
Sw: u can’t fool me sanky
sanskaar in a shock break the door
swara cough blood come from her mouth.sanky try to touch her
sw: noo u lost my love . Sanky tears come out .swara wipe it and say still my love is u my sweet heart. I may leave this body but never u.she feels heavy pain.
San: god can’t take away my love twice .this time i will not leave my life along .
He drank the rest of the poison .
Sujatha and ap in aschok call out “sanskaar”. Swara tries to stop him but…………………..

Scene :2
swara open her eyes saw everyone exepct sanky.
Suj: i lost my son but i can’t loose u my sweet heart. Swara in a shock.where is my husband . She run out to his body and cry alot.
Next room
sanky open his eyes and saw sumi and others
sum : we lost shona but we will not leave u.
Sanskaar behave same as swara .they both where sitting beside but they don’t see each other .when stand up shona ‘s hand strike on him he rocognise the touch and rush to laksh.he just laugh.sanky slap him
san: are u playing with my life .
Lk : now u can see the love of swara for u.

Scene :3
swara come to mm house. When she srike the bell very sadly sanky open the door.she in a shock gasped ghost.
Lk and raagz smile
sanky came near and hug her.she get to know the prank and ask them to stop the lol. Sujatha do aarthi and sanskaar take her to the room.where there is so many teddy bear .and inthe wall its written every where that swara sanskaar maheswari.
San hug her and tell u said that this room is like my heart then i think to write ur name onit. She smile and think for a while and ran outside.
San: what happen.
Sw: i forgot to leave my chappel there
san : y
sw: it’s ur heart na .therefore i wan’t to touch it by bare foot and kiss him.*****************************************

next episode
full romance .this as a treat for swasan. Cmmnt is it boring then i will stop this

Credit to: devanandhini

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  16. Anu its just as swara teasing that this room is ur heart.therefore how can she come with chappel.
    And also she remove the chappal becoz his heart is the most devineful and purest of all and she don’t want it spoil by chappal.like we remove chappal in temple

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