SwaSan! you r my life! – (season-3)(episode-3)

*********EPISODE -3*********

Next dayday

Swasan got discharge from the hospital ..
And left to s&s mansion along with gadodia and maheswari family …
They spent sometime with both the families ..later they from there …now just
Swasan were all alone ….swara looked at sanskar ..he also do so ….but she leaves from there without saying anything ….
After sometime sanskar also leaves towards the room …while passing…he was surprised to see swara sleeping on the floor just opposite to their room

Sanskar: (surprised & confused) y she’s sleeping here

But soon he reminces tat …it’s coz of memory loss ..as he asked her to sleep there in their past ….
He shakes his head and smiles …
As he doesn’t want her to sleep on the floor so he Sits on the floor such tat his one knee was touching the floor ..and other leg feet was resting on the floor …he looks at her whoz eyes were closed ..but he better knows tat she wasn’t sleeping …
He slowly shakes her

Sanskar:(shakes her) swara….

Hearing his voice ..she immediately opens her eyes and looks at him …

Swara:?? u…wat r u doing here huh! ..can’t u sleep if not ….at least let me sleep
Sanskar: haan u can sleep …but not here
Swara:wat. ..wat do u mean by not here ?? . …r. U going to make me sleep outside …how can .u. …
Sanskar: (cuts off) stop ur radio ….and u r gonna sleep in our room ..
Swara:? wat our room?????
Sanskar: yes…now getup fast
Swara: no no I’m fine here and will sleep here only
Sanskar:(raises his eyebrows) SM doesn’t asks .. But order’s did u frgt tat
Swara:(murmur) how can I frgt ..huh! ..phele khud hi floor pe sone ke liye bola aur now in room …..khadhuss idiot??
Sanskar:meri borai baad mai karo …for now get up …or else can I………

Expands his hands to carry her ….she see’s thz and immediately getups and runs to the room …..he smiles?? looking at her reaction …

He also leaves to the room

Swasan room

She was arranging couch to sleep …
Sanskar comes there and looks at tat

Sanskar:(shakes his head in impossible) huuuuuuu yeh swara bhi na ….oh god how can I handle her …..plz give my swara back to me (looks up)

He again looks at her …goes twards her ..

Sanskar:wt r u doing…
Swara:?? can’t u see ….arranging it to sleep ..
Sanskar:but u r not gonna sleep there also .
Swara:arggggggg ?? where shld I sleep then ..don’t sleep here …don’t sleep there …?? or are u planning to kill me ….

At thz sanskar got angry …he immediately holds her wrist and pulls her

Sanskar:?? u r not gonna sleep there got tat

She gets scared seeing his anger …he drags her to the bed ….pulls her ..

Sanskar:(points to bed) sleep here …. got tat …(swara was abt say but) ….no no I don’t wanna listen ur reply ….and don’t u dare to go against my order’sorder’s??

Saying tat his leaves her ….and goes to the washroom ….after sometime he comes out and looks at swara who was sleeping on the bed he take a sigh and..he goes towards her and sleeps beside her
Her back was facing him ….he wants to take her in his embrace …and doesn’t want to let her go …but he is help less …he was staring her back

Swara who wasn’t getting sleep …she don’t know y but she wasn’t able to sleep ….yesterday she slept coz of medicine ….but today sleep is not taking over her …
She turns ….Sanskar immediately closes his eyes pretending to be in sleep ….

She looks at him …and was just lost in him …..her heart is saying her to go closer to him but her mind was stopping her ….

Swara: aaaaa swara wat r u thinking ….

She again looks at sanskar …..yet again lost in him ….her heart feeling captured her
..and she goes closer to the Sanskar …
And looks at his face ….so closely ..such tat there was just 1inch left out to meet their lips ….while Sanskar was surprised by swara’s act …but smiles as he knows tat his swara cannot sleep without him ….
She looks at his lips which was soo attracting ….stimulating and inducing her to kiss it ….she immediately puts her lips on his rough lips …and started kissing him
Sanskar was yet again suprised by her act …she was kissing him continuously …while sanskar wasn’t reciprocating her ….just keeps quite
But soon reality hits her head …so she immediately pats back and looks on shock

Swara:oh god swara how can u do thz …chi how can u kiss him (hearts) so wat u kissed him coz he is ur hubby (herself) no I’m not his wife ..and nor he is my hubby ??
(Heart) whatever swara …u can’t change the reality he is ur hubby …there is nothing wrong if u kissed him …

She jerks her thoughts ..moves away …and was abt to go to her side of bed ..but ..Sanskar smiles naughtily?? …pulls her by putting his hands on her waist …a current ran to her spine …she wasn’t feeling as he touch her new to her …it was soo familiar and warm to her ….she was confused …Sanskar …?? and pulls her more closer to him ….she lands on his chest. ..she smells his fragrance. Which was driving her crazy …..she just lost in his warm touch …and hugged him tightly …. He also hugs her sooo tightly in brone crushing hug …as he dnt feel her for soo long ….
Soon she dozed off in his embrace ….he feels so …and releases the hug …looks at him ….looks at her lovingly and kisses her forhead lovingly ….and pecks her lips

Sanskar:I love u jaan …

Saying thz he again hugs her……soon both dozes off


Hope u all liked it guys and sorry for short update ….I was sleepy and wrote thz epi ..pls do comment guys

And reethu u can give me da details of swasan Page …I’m soo happy dr… Tat u want me to upload my ff in tat page …thanks yaar

Thank u all ..bye tc love u????

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