SwaSan! you r my life! – (season-3)(episode-5)


Rishi:(smiles) KAVITHA di..my cousin
(? guys u r right)
Sanskar eyes were filled with anger and hatred ……laksh who also saw kavitha was shocked and suprised see her ….he goes towards them …..angrily

Laksh:? ..u …wat the….
Kavitha:(interrupts) hi Mr Sanskar …(looks at rishi) oh rishu …mai tumhe batana hi bhol gayi….. Uncle asked me to call u
Rishi: kya ..okay I will go ….u talk with sanskar and laksh

Kavitha nodes with smile …rishi leaves from there ….

Laksh:(holds her hand and turns) …wat ..kya….
Kavitha:(cuts off) laksh …I know ..u all still dnt forgave me ….but..
Laksh:hey stop it …huh! ….1st answer me ..
Wat the hell r u doing here ….and(confused)
Rishi how come …he know u ?
Sanskar: ? she is his cousin lucky ….

Laksh looks on shock ….and suprised

Laksh: (suprised) ..wat ..but..
Sanskar: (cuts off) I’m sure thz lady is planning some game …thz time also (looks at kavitha ?)…so uttara is not gonna marry rishi (looks at laksh) thz engagement will not gonna happen

Saying the he was abt to go ….but kavitha holds his hand…he turns and jerks angrily

Kavitha:sanskar I know I had wrong with u in past but (downs her head in tears?) but I had already got the punishment for tat sin …aur aaj bhi usse bhoguth rahi hon … But (looks at him) but plz don’t broke thz marriage … Coz rishi is not at fault … Don’t break it he is not like me …he is a nice guy
Plzzz Sanskar …just coz of my sin …don’t
Break two hearts ,two life’s …plz sanskar

Sanskar:it’s final ?

He was abt to go …but

Laksh: bhai..don’t stop thz engagement
Sanskar: (turns ) lucky ..
Laksh:bhai …y r u thinking abt her ….
Think abt rishi …abt uttara … Bhai rishi is really a nice guy …and perfect for our sis
He had helped us ..when u were drugged
He is not like her (looks at kavitha?)
Plzz bhai ….don’t break thz marriage
(Looks at sanskar)

Sanskar reminces ..rishi’s help … His care …..
Sanskar: hmmm okay …lucky
Kavitha;(wipes her tears and happy) thank u Sanskar …thank u sooo much
Sanskar:(stern tone) Ms kavitha ..u better take my name as SM …and abt ur so called thank u ..keep it by urself ….I just agreed coz rishi is good person ?? got tat

Kavitha nodes ….

Rishi comes there ..kavitha wipes her tears

Rishi:(smiles) kav di.. maa app ko bola rahi hai
Kavitha: (smiles) haan okay …I will go

Kavitha leaves ..

Rishi turns and looks at sanlak with a smile

Laksh:(smiles) waise I think ..she is close to u…
Rishi; haan ..aur after the death of mehra uncle …she is staying with us only

Sanlak looks on shock ….coz they know kavitha loves her dad very much …no matter how bad she is …
They keeps quite …
Just then …..

Swara:hey hai …rishi (smiles)
Rishi:hi swara

Sanskar ..turns immediately hearing his love’s sweet voice …and the moment he saw her …he was just awestruck and mesmerized to see his beauty queen …
She was looking stunning ..in the peach lehenga and blouse with golden duppata
Curl hair ….just like a princess?

Here swara was also awestruck to see her hubby …who is dressed in peach kurtha ..
…..sleeves folded till elbow … Was looking soo handsome and cute …. ???

Swara:(heart) ? omg he is soo handsome ….(Sanskar smiles ..) Aweee soo cute ..
(Mind) chi chi ? stop it …stop swara
Don’t think abt him …..u hate him he is villan of ur life (looks at sanskar) looking like a pure devil …
(Heart) oh really

Swara shakes her head in irritation

Sanskar smiles looking at her confused and irritated face ….
Swara turns her face …and goes towards them..

Swara:wow rishi u r looking handsome …

Sanskar looks at her in fake anger …raising
His eyebrows ….but she ignores himhim

Rishi:tq u swara

She smiles and looks at laksh

Swara: hmmm not bad Laksh …but still u r looking like a monkey …??
Laksh:? oh hello ..stop it I’m not in mood to fight with u
Swara:huh! ?Truth always looks bitter ….
Now look at ur bro (looks at sanskar) he is looking like a khaduss …I’m sure no would like him ……

Just then a voice comes …

Voice:OMG ….Sanskar u r looking so handsome??

Swasan,rishi,laksh looks at the direction
Gets happy and suprised to see the person

Swara:(happy) TANU ?

Tanu ..comes towards them …

Tanu:?? sansku ..really ..app kitnai cute lag rage hoo

Sanskar looks at swara ..signals ..and smirks …she angrily turns …looks at tanu

Laksh:swara…u were saying something right ..ki no girls …(chuckles)
Swara:? u shut ur mouth …(looks at tanu and turns her) wat is thz tanu ….before….

Tanu cuts off and hugs Swara ….

Tanu:haa… Swaru I missed u soo much ..

Tanu releases the hug …and hugs laksh

Tanu;(smiles)hi laku ….
Laksh:(releases the hug) (smiles) hw r u ..tanu ..
Tanu:me I’m tho …super fine ..see (smiles)
Laksh:(laughs) hahaha I know ..

Tanu goes towards ..rishi ..was abt to hug him but but but stops ? and shakes hand

Tanu:(smiles) congratulations rishi for ur engagement
Rishi:thank u tanu…all credit goes to u(smiles)
Tanu: haan wo tho hai ….coz serial mai na sahi …but here ur marriage gonna happen just coz of me?

She looks at sanskar and

Tanu: (smiles) hi Sanskar …(hugs him)
Sanskar: hi tanu …nice to meet u again (smiles)
Tanu:(still hugging?) Same here …u know I missed u sooo much

Swara fumes in anger and jealous ..seeing her hugging Sanskar …she gets irritated as tanu dnt break the hug still?? and immediately pulls her …
Tanu look’s at her ….Sanskar chuckles seeing her angry+jealous face .
But shows fake confused face

Tanu: arrey wat happen Swara…

Swara don’t know wat to answer coz she herself don’t know wat happen to her …
She look’s at sanskar’s confused and

Swara;WO..ahem..hmm…haan.. U were hmm

Just then…..

Voices : hi guys

Looks at the direction ….and gets happy to see them …

Sanskar:(smiles) CHANU….ANTARA?

Trio comes towards them ….

Tulina:(hugs Swara) swara how r u …
Swara:(releases the hug) I’m fine ..tuli..

Meanwhile …

Chanu and Antara hugs Sanskar …

Sanskar: (smiles) hw r u both …chanu …antu
Chunu:oh sanky ..I’m fine ..(smiles)
Antara:same her SMB ?

Swara widens her mouth and turns ..looks at them ..gets angry and jealous yet again seeing a two girls sticking to sansku ?
And he is talking to them so sweetly …

Swara:? he never talked me in thz way …and now…….how dare thz both girls ..calling …Sanky and SMB …arrggg wat is thz now …

No longer ..her anger increased more when she saw ..tulina also sticking with sansku flirting with him ?

Swara: ? arrgggg ab yeh tuli ..bhi ..aahh
And (looks at sanskar) he could he talk to other girls tat too so sweetly …in front of his wife ..
(Mind)? no no no Swara u r not his wife ….so let it be …u don’t care …hmm

Obeying her mind she was abt to go but again her heart stops …she looks at sanskar…
Sanskar was enjoying …her jealous face so

Sanskar: oh god tulina…seriously am I tat good
Tulina: haa…no sans..u r ? not good in fact there r no words to describe u…
Chanu: yes sanky tuli is right …u know if weren’t married …I would have proposed u?

Omg swara face …turned red in anger
Sanskar chuckles

Antara:yes offcourse My SMB ..is very smart + handsome (smiles)

Swara:(fumes) ..My …no no he is only mine ….? (mind) no no swara he is not ..

Her thought was disturb by a tap on her shoulder …she looks at the person …it’s tanu

Tanu:??? look at sansku ..na Swara he is looking soo cute …wait I will give him a kiss …and will come

Tat is for Swara ..her anger and jealousy reached to the high level
Tanu was abt to go ..but swara holds her hand..tanu turns …

Swara:bass kar tanu chipkali …he is my hubby?
Tanu:so …wat u don’t love him right
Swara:? Tanuuuuuuuuuu
Tanu:arrey tikai baba ..I’m going …laku is calling me …
Swara:hmm it’s better …aur apne..saath take them also ..see how they r sticking to …
Swara:(glares angrily) stop ..wat is thz huh!.
Sansku,sanky,SMB….I will kill u…dare u call him tat …
Tanu:OK baba OK

Tanu..chanu,tulina,antara leaves from there

Swasan looks at eachother …swara turns her face angrily ….and was abt to go …
But just then sanskar’s eyes falls on swara’s back…where the blouse dori was slightly open… So he pulls her by her wrist …she turns and falls on his chest ….he immediately keeps his hand on her back …
She gets suprised….by his sudden pull and looks at him angrily

Swara:? wat the…
Sanskar: (puts finger on her lips) ssshhh

He pulls her more closer ..by keeping his one hand on her silky belly …she feels butterflies in her stomach ….he goes closer to her …and whispheres in her ears…
While she was breathing heavily

Sanskar: (whisphers) keep quiet ….and let me tie ..ur (signals her abt the thread/dori)

Swara looks at him in shock …but she dnt dare to take his hands off …coz she is feeling soo secure in his arms …
He takes her to the corner ….still keeping a hand on her back …turns her …takes the dori and slowly ties it ….she breath’s heavily …feeling his hot breath on her shoulder …
His slightly touches her silky white bare back…in the process of tieing the dori
…feeling thz …she immediately turns and hugs him passionately …..he also hugs her back. ..both were hugging each other passionately ….


Hope u all liked it guys ….
Thank u all …bye love u all?

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