SwaSan! you r my life! – (season-3)(episode-7)


Person: hi swara
Swara:(confused) appp
Person:mai kavitha yesterday we met right
Swara:(reminces) oh haan (smiles)
Kavitha: can I come in
Swara:…(smiles) haan come

Kavitha smiles and goes inside the room …

Kavitha: swara actually I wanna talk u abt something
Swara:(confused) wat
Kavitha: swara we know each other from before only … U didn’t remember me coz of ur memory loss
Swara:(smiles) wat we know each other …r we friends ..
Kavitha: (says something which is muted)

They talked for sometime

Kavitha:hmm Swara don’t frgt wat I said to u k … And plzz meet me 2mro
Swara:(smiles) k baba ..
Kavitha:k now I should go ..all might be waiting for u and me also (smiles)
Swara:(smiles) yeah ..k..

Both leaves from there ..



Everyone were applying haldi to uttara …
Sanskar comes there

Sujatha: (looks at him) sanskar kathe reh gaya tha tu…
Sanskar:mom I was busy attending an important call
Sujatha: accha tike ..but where is swara

Hearing swara’s name ….he reminces the bathroom incident
And was lost in deep thoughts
Angry & Cursing himself

Sanskar:(mind) is she angry on me ..obvio she will be angry … Damn Sanskar how can u loose control over u …how can u frgt tat she is not tat swara who loves u …she lost her shit memory

As he was lost in deep thoughts just then his eyes fell on his love who was descending the stairs with a bright smiles ….he was awestruck to see her in yellow saree as she wears half saree many times but full saree rarely
He was just lost in her big beautiful doe eyes she was looking like a angel for him

Sujatha: (smiles) lo swara also came (to Swara) swara hathe aa

Swara smiles ..nodes and comes towards them

Swara:haan mom
Sujatha: swara tu uttara ki bhabhi hai …u and Sanskar both should apply haldi to her …
Swara;(smiles) k mom

All thz while she wasn’t looking at Sanskar …he felt bad

Sujatha: Sanskar jaaa

Sanskar nodes ….both goes towards uttara and applies haldi to her …in thz process Sanskar hand slightly brushes swara’s bare milky belly …both looks at each other …Sanskar looks on shock where as swara downs her head in shy …and blushes
Sanskar widens his eyes in confused seeing her blushing
Soon she turns her face …looks at uttara

Swara:(smiles) congratulations
Uttara:thank u bhabhi … u applied haldi to me ….(teases)
But wat abt bhai …bhai ko bhi thoda haldi lagado

Swara blushes

Sanskar: (gives angry look) uttara
Uttara: (Pouts) kya bhai …I just…..

Before she could complete …
Swara puts whole haldi on Sanskar ..Sanskar looks at himself …his face,white kurta is covered with haldi …
Swara and uttara brust into laugh

Swara: hahaha ..?? look at ur bhai …hahaha he is looking like joker hahaha
Uttara: hahahaha right bhabhi ??

Sanskar looks at swara angrily?

Sanskar: swaraaaaa

Swara laughs and puts more haldi on him …and immediately runs from there
Sanskar looks on shock …? and runs behind her

Sanskar: swara rukhu?
Swara:hahaha no ??

Both were running in whole mansion ….everyone were adoring their love with a smile
Swara runs inside a room …but Sanskar catches her …holds her hand and pins her to the wall
….both were lost in each other’s eyes yet again ..they had a romantic eye lock …
Yet again loosing the control over him …Sanskar placed his hands on her soft yet milky belly under her saree … Pulls her closer to him and started caressing her soft belly sensuously and romantically…while her breath was raising heavily …she clutched his kurtha tightly closing her eyes ..
He smiles …and comes closer to her face …and whisphers in her ears

Sanskar: (huskily) wat did u called me …

Saying thz he caress his cheeks with hers soft pinky cheeks ..
While she was breathing heavily …he was just lost and caressed his face to hers all over
And pressed his body on her …
Leading to touch there each body parts like a magnet …while she moans in pleasure biting her lower lip


He stopped …as reality strikes his mind ? ..and looks at swara who’s eyes were closed ….
He yet again cursed himself
…he immediately moved back ..she opens her eyes and looks at him in confused

Sanskar: (avoids eye contact) I’m..
I’m… So..rry

He was abt to go …but Swara holds his wrist …he turns and looks at her confusedly

Swara:do u have any gf ?

He was shocked by her question

Sanskar: (shock) wat rubbish r u talking

She looked at him with teary eyes

Swara:(tears)? dekho Sanskar I know u married me forcedly but still I’m only ur wife … U shouldn’t keep any other girl if u do so I will kill tat girl? ..so don’t keep any unwanted relationship

He looks on shock ??

Sanskar: (mind) wat happen to her …

Swara:don’t act smart I know ..
Tat time u were talking at phone wasn’t laksh …?it was some girl right whom u were calling jaan right ….and u fooled me by saying u were talking with laksh abt paans arrangement … Now u will think how come I came to know abt it …then listen I watched serial’s there also husband does the same

Sanskar shakes his head In impossible

Sanskar:(mind) she lost her memory but still she is impossible ..huh! Now look she is jealous for herself …

Swara:wat r u thinking
Sanskar: (comes to sense) nothing …and ?stop ur nonsense talks …
Swara:serial’s also….
Sanskar: (cuts off)?do hell with ur serial’s dare u watch it ..

He leaves from there ….

Swara:? khud ko kya samaj tha hai huh! …? stupid arrogant angry man khadoos …leave it Swara don’t worry …no girl could be his gf ..coz no one can handle thz khadoos …rather than me

She angrily leaves from


All were dancing on some music
Swara comes there …ragini and pari looks at her and goes towards her

Ragini:swaru come let’s dance ..
Swara:arrey nai ragu I’m not feeling to dance
Pari:arrey swara dance tho karo it’s ur SIL haldi yaar and abt feelings wo khud ba khud ba aaye gi
Ragini:(smiles) haan bhabhi is right

Both drags swara …Swara nodes with a smile and dances with them …while Sanskar was looking at her with cute smile

Sanskar: (mind) I’m missing u jaan plzzz jaldi sai remember me …the real me ..ur love Swara
Our love jaan

Swara was enjoying the dance … Just then her leg got twisted …
She stumbles …but felt a strong grip around her shoulder … She looks at the person

Swara:(smiles) thank u

He makes her stand …his one hand was still on her shoulder ..sanskar’s eyes turned red …due to anger seeing all thz he comes towards them

Person: ur wlcm (smiles) waise hi ..wts ur Name
Swara:swara …urs???
Person: beautiful name but not beautiful than you ? …well I’m Nikhil ….Nikhil obroie ..
Swara:(smiles ) oh nice to meet u Nikhil
Nikhil: (flirts) oh god ur smile …ufff it’s soo …sooo no words to describe it …u r….

Before he could complete …
Sanskar comes there and puts his hand around her waist and pulls her closer to him ..
Looks at Nikhil who was looking at them confusedly ..but widens his eyes seeing Sanskar

Sanskar;she is swara ….(stresses)
Swara Sanskar Maheswari

Nikhil looks on shock and downs his head

Nikhil:I’m sorry …I was as….
Sanskar: (cuts off)(rudely) I don’t want ur any explanation ….stay way (gives death glare) and stay with ur fiancé ….kavitha mehra

He drags swara from there

Swara:wat r doing …huh! And how can u talk to him like tat …
He just…

Sanskar gets angry …stops…turns
Her towards him and looks into her eyes with anger and jealous filled eyes

Sanskar:? I don’t want to hear about any other ..man from ur mouth got it ….

Swara gets scared seeing his anger and nodes
He leaves from there angrily

Soon the haldi ceremony was over …


Hi guys thz is tanu …sorry for late guys
And a big sorry for Antara ,salongi,chanu
I know u wrr waiting for thz ff ..I’m sorry for late yaar …
Hope u all liked thz epi …plz do comment guys …bye tc….love u all????

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  1. Rabia0032

    Awesome tanu but what did kavita told swara plzzzz nooo misunderstandig plzzz and i hope kavita is good now not Bad plzzz dont turn her in Bad and i am loving this swasan Bug I want my swasan back plzzz give swara her memory back

  2. Rabia

    awesome dear and i think kavitha sudhar gai hay 😉

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    Ice epi as always
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    ummmmmmm y u mute dat kavis part??!
    Hope she ddnt cm between swasan..
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    Bt y our swara is hpy after dat convo???
    Happy haldi uththara!!
    Awww my sanky is soo cute..
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    Swaras behaviour is kinda weird!!!

    Awww my cute swasan chasing after soo mny dys…
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    keeep writing dr..
    be happy always
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  10. Kakali

    Butterflies,ants,grasshoppers,bees m feeling all this together seeing them soo close… love it Taauuuuuu !!!!
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    di how are u now?
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    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Thank u sooo much myna and inshallah I will update tat ff also but if I’m free dr …and no need to be sorry dr it’s k I understand …and I’m fine yaar… Thank u once again??

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