swasan! you r my life!! (Teaser-1)


Hi guys thz is tanu Ѽ thank u for ur lovly comments guys and sorryyyyyyyyy guys i will be not able to post my ff swill 17june
As my test r starting and it is Ramzan also na so will be quite busy

**********Ramzan MUBARAK*********


SCENE 1:-)

Sanskar: (cupping her face) I love u very muchhhh. You r my life swara
Swara:i love u too Sanska:-)♥♥

Sanskar holded her by waist and pulls her and was staring her lovingly
Swara blushes and downs her head due to shy
He smiles and lifts her chin up and staris her rosy lips passtionately feeling his gaze on her Swara. Closes her eyes giving him a positive sign ♡he smiles and places her rough lips on her soft lips they both kisses eachother with equal passion love and care there tounges played and was lost on eachother soon both patted back due to lack of oxygen


a Man:(anger) u will pay for it MR SM
U snached my everthing now its ur turn

The man dials a number

Mobile conversation

Man:hello listen (tells something tat is muted)
Man2: k sir ur work will be done
Man:(smiles evily) great
Call disconnects

Man: now u will come to know (smriks evily ) MR SM who am i…… dhamaka!!! (Laughs sarcastically )


Sanskar: (tears) Swara Swara. Swara (p patted her cheeks) Swara get up plz see ur Sansku came u want to pull my cheeks na plz get.up i will agree tat im cute now atleast get up plzzzz (crying meserbily )

Where as Swara was on floor her head was on Sanskar ‘s lap she was lying like a lifeless body and blood was flowing From head her face, hands was covered with blood

So guys any gueses
Wat happen to swara?

Soooooo guys how was the teaser and plzzzz do comment plzzzz
Guys i want to know whose character do u like in my ff and whose bonding u liked still now plzzz dooo say

Credit to: tanu

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  1. Awesome

  2. I LIKE everyone in ur ff but mostly swara’s character in ff.. sasan bond nok jhok is awesome..

    Hey teaser is scaring.. plzzz don’t hurt so much my sanskar bcz he is already crying so much in the real serial..

    waiting for ur ff

    1. Hahahahaha yaar you r right our sanky is criyng in serial and here also

      Kya yaar Atleast ff Main to happy rehne Do but I am waiting

  3. Ohh my poor swara…. Pls pls upload the episodeepisode…uff I cnt wait…

  4. thamiazh magan

    ohh whats this?????????????

  5. Aqesome teaser!! I am waiting I think the man is the boy who wanted to buy the orphanage of the kids and sanskar blackamiled him and bought it for swara My theory says that he called some one and said to attack swara as swara is sanskar LIFE!!! i have no idea i am right or wrong but I’m waiting plzz post!!!


  6. little princess

    Omg!! What was that??…swara ko kya hua…hw she got hurt in her head?…who is that mysterious man?…whats his enemity with sanskar?… Omg so much of questions r revolving around me…anyway that mysterious person is someone who knows sanskar well…as he said that he will snatch everything from sanky,he tried to kill swara,our sanskar’s jaan….truly speaking ur 3rd scene is terrible.. I never expected such a twist in ur lovely ff…now swasan romance n happiness turned to be sorrows…really felt bad for swara’s condition n sanky’s state of grief and fear of losing his jaan….its something that i dont wish to see it…so i hope that they show the 3rd scene to be sanky’s nightmare..nothing should happen to swara n swasan love relation….even if the 3rd scene is true,make our swara recover soon and give sanky his life swara back….i hv a small request that never show any memory loss drama here just like in real serial as i cant tolerate it…it will be a heart break for me..
    I am really glad bcoz of scene 1…swasan scenes were adorable.. Love them both alot…
    Waiting for many more swasan scenes n their happy moments that comes their way to make their life as beautiful as heaven….
    Eagerly waiting for ur amazing ff…to be honest i cant wait more for ur ff…wish to read it… So post it as soon as possible as u can…

  7. Angel Goldie

    Damn yaar..amzing twsit..loved it..plzz brong it soon n Continue soon..cnt wait..

  8. Awesome dear

  9. interesting. plz don’t separate swasan

  10. Same to u tanu…Ramzan Mubarak…..i’m silent reader…i lyk ur ff vry much…u r my fav and i’m ur big fan ….plz cntn dear..dnt stop writting…swasan forever…

  11. Superb. What a twist ya.waiting for update. Plz update ASAP.I’m damn excited.
    In ur ff I like swara’s character. She is so funny n matured also.knows how to handle situations especially sanskar (HER SANSKU)hahaha.

  12. Shocking

  13. I like swasan character vry much in your f….but shocking twist ….

  14. little princess

    I like swara n sanskar the most…and just love their bonding… Swara ka sanky cutie aur sanskar ka jaan.. Yeh bonding tho mind blowing hai…vo dhonom ka dil ka rishta hai…dont have much words for their bonding…they r made for each other…
    Swasan RoCkZzzzz….
    Even i love sanky’s n lucky’s bonding… Voh dhonom bhayyiyom ke beech ka trust and love ka rishta…aur swara n lucky’s friendship n nok jhok n masti is so sweet….
    U r so good…so keep on writing n all the best for ur test…

  15. Please make it as a dream of sanskar……………I can’t see tears in sanskar eyes. ………. bechara serial mein bhi rota rehta hai toh please at least not make him cry in ff…………it’s just a request

  16. Superb waiting episode

  17. what was this??????pls post asap…….

  18. Nice waiting for it.

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