swasan (rab ne bana di jodi) – episode 10


sanskaar take her to cabin.
Sans: tq for saving my respect in front of my workers.
Swara: u fool do u think that i came here for fighting with these unknown people. Icame here with food for u . Have it
sans: i don’t need anythng. What do u feel i forgive u .no never.
Swa: u do’t want to eat food cooked my hand????
Sansk : ya offcourse
swara leavee there in teary eyes.sanskaar after her depature take a little bit and eat and tell “how much i miss this taste swara but i will not tell u becoz u want to know by ending ur life ur killing me. When sanskaar about to wash his face he saw swara watching. In shy state he was standing.
Sw: meri pyaari pathi i know u will eat this therefore i waited
After that sanky go to cabin and call for meeting. When he start the presentation he say swasan pics coming slowly.he is shell shocked.
Swara: tell all to leave the hall.

Sans: no one will leave its my order.
Those who stand upsit
swar: i say u stand.
San: i say u sit.
After 5 times depressed workers to tell their final decision.
lucky:bhai bhabi this not school make them stand up and sit down
Sank:not a time to play leave me alone shona .
Swara abt to tell somethng but faint. Sanskaar rush.doc come and tell she did not have food .that’s y she get exhausted. Swara at first open 1 eye and saw all are looking at her. She then thru nxt eyes watch sanky .she saw him angry at her. By holding the ear
swara: sry, i think after ……i mean when u eat after……
Lk: what happen bhabhi apki jhansi wher is she i can’t see.
Sanky take a plate of food and start give it by him.atfirst round she bite his hand. In second she run here and there he also. Atlast round of food she lie in his lap and eat like a child.
Everyone is admiring them.he ask swara to go now.when she began to close the door his hand hurt by somthing. She rushed therte and hug him
sank: how u knw i get hurt.
Swa: once thread ask candle why u melt urself when i was burning.candle replied thats becoz when our near one feel sad we can feel it.

Sank: like our relation. Lucky we are like hand and eye when hand hurt eyes have tears and when tears come hand will console it.
Dp ask sanskaar to take her outside and have a jollyride
lk: dad im proud, now u slowly become romantic like . Keep it up dad.
Screen freezes


cmmnt.happy x mas to all reader specially my anu di

Credit to: devanandhini

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