SwaSan! you r my life!(season-3) EPILOGUE (part-2)


They spends sometime time making fun and pulling eachothers leg …. Teasing each other

After sometime

Adarsh:okay chal Sanskar ..now we have to go (hugs Sanskar)
Sanskar: okay bhai (hugs back)
(To lucky) lucky wo 2mro come to office have to discuss abt sharma’s project
Lucky:(nodes) teeke bhai … (To ragini) sweetheart Adi kahaan hai …we have to leave na
Ragini:Adi …wo tho yahan hi tha
(Looks here & there …and finds adi and Sara playing with each other ….smiles ..points them) lo they r there

Everyone looks at them and smiles ….
Swara goes towards them

Swara:cutiee ….Adi baby .. Wat r u both doing.
Adi:(cutely) maa me and cutiee r playing ….catch …catch
Sara:Adi ….don’t call me cutie .. I’m not cute (cute anger)
Adi: (kidish confused) but maa tho calls u cutiee na (to swara) hai na maa
Swara :(smiles) haan baby …
Sara is my cutiee

Sara looks on angry …. Swara smiles and kisses her cheeks
….. Sara smiles and hugs her

Swara:love u cutiee
Sara:I love u sooo much mumma
Swara:(smiles) now come

She holds both Sara and adi tiny hands and walks towards all ..
Where as everyone were smiling seeing their bond …. While Sanskar was just staring swara lovingly

Ragini:Adi chale …
Sara:πŸ˜” u all r going machi
Ragini: haan doll …it’s late na we have to go but don’t worry I will come to meet my doll 2mro (smiles & pulls her cheeks)
Sara:😁 really
Uttara :haan baba really bhabhi will come
Rishi:(smiles) now bye doll

Soon all leaves from there

After sometime

Swara was arranging dinner on table …

Swara:sanskar ….cutiee. Sanskar …..Sanskar … Sara
(No response … So She shakes her head) oh god ..yeh dono dadaa and doll naa …

She goes towards hall …. And gets angry seeing Sanskar and Sara ….who were staring lappy with full concentration … She goes towards them and takes the lappy angrily

Sanskar: wat the ….(looks upwards & finds swara with angry face & smiles) wat happen jaan
Swara:😠 I’m calling u both from tat time ….but tum dono like always doing ur own work … Tumne tho Sara ko bhi made like u …
Sanskar: haan tho wat is wrong in tat ….she is doll right
Swara:😠 haan she is ur doll and u r her dadaa …I’m tho nothing .
……now come

Swara holds his hand

Sanskar: but jaan ……..
Swara:(interrupts)😠 not a word

Sansara looks at each other seeing swara’s anger …

She walks holding his hand while he was holding Sara’s hand they goes towards dinning ….
She makes him sit on the chair with a angry look … While he understood wat she is going to do and smiles …. Sara jumps in Sanskar’s lap …. Both smiles looking at swara but she gives them angry look and serves the dinner in a plate …takes a bite and feeds Sanskar …he smiles and eats looking at her lovingly
…..she puts milk in a glass and feeds Sara milk …. And again feeds Sanskar …. Sanskar smiles and tucks her hair strands behind the ears ….

Sanskar: won’t u eat …jaan
Swara: I don’t want 😠

Sanskar smiles and takes a bite near her mouth …but she doesn’t open it ….Sanskar looks at Sara …

Sara:(holds her ears) mumma cholly … Ur cutiee is saying to eat plzzz eat mumma

Swara smiles and caresses her face ….and eats … But looks at sanskar angrily …. Sanskar raises his eyebrows …she turns her face angrily ….he smiles looking at his love his life’s angry face

Soon they finished with dinner

After sometime

Swara goes to the room ….

Sara:dadaa mumma is angry with u ..
Sanskar: haan doll
Sara:but not with me …hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ mumma loves me more
Sanskar: ohh so doll u r happy haa ….very bad (makes fake sad face cutely)
Sara:(stops laughing) nono no dadaa I’m not ….waise I said u to give a gift to mumma na
Sanskar: haan doll …I have kept tat gift in room … She may be have seen tat by now
Sara:good boy dadaa …now see mumma will not be angry … (Kiddish curious)But tat gift is teddy bear kya
Sanskar: (laughs) hahahaha (kisses her cheeks ) doll it’s late now sleep …. today u will sleep with …
Sara:(happily ) with dolly aunty
…..dadaa dolly aunty will say me soooo many stories
Sanskar: (smiles) haan

Dolly comes there ….sanskar looks at her and smiles

Sanskar: (to Sara) okay doll bye
….sleep well (kisses her forehead)
Sara:(smiles & kisses his cheeks) okay dadaa

Sanskar gets up and walks towards dolly

Sanskar: good night dolly aunty
Dolly:good night Sanskar beta(smiles)

Sanskar leaves from there …
He doesn’t worry to leave Sara with dolly aunty coz he has trust on her …actually many times Sara had slept with dolly aunty …


Swasan room

Swara comes to the room and finds a packet on the bed … On which it is written “SORRY JAAN ….it’s for u wear thz” ..she smiles

Swara:(smiles) yeh Sanskar bi na

She shakes her head and opens the pactket …finds a beautiful red comb black saree ….she blushes and goes to washroom

Soon she was dressed in a red comb black saree given by her love …with a deep cut back blouse …. She knows Sanskar always wants to see her in traditional dresses … She smiles …. She was looking stunning …more than beautiful
Her white milky belly was fully visible …. Her beauty had no words😍😍

Sanskar comes there and was awestruck to see his love his life ….was just staring her lovingly with a cute smile …. Swara feels his presence and looks at the door where he is standing staring her … She downs her head in shy feeling his intense gaze on her …and blushes


He smiles & closes the door…
Slowly walks towards her …
While her heart starts beating heavily by his each step …
He comes towards her and was staring her lovingly with desire in his eyes …she blushes and turns ….he smiles and back hugs her ….goes closer to her ear … His lips was touching her earlobe t

Sanskar:(huskily) y my jaan is blushing soo much today
Swara:(breathing heavily) no..no
…no …w..h.o sa..id ..I’m n..ot

He smiles and turns her and….
Her eyes was clued to floor not looking at him in shy … He smiles and lifts her chin … Makes her to look him ….she looks into in his eyes were there was only love for her … He places his hand on her milky belly and pulls her closer to him …. And goes closer to her face ….his hot breath of was touching her soft pink lips
….she closes her eyes feeling his touch

{Aaaa.. aaa…aaaa

Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe ab batao –2}

He slightly brushes his rough lips on her soft juicy lips … But doesn’t kiss her ….she feels it and tightens her hold on his shoulder ….bringing him closer to her …to meet their lips but he smiles naughtily yet teasingly and yet again brushes his lips on her soft lips not kissing her … She opens her eyes and looks at him ….while he smiles teasingly
She knew he was teasing her …
So she tip toes and places her soft lips on his lips … He smiles

{Todh do khud ko tum
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein –2

Aaaaa.. aaa..}

He pulls her closer to him kissing her with all his passion and desire …yet lovingly … She also reciprocates the kiss with equal passion and love …. Pulling and pressing him more on her …
Caressing his hairs …soon the passsionate kiss was turned into a hungry and wild kiss ….
He takes her in his arms still kissing her … Goes towards the bed and gently places her on the bed ….soon the long lasting kiss was broked due lack of oxygen
Both were staring eachother lovingly with desire in their eyes for each other …. He removed her saree pallu while she was busy in unbuttoning his shirt staring each other …..

{Tere ehsaasson mein Bheege lamhato mein
Mujhko dooba tishnagi si hain
Teri adao se dilkash khatao se
In lamho mein zindagi si hai
Haya ko zara bhool jao
Mere hi tarah pesh aao}

He bends his head a lil and places his rough lips on her soft skin …on her neck and began to kisses …bite her there while she moans in pleasure feeling heavenly in her hubby’s embrace …in his touch
While kissing on her neck … He removes her saree …and places his hand on her belly squeezing it ….still kissing her on the neck

{Ko bhi do khud ko tum
Raaton mein meri
Raaton mein meri
Raaton mein meri
Raaton mein}

Swara:(moans) sanskarrrr

She looks at him who was busy kissing …..she pulls him upwards holding his collar and immediately removes his shirt …and caresses his hard toned shaven chest sensuously…began to kiss and bite over there …he smiles ….she was kissing him crazlily ….looks at him who was looking at her lovingly … She cups his face and bites his lip hardly ….and smiles …. He raises his eyebrows and pins her beneath him …travelled his hand to her milky back and removes the blouse string in one go while she blushes he interwind his finger with hers and began to kiss her hungrily yet wildly all over her neck …removing her blouse …


Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao –2

Tere zajbaaton mein mehki si saason mein
Yeh jo mehek Sandali si hai
Dil ki panahon mein bekhri si aahon mein
Sone ki khwasish jagi si hai
Chehre se chehra chupao
Sene ki dhadkan suno
Dekhlo khud ko tum
Annkhon mein meri
Annkhon mein meri
Annkhon mein meri
Annkhon mein}

He began to kiss her one bosom while squeezing and kneading the other one ….while she moans in pleasure …pressing him more on her ..clutching his hairs tightly in her fist … He bites the bosom …and kisses it to soothe the pain ….he was kissing her passionately yet wildly … Caressing her body sensuously
He goes lil down and kisses her milky belly …licks the belly button romantically …while she breaths heavily …he bites her belly …she moans in pleasure

Swara:(moans) aahhhh …aahh Sanskar

Her moans was making him to go crazy ….he immediately goes down and kisses her milky thighs sensuousl
Soon he enters into ear … She moans in pleasure while he turst hard ….she digs her nails on his back and pulls him more closer
To her …they made love

Sanskar: Jaan I love u … YOU R MY LIFE jaan
Swara:I love too Sanskar .. MY LIFE IS ALL URS …only u have the right on it


Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao}

He looks at her lovingly …
Both were staring each other soon their lips meets …they began to kiss each other with all their love towards each other
She opens her mouth inviting him to enter into her mouth …he smiles b/w the kiss and enters his tounge …their tounges intertwined with each other tasting the sweet essence of each others mouth …soon the lovely kiss broked ….both smiles and hugs each other tightly
Showing their love for their loves


So it was their LIFE our swasan LIFE ….which started with a hatred and fight but ended with a happy family …with their symbol of love Sara …at they end they became the LIFE of each other

The End


So guys my frnds hope u all liked thz epi …hope u liked thz ff if not I’m sorry ..i know I’m not a good writer but still if u feel to comment plz do comment

And sorry for not replying to ur comments frnds but really thanking you all from my heart
Thank u for supporting me to write thz ff ….

(Nehasuhana dr I’m sorry I dnt replied to ur comment ..
Actually i have msg u in messenger dr …plz check it and say me is it u )

And I know frnds u want me to start a new ff ….as u know i already writing a ff ( swasan! I Love you!!) And one of my frnd I.e Sanya asked me to continue my 1st ff which I left incomplete so for now i will not start any new ff but haan once I complete tat 1st ff I will surely write another one
Actually I had already thought abt the story and ff name it will be ” SwaSan ! Lust,obsession, Love!! ..

And guys kuch zyaada mature hogaya hai tho I’m sorry 😜😜

Thank u all frnds …bye …tc
Love u all 😘😘😘😘😘😘


  1. myna

    diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i am crying i am soooooooooooooooooo sad u ended it
    but the episode was mind blowing
    loved all the three seasons

    • Feriha_Tanu



      Thank u soooo much myna …
      Really if I wrote 3season u were the support for me to write it …
      Thank u for encouraging me and support to write my ff

      And I’m fine dr ….love u .tc😘😘

  2. anu

    awesome tanu.. loved it…
    i loved this ff 3seasons ares really good i liked so much… hope u come with new ff soon and write that ff swasan i love you… waiting to read ur ff’s….once again thx fr this wonderful ff.. ,,,,

  3. Rekha


    |Registered Member

    Lovely…!! Superb…….!! Mind blowing..!! In short picture perfect…..!!
    Perfect Ending…!!
    Waiting 4 swasan “I love you”…..

  4. chanu

    my tanu dr!!!!
    Nice epi as always.
    Im gonna miss dis lvly swasan dr!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Bt plz dnt leave tu…
    bt I missing u..
    hw r u nw!?? Still u r bzy??!!
    And say hi 2 ur frnd!! And did u upload last part in dat os;!!? If it is send me da link..cz I ddnt find it..

    I lv 2dy epi dr..
    and awww sara is soo sweet.. and she is jst like my sanky..
    hee hee nw also my swaru dr jealous with lappy..
    im soo hpy still tey r same like b4..

    keep writing dr..
    be happy always
    lv you soo much…

    waiting 4 ur nw ff..

    • Feriha_Tanu



      Hahahaha chanu u made me emotional today😒😒😒 …..I’m not leaving tu yaar haan quite busy …but fine
      And haan I will tell ur hi to my frnd
      And abt the os actually I dnt posted it I’m not getting time dr inshallah if get time I will write and post …still then sorry yaar

      And a big wala thank u for encouraging and supporting me to write my ffs

      Love u tc 😘😘😘😘😘

      • chanu

        dnt be sry dr..
        I knw if u hv tym ull surly upload it..
        till tnen im waiting 4 u..
        and im soo hpy u r nt leaving tu.. see im doing my hpy dance. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

        waiting 4 ur nw ff.. and I wnt swasan nly.. πŸ˜‰ hee hee no prob dr.. u cn choose any cpl.. and I lv 2 see tanu and rishi as a cpl.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

        tc dr..
        be happy always
        lv ya
        all the best

  5. Kakali

    I cried cried cried. !!! Tanuuuu !!! it’s a blissful feeling which i can’t describe in words…

    I m feeling bless to be a part of urs FF with our heavenly couple SWASAN….
    Thnk u sooo much for writing this… haaa !!! But thnks a lot that u ended it before i leave …

    God bless u dear !!!
    come up with ur old one…
    All r waiting for u…

    • Feriha_Tanu



      Kakali u also made me emotional😒😒😒 and I’m also blessed to get a frnd like u ….and wat do u mean u will leave tu ?????

      A big wala thank u …dr for supporting me to write my ffs
      Love u 😘😘😘
      Bye tc

      • Kakali

        Actually m here for more 10 days or sooo … hmmmm will back in April… sooooo…
        bye tc… love u tooo dear…

  6. Dharshaini

    it was a lovely update… really gonna miss this ff alot… anyways i really loved ur this ff… n pls continue ur other ff soon which u have stopped half way…

  7. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Tanu yaar stop talking rubish okeyyy maybe you think you are not good writer but I dont think sooo you are best writer and yeah stop talking about liking beacuse I am loving your ff even I cant describe how much I am loving your ff….

    And this fff ypu cant belive me dear how many time I have read it even I also forgot hahahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    And i am sooo happy that you will start with your 1st fff cant wait dear…

    And this ff is my favt…from starting till end I loving it…

    And yeah even I am waiting for your new ff…

    And swasan I love you ff…

    And yeah when will you post 2 shot I love you plzzz Post soon
    😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

    • Feriha_Tanu



      Hahahaha SanyaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ u r scolding me nice I like when frnds scolds me

      Waise u read thz many times but me not even one time read my own ff πŸ˜‚.

      A big wala thank u yaar for supporting me to write thz ff …
      Love u😘😘😘
      Bye tc

      • Rabia0032


        |Registered Member

        HawwwwwπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Šypu didnt read your own ff….
        Then let me tell you this ff awesome Amazing nooooo word…

        Love you tooo❀😘😘😘

  8. SwaSanFan.Goldie


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    Awsum…finally the Amzing Series of U r My Life comes to an End n too in an Amzing way. THNKS fr the Amzing Series Yaar..Loved all the 3 Series..Will Miss It..bt looking forward to ur other stories..do tell me da Name of ur 1st ff wixh is incomplete..will Follow it..

    • Feriha_Tanu



      1st of all I’m sooo glad di u liked my ff
      Thank u soooo much ….a big wala thank u for supporting me to write ff and the name of my incomplete ff is

      Swaragini is thz a hate or love
      It’s both the couples ff SwaSan and raglak πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

      Bye di ..tc

  9. Rock Leon

    Hey dear!!!
    I.was silent reader till now!!!
    I really loved ur all three seasons
    It was totally amazing!
    And just today I read SWASAN! I LOVE YOU!! U know what u nailed it dear!
    But plzzzz it’s a small request plzzzzzzz update next part soon!Atleast ance a.week.plzzzzz can’t wait anymore dear!!!!
    Well the epilogue was awesome!!!!

  10. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    I loved it dear…
    All d seasons were superb…
    Who told u r not gud writer ?? U r a fab writer n v love all ur stories…
    Will w8 for ur nxt story…

  11. Hadi


    |Registered Member

    Awsum dear I always read ur ff but I think can’t comment till now as coz of busy schedule whole seasons I go in a smooth way n the thing which I like in ur writing is that u hadn’t taken long time to post any one of the epis this part is well defined the meaning of ur ff thanks for writing such a great story with full of meanings come back soon n I will surely read that ff too n will comment also miss you n love u loads πŸ˜šπŸ˜™

  12. chanu

    Tanuuuuu…. *yelling
    nooo way!!!!
    Dnt even think abt it…!! Ok!!???
    Nt even in ur dreams.

    If u wnt u cn create nw cpl….
    like chanu & sanskar!!
    See hw heavenly cpl they r… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

  13. NDSG


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    Sorry for late commenting..

    And the episode is amazing… I live it…. 😘😘😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍 even didn’t read it’s season 1… I started reading it from season to… I love it… If I’ll get time I’ll read this ff from beginning….

    With lots of love… πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š

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