SwaSan! you r my life!(season-3) EPILOGUE (part-1)



Swara:(screams in pain) aaaahhhhhhhh ….sanskkarrrrrr

Tears rolled from her eyes … She was screaming in pain very badly


S&S company

Sanskar with a happy face dails swara’s number ….but she doesn’t lift the call …he again tries her number but again same happens
He gets worried ….

Sanskar : swara pickup the phone (worried ) pickup …jaan

As there was no response of call …he becomes more and more worried
And calls the landline the same happens yet again there was no response

Sanskar: damn where the hell thz suresh is ….not lifting my call (worried) swara ..khin swara koi
…….(jerks his thoughts) no nothing like that. …she might be in the washroom so isn’t lifting the call ….hmmmmmm buttt
Let’s go and see

He leaves from there



Swara was screaming badly holding her baby bump in pain
She had tears in her eyes
Just then her mobile rings … She looks at the caller I’d it was “sanskar’s” call …. She was trying to move to lift the call but wasn’t able to do so…as the pain was raising more n more

Soon Sanskar comes and shouts her name

Sanskar: jaan….jaan…. Suresh … Dolly aunty ….(as he was in hall there was no response he gets worried more)
Swara …swara ..jaan

Swara hears Sanskar voice and smiles a lil …but she wasn’t able to scream now as she was exhausted of screaming

Sanskar gets worried … And again tries swara’s number
….the mobile rings ….he hears it
And looks upwards

Sanskar: kahin swara room mai tho nahi

He immediately runs to the room and was shocked+worried to see the scenario … Swara’s condition was terrible … Her face turned pale …. Her eyes was moist….
She was holding her baby bump tightly out of pain

Sanskar: jaan….

He rushes to her and takes her in his lap

Sanskar: jaan wat happen …(caress her cheeks caringly )
Swara:(breaths heavily ) s..an..skar… It’s pai…ning ….

She cluthes her baby bump … He looks and gets worried … Immediately takes her in his arms …

Sanskar: (kisses her forehead) nothing will happen jaan

He assures her… She restes her head on his chest …. He walks out carrying her in his arms and leaves from there

City hospital

Sanskar comes carrying swara in his arms …he was sweating out of worriedness seeing swara’s condition…..

Sanskar: (shouts ) doctor … Doctor …doctor

Hearing his shout doctor comes there immediately …

Doctor: Mr SM ap….
Sanskar: do the hell with ur greeting me …1st treat my wife ?

He gets frightened and nodes … immediately calls nurse to take swara to the operations theater
They does so
But swara wasn’t ready to leave Sanskar …he looks at her and cups her face

Sanskar: jaan nothing will happen I said na ….don’t worry (kisses her forehead)

She nodes in no …clutched his shirt tightly …..

Swara:? don’t leave

Sanskar takes a sigh and thinks something …

Sanskar: okay jaan. ..(to doctor)
Doctor u treat her …I’m gonna be here only

Doctor nodes in fear as he knows tat it is waste to argue with him and gives him mask to wear
And starts the operation….he wears it ….. Sanskar closes his eyes … When swara screams in pain … He wasn’t able to see her in pain and clutched his fist tightly .. To control himself
Finally her screams stops and he hears a cute melodious crying voice ….

He gets happy and opens her eyes only to see his child .. Their child …their symbol of love
Tears of happiness made a way from his eyes … He looked at swara who was soo exhausted tat she felt unconscious …. He goes towards her and kisses her forehead …. Looks at the doctor and hugs him with a bright smile ….and looks at their child with a cute smile ..

Doctor: (smiles) congratulations Mr SM …. It’s a baby girl


5years leap

S&S Mansion

A beautiful room is shown .. And there is a huge bed on which
Our hero SANSKAR MAHESWARI is sleeping holding a small cute doll in his arms …..

As usual the sun rays falls on our cute sweet Sanskar ….disturbing his sleep he opens his eyes and looks at the cute doll … Smiles looking at her cute innocent face and kisses her forehead

Sanskar:(smile)? my doll SARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI is sleeping still like her ….

Sara who was closing her … eyes ….smiling in her sleep hearing his voice …
Immediately opens her eyes

Sara:nooooo I’m not mumma(pouts)

Sanskar :(chuckles ) yes u r not doll ….u r like dadaa hai na

Sara nodes like a cute baby

Sanskar turns and looks at the sleeping beauty …sleeping with a angelic smile …beside him
It is our SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI …. He smiles seeing her angelic smile
And bends a lil …whisphers in her ears

Sanskar: good morning jaan wake up …

Swara smiles hearing his voice and puts her hand around his neck …hugs him tightly and cuddles ….Sanskar and Sara looks at each other ….Sara slaps her head ….as sanskar sleeps b/w them …..Sara climbs on him and shakes swara

Sara:mumma ..mumma …. Wake up ….wake up ….mummaaaaaaa

Swara immediately getsup by her shout …

Swara:utt gayi meri maa
Sara:(cutely) good girl … Go get flesh ….ragu machi ,lucky muchu, adu chachu ,pari chachi,all r coming naa

Swara looks at sanskar …. He chuckles …. She smiles and looks at Sara

Swara:(pulls her cheeks) okay meri cutie pie …
Sara: (rubs her cheeks) I’m not cuteeeee …..
Swara:?? no hahaha …u r cute. … Like ur dadaa …

She looks at sanskar …. He raises his eyebrows

Sanskar: swara ..no ..not again
Swara:(smiles & pulls his cheeks)
Hahahaha my sansku cutiee …??
Sanskar: (shakes his head & looks at Sara) doll …
Sara:yup Dadaa (she closes her eyes by her palms)

He smiles …looks at swara … And kisses her forehead and pecks her lips …she blushes … He always does thz ….in thz 5year he never changed his way of waking her …kissing her on the forehead and pecking her lips … Showing his love to her …tat it never changed and will never change
Both swasan were staring eachother lovingly

Sara:Mumma …dadaa

Both comes to sense … Looks at Sara who was still keeping her palms on her eyes ….they smiles

Sanskar: (smiles) haan doll

Sara removes her palms from her eyes and looks at them with a cute look …. Swasan both hugs her and kisses her cheeks …
It was a happy family of swasan
A perfect family

Swasan: love u doll /cutie pie
Sara:(smiles cutely) love u too mumma …dada…. Abb chalo ..
We have to get ready naa

Swasan nodes with a smile

Soon swasan gets ready …

Swara was dressed in a red crop top and a white jeggings … She was looking pretty and stunning
With simple look ?? ?
Sanskar was dressed in a white tuxedo …he was looking handsome not less than a Greek god???

Swara was making Sara to get ready
By humming a song ..making her irritate

Swara:cutie pie ..my cutie pie
Sweety pie …sweety pie oh oh.
Sweety cutie …pieeeee ?
(Pulls her cheeks) cutie sweety

Sara:(irritate) mummaaaa I’m not cute and sweet ….

She rus towards the garden where Sanskar was taking on phone ….swara also runs behind
And caughts

Swara:stop running my choto cutiee ..hahahaha ?? u r my cutie pie awwwwwwww (kisses her cheeks)

Sara pouts and looks at her with cute angry face
Sanskar who was looking at them ….smiles and goes towards Sara ….sits on his knees

Sanskar: y my doll is angry
Sara:(cute anger) dadaa see na mumma is calling me cute I’m not cute naa

A voice : doll …u know na ur mumma is mental …leave her
She will blabbering something or other

Swasan and Sara looks at the person ..sansra gets happy and swara looks on angrily

Sara:(happy) lucky machu…
Lucky :(smiles) yes doll it’s ur hero …super hero lucky (hugs Sara and twrils …she laughs)
Swara:u r bandar super bandar got tat huh

Lucky makes sara stand and looks swara …..sansra chuckles

Lucky:and u r cudail…super duper chudail
Swara:just shut ur mouth joker or else…
Lucky: (cuts off) or else wat huh ..
Dartha wartha nai hon mai tumse
Swara:?oh really huh!
Lucky:oh god bhai …I wonder how will u handle her (to Sanskar)
Sanskar: kya kare lucky (dramatically and chuckles)
Swara:?(to Sanskar) Sanskar …kya kare ka matlab
Kya? …u should bear me till the end of the LIFE ….
Sanskar: haan jaan …I also told the same ….?

Sanlakra laughs and gives HiFi
Swara pouts …

Swara:(to sara) cutiee u r also supporting ur machu like ur dadaa (pouts)
Sara:no mumma …I’m not machu side …
Swara: (smiles) awwww my cutiee I know …u will…
Sara:(cuts off) but I’m dadaa side

Laksh:right doll (gives HiFi )

Sanlak laughs along with Sara while Sara gives them angry glare ….but smiles seeing them happy

A small cute boys comes running towards swara …swara looks on and gets happy to see the boy

Swara:(smiles) Adi (son of raglak)

Swara sits on her knees … The adi comes and hugs her

Adi:,(happy) maa I missed u soooo much
(Kisses her cheeks)
Swara:aww my baby…I missed u too (kisses his cheeks)
Sanskar:haan sirf maa ko … Lucky’s boy (takes adi in arms)
Adi:(cutely) no cute papa I missed u also …

Swara:(laughs & pulls sanskar’s cheeks) hahahaha awwww my cute baby

Sanskar:(gives angry look) swara …

Swara laughs

Ragini and pari comes there

Pari: swara aab Bas bhi karo see how red my devar’s cheeks turned(giggles)
Laksh:,arrey bhabhi for whom r u telling ..(points swara) iss chudail ko iss ka Bas chaley na
Bhai ko kaccha chaba jayegi

Pari ,Sanskar, Sara giggles
Swara rolls her eyes in anger but thinks something and smirks

Swara: arrey wah devar ji kya baat hai u shld get an award to make me angry (to ragini) ragu u know yesterday laksh came to meet me na …do u know wat he told me..
(Raises her eyebrows looking at laksh)
Laksh: (understoods) no…no swara leave all thz na …come….
Swara:(interrupts) let me complete 1st laksh
Tho ragu u know he told me ki
Suman ….u know suman right our classmate he was telling he met her …and ……(to laksh)wat did u told laksh she is still hot na

Swara smirks looking at laksh
Laksh gives “I will kill u” look
Ragini gives death glare to laksh …he gupls in fear and runs
Ragini run behind him
Sanskar and Sara looks at eachother and slaps ….. Pari laughs

Laksh:no sweetheart …she is lieing
Ragini: don’t lie laksh and stop

Adarsh and uttara comes there laksh runs …hides back of them

Laksh: adarsh bhai …plzz save me from thz devil

Ragini comes there

Ragini:? bhaiya plzz move ..today I will not leave him
Adarsh:ahem ahem …haan ragini take …(he moves & whisphers in Lucky’s ear) if I save u from ur devil …my devil will not leave me coz all wife’s r like sister to eachother who supports eachother in every matters

He looks at ragini …who was looking at him in anger and gupls in fear … Immedeatly hugs ragini

Laksh: sorry sweetheart …sorrty sorry ….sorry

Uttara giggles ….goes towards Swasan

Sanskar: (hugs her) how r u my angle sis
Uttara:(releases the hug & smiles) I’m fine bhai
Swara:(smiles) waise where is rishi ….uttara he isn’t looking anywhere

Just then rishi comes there

Rishi:I’m here my friend

He smiles ….goes towards swasan ..and hugs Sanskar

Swara:(smile) accha howa u came warna I thought u ….
Rishi:(interrupts) oh swara u called aur I didn’t came aisa kabi nahi hoga
Sanskar: hmmm u r right …. All should obey her
Swara:and I will. Obey u my cutiee
Ragini & pari:( teases) ahem ahem….ohooohoo

Swara blushes …..Sanskar smiles

Rishi smiles ….looks at Sara and takes her in his arms

Rishi: how r u princess
Sara:super duper hero
Uttara: awww doll sirf u will talk to ur hero not meee (pouts)
Sara:?? (laughs) hahahaha bua doll will talk to everyone …just like ….
Uttara:ur dadaa right
Sara: (smiles) yup
Swara:but cutiee …ur dadaa is khadoos ..doesn’t spend a lil time with me only …he will just keep sticking to tat stupid lappy don’t u know

Sanskar raises his eyebrows looking at her …she gives “don’t care” look
Sara jumps in Sanskar’s arms

Sara:(cutely) mumma my dadaa is a best dadaa

Sanskar smiles

Swara:not me Kya (pouts)
Sara:hahahaha u r like small baby ..hahaha
Swara:(widens her eyes) awwww

Sansra ,raglak, parish,risut, laughs

Kavitha and nikhil comes there
…..sanskar gets irritated and angry seeing them..but controls his anger only for swara …his love his LIFE
And sits on the sofa

Kavitha:(hugs swara) hi swara .. How r u
Swara:(smiles) I’m tho super duper fine ….tell me abt u … (Teases) how was urs and Nikhil’s honeymoon haa ?
Kavitha:(blushes ) swaraaaa
Swara:wat swara huh! … I was just (teases) asking abt ur experiences …hai na Nikhil
Nikhil: haan swara …(thinks something & smiles teasingly)
But phele app ki baari

He signals Ragini who was standing beside swara abt something ….ragini understood and smiles teasingly. …. And slowly she pushes swara ….
Swara falls on Sanskar’s lap
All laughs
Where as swara’s lips brushes his hard toned chest making him to lose his control feeling her soft touch on his hard skin
Swara blushes …he smiles and goes closer to her face ….whisphers in her ears tucking the hair strands behind her ears

Sanskar: I’m not gonna leave u tonight ….jaan
Swara:(blushes) I also want tat only my cutiee

All giggles looking at them

Ragini: ahem ahem …love birds we r here only…..so stop ur ahem ahem

Swasan comes to sense ….swara blushes …..Sanskar’ smiles looking at her lovingly


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