swasan (rab ne bana di jodi) ends


swasan reached home everryone is happy to see them together. After some yrs back.
Swara: sanskaar u think abt our meeting .ur entry make my life a tragedy in which i lost my love. But now each second without is like tragedy. U knw when that day i drunk poison that miniute only ur face come to my eyes . Whenever i’m feeling daard u re there like a stength. I think ur like a oxygen . Today there is one coming b/w us i donlt know how this change will accepted by u. I knw ure angry but think for u me is one kind.and have achild at any time. But for a maa her child is imp than live. If it cost life also ineed. U can see me that child pls.
Swara is taken in to labor room. Sanky in a heavy tension.
Suja: beta come near. He rushed to her and hug.
Sanky: maa i knw she is pratical but i can’t live without her maa. When kavitha died i had shattered now. No nothng will happen her. Everytime she smile i saw a star in her eyes . Maa pls maa tell nothing will happen to her. When u say somethg it will happen. Maa u re the one who support me na .maa pls maaa.
Everyone don’t know to console him aftr some time nurse come with a child call sanskaar, he take the child.
San; swara….
Nur: luckily first time a child bring back her mom from death.
Sanskaar kiss the child and tell u gave my life dear what will i call u . Then he feel kavitha smoothly touching his head. He sense her presence and call child kavitha.then Ap ask swara do u have any problem with name .
Swa: when i feel like i’m dying a girl console me that girl truly resembles kavitha therefore i love the name. Ur really lucky to have a true love like kavitha who aftr death also protecting ur happiness.

After two years same hospital same place, swasan walking restlessly. Lucky sitting in between two maa.
Lk: did the child is rag then i will surely trapped
swa: thats true
sans: if it is like u then its tough for my sali ok.
Nurse aarived wth 2 child.
Nu: congratz twin
lk: what bhai i got twin.
Sank: u got twin not tin, so become more responsible.
Screen freezes with happy face of swasan and raglak.

It’s the end.tq all u dear readers, and i pray god to change the mind of creative head of swaragini. Becoz i a swalak fan can bring the swasan together then why not them.pls pray for me. Anu di ur cmmnts are like a treasure i will miss it.if iam ladooo then ur my swara di.;(


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  1. It was nice. Bt sudden ending…okay..bt hope uhh will come back soon with another ff…..will miss you n your ff dear?

  2. Awesome ending
    but ending so soon felt really bad

  3. Why did you end so soon dear. I was expecting more from you. Anyway good episode..miss you a lot

  4. Why did you end it soo soon

  5. Superb but why did you end it very soon

  6. Awesome .but y did u end .pls cm back

  7. superb I just loved it

  8. Plz don’t end it dear love it sooooooo much want to see more parts but plz come with another ff fast

  9. it was nice…

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