SwaSan! you r my life! – (season-3)(episode-8)


The whole day passed now it is night

Swasan room

Sanskar was sleeping where as swara wasn’t getting sleep …
She was remincing the bathroom incident …her moments with Sanskar and was blushing hard
Just then something strikes her mind

Swara:(mind) there was some design on his chest ..I guess it’s a tattoo …(she then remembers abt the design which she saw on her naval ) and there is design on my naval also …(confused) wat is tat … I didn’t saw it properly as kavitha came … Hmmm let’s see

She removes her top’s buttons and looks at the tattoo
Which was beautiful designed

Swara:(confused & tries to read) s…a…n.. …wat is thz I’m unable to understand further

She tries to read …but wasn’t unable to understand …the font

Swara:kuch samaj mai hi nai aara …let it be swara … (Looks at Sanskar) he also has a design ..
Let’s check wat it is ….

She goes closer to him …puts her hand on his shirt’s button …
But again takes off …thinking something

Swara:no no swara it isn’t right
(Heart) oh swara he is ur hubby
So stop thz right or wrong puran

She obeys her heart and removes 2buttons of his shirt …she was abt to move his shirt to see the tattoo …but Sanskar puts his hand around her waist …in sleep
And rolls …now she was beneath him … His head was placed on her chest …and his lips was brushing on her br*ast …as her top’s button was open still
She widens her eyes in shock and was breathing heavily
She doesn’t wants to push him ..or move away from him
As she was feeling so nice … Closes her eyes feeling his touch completely forgetting abt the tattoo … She was going crazy on his one touch …tat she wants to feel it more and more ….she hugged him tightly …pressing him more on her

Soon she dozed off



Our heavenly and lovely couple were sleeping in eachother embrace such tat Sanskar head was still placed on her chest … Brushing his lips on her br*ast

The sun rays falls on Sanskar disturbing his sleep …he opens his eyes ..smiles and tightens his grip on her …. Making swara to open her eyes …she opens her eyes and blushes hard ….he kisses on her neck and lifts his head to his love …who was blushing … He moved closer to kiss her but stops as reality hits hin … He withdraws his hands from her and moves away …
She looks at him …. He just avoids eye contact and leaves to washroom … She gets sad

Swara:(mind)?? wat is happening to me …kiyon I want him to touch me …god kya hora hai mere saath (looks up)

After sometime

The whole MM was decorated beautifully ….Uttara weds Rishi is written beautifully … Yes finally it’s a day of uttara’s and rishi’s marriage All guests r
arrived ….

Sanskar as usual was eagerly waiting for his love his life to come …his eyes was just fixed on the stairs .. Just then the queen comes there …she was looking stunning in tat red lehenga and choli …with a green dupatta he was spellbounded to see her?
She also looks at him ….he wasn’t looking less than a Greek god he was just perfect dressed in a red kurtha with a folded sleeves till his elbow for her ??
She was staring him with slight blush on her face …but he turns his face avoiding her
She feels sad ?

Just then the light goes off

Ragini :arrey laksh abb yeh light ko kya howa …
Laksh:nothing sweetheart …just look at there

He points towards a spot light which was on some girls standing facing there back
All looks at the direction

The song plays

{Sukh dukh jhoothe
Dhan bhi jhootha
Jhoothi moh-maaya
Saccha mann ka wo kona jahaan
Prem ratan paaya
Prem ratan paaya..}

The girls turns …doing some step on the above lines …and there the beautiful and gorgeous girls were standing

Ragini:(happy & smiles) manasa
,shagun ,myna
Laksh:(smiles & looks at her) Reethi,chanu,Sanya(rabia0032),
Ragini: and Saheli ,Antara …
Oh god I’m sooo happy to see them?

Swasan smiles

{ni ni sa sa re re sa sa…

Payo… Payo…
Laayo… Chaayo
Aayo… Gaayo..

Manasa, myna ,shagun,reethi goes towards Sanskar and chanu , Sanya,saheli,antara goes towards swara …putting some steps on above lines

{Saiyan tu kamaal ka
Baatein bhi kamaal ki
Laaga rang jo tera
Hui main kamaal ki}

Manasa,myna,shagun,reethi side hugs Sanskar singing the above lines …while he gives a cute smile to them …

{Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo
Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo re..
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Rut milan ki laayo
Prem ratan..
Prem ratan dhan payo maine (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo}

Chanu ,Sanya,saheli,Antara drags swara to Sanskar …and does the prem ratan dhan payo step …
And asks othere also to join them
…they does so …and Sanskar just gives a bright smile seeing his love’s happy face

{Kya main dikha doon
Yaa main chupa loon
Jo dhan hai mann mein
Yeh bhi na jaanu
Bajne lagi kyun sargam si tann mein
Khushiya si hai aangan mein

Chehre pe aaye meri rangatein gulaal ki
Laaga rang jo tera hui main kamaal ki}

Swara goes closer to sanskar … Looks deep into his chocolate brown eyes .. And was lost in him ….she tip toes …and takes his hand and places on her waist
….puts her hand around his neck
Lipsing the above lines ….
But soon swara comes to sense coz it was her imagination?
She blushes on her thoughts

{Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo
Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo re..
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Mann gagan par chayo
Prem ratan..
Prem ratan dhan payo maine (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo}

Everyone enjoys the dance ….just then tanu also comes there? with uttara and rishi ….and makes them to dance
Finally the dance was over
All gives claps

Tanu:wow yaar seriously u all r awesome and beautiful too
Manasa:hehehehe thank u tanu
Reethi:haan we r …don’t u know swasanians always rocks(??)
Akir hum swasanians hin tho hai
Sanya:but tume Kya howa tanu y didn’t u danced
Shagun: kiyon rishi ki wedding mai dance nai karna kya ..?
Sanskar:haan tanu wat happen?
Tanu:? wo sans actually I don’t know dancing and all …but haan I know hugging ….(winks at swra and hugs sanskar ? while she gives a death glare to her)

Chanu comes and pull tanu back from hug …

Chanu:WO tho we also know dr tanu ….and we will not only hug sanky but will also hug swara …hai na guys
Saheli: haan chanu is right
Antara: tho der kis baath yaar chalo SMB aur humari Swara kai saath ek jhapi karle
All nodes
Swasan smiles ….they hugs both swasan

Myna:u both r soo cute and lovely couple ….I love u both

SwaSan smiles …and blushes

Chanu:abb seflie ki baari

They takes sefiles with swasan??

Shagun:laksh …ragin come
Reethi: rishi ..utts u also come na
Myna:tanu di app bi aao ….
Tanu:arrey yaar where should we come
Manasa:for selfie …tanu

All takes beautiful selfies …

Soon the masti section completes …
Rishi and uttara were seated on mandap …..they completes all marriage rituals …rishi fills uttara’s hairline with vermilion and designs a mangalsutar around her neck

Soon the marriage was completed

Just then swara gets a call …she lifts it

Swara:haan kavitha I’m coming

Saying thz she cuts the call and leaves from there

Rabia0032:thank u sooo much Sanya dr ….and abt kavitha I really don’t know is she good or bad? hahahaha …abt swara’s memory let’s see …

Hmmm abt ur guess let’s see …waise thank u yaar

daisy:I’m sorry for late dr …and thank u sooo much for ur lovely comment

Febi:thank u dr ? and haan inshallah I will update regularly if I can

Maryum:thank u dr

Rosey:thanks yaar?

Jannatul.Nayma09:thank u?

sweety:thank u sweety?

chanu:hahahaha??? u were dancing jinga lala hahahaha …
And …haan but u r right swara shld my ff for dance? …
And abt kavitha and swara’s convo I only didn’t heared it coz it was muted dr?
And haan sansku is always cute?? …I’m also missing my their love …

I missed u too yaar???? and thank u soooooo much for ur lovely comment and thank u .. U commented before ..reading it right

And I’m fine now dr
Love u too??

Kakali: ?omg butterflies,ants,grasshoppers,bee
Abt your question Well I’m a class 12th student yaar
Thank u soooo much for commenting

Rekha:thank u dr

Mica:yes dr I also
Her statement.. ? …thank u soo much yaar for commenting

Dont worry dr this memory loss track will end soon …thank u for commenting?

Thanks dr and inshallah will update regularlyy if I can dr

Dharshaini:thank u soo much dr and sorry tat keep waiting for a long time and haan swara will get her memory soon…

Soujanya:thank u dr

SNY:thanks yaar?

Reethi:thank u sooo much and abt wt kavitha said to swara that swara is feeling shy seeing him
I really don’t know yaar y it so ?and missed u tooo

anu:thank u dr?

ashka:thank u dr and abt kavitha let’s see dr

Arshaanya:thanks yaar?

s:thank u dr?

Dharani:thanks yaar?
Heys guys tanu here …sorry guys if I didn’t reply anyone …but thank u all ??? ..and hope u liked thz epi …plz do comment guys thank u ..tc ..
Love u all????

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  2. Thank you so much dr
    You are so sweet you added and yeah i m so sorry tanu i was so busy with my studies and my exams i did not see ff i m sorry
    BUt i didn’t you dance i mean we all danced so nicely but if you would have joined us it would have been awesome
    Plz post the next part quickly and hit on sanskars head with something yaar when swara is not having problem with romancing then why is sanskar having problem

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