SwaSan! you r my life! – (Season-3)(Episode-1)



$$$ BHOOM!!!

The car was crashed to the tree …the front window was fully broken into pieces ….sanskar’s head was on stirring …blood was ozzing from his head …here swara’s side door was open …a hand covered with blood was out …yes it is swara’s hand …
Her head was fully covered with the blood
It was dreadful screen ..

Humari Adhuri kahani !!
Humari Adhuri Kahani!! …..plays

(But it isn’t a Adhuri kahani ….coz its tanu’s stories so Adhuri kahani will never come
So back to swasan)

As god also doesn’t want to end their love in thz way …so the blessing started showering on them in the form of rani ..
The tiny drop of start showering on them …as it started raining fastly …few drop of rain fall on sanskar’s eyes …indicating him to open his eyes..he slowly opened his eyes but was still half conscious ….his eyes fell on his love his swara covered with the pool of blood ….he remind the scene tat there car dashed to the tree due to break fail
He looked at swara leaned on her ..in still half conscious ..pulled her with force ..tears started making a away from his eyes seeing his loves condition

Sanskar:(patted her cheeks) swara …swara …swara …getup ….

But no response she was like a statute ..he cried out loudly …and hugged her tightly …
But something strike to his mind …

Sanskar:(determine) don’t worry jaan u be fine …urs sanskar will not let like thz

Kissing her forehead lovingly ..he got up and started searching for the mobile ..
So he got it …he dialled some number …his hand were trembling as he was also injured

Sanskar:lucky plz pick up the call ..lucky …

Soon the call got connect

# on call #

Lucky: haan hello ..I know u both r coming back ..actually I have good news for u both but 1st come to MM …(happily)
Sanskar:(trembling voice) l..u..c.ky

Thz made him worry

Lucky:(worried) bhai ..wat happen is ..everything is fine
Sanskar:lucky …come to xyz place
Lucky:haan okay bhai ..but kya hua
Sanskar:lucky ..I will tell u ..but now come to xyz place ..

The mobile falled from his hand …he was still half conscious


Ragini comes there ..

Ragini:wat happen ..laksh ..did u told them abt uttara’s and rishi’s engagement kya …
Swara might be very happy na …(happily)

She looks at laksh who wasn’t saying anything …lost in deep thoughts ..so

Ragini:(shakes him) laksh ..laksh
Laksh:(comes to sense) aah …ragini (tells her everything wat sanskar told)
Ragini:(worried) wat…laksh then let’s go there …I’m worried kahin kuch….
Laksh:no ragini nothing will happen …let’s go

Both ragini and laksh sat in the car ….and leaves from there


Soon both reached to xyz place …and was shocked to see sanskar car crashed to tree …both ran towards the car ….was even more shocked to see swasan state ….
Their heart started beating fastly …tears rolled down from their eyes ….

Raglak:(tears) bhai / swara …

Laksh taken a back his hands started shivering …ragini looked at him and understood his conditions …seeing his lovely bro in thz state …as she was also feeling the same …but ..she held laksh ..

Ragini:wat r u doing haa… Here my sis and jiju in thz state …is thz a time to cry ..
Let’s take them to hospital

He looked at her …got some courage and nodes ….

Soon both make them sit in their car ?



All maheswari and gadodia’s were present

Doctors comes from a I.C.U

All rushed to him

Sujatha:?? ? how is my son …WO teek tho hai na ….
Laksh: (console) chachi don’t worry bhai will be fine ..(to doctor) doctor …
Doctor:haan Mr laksh nothing to worry ..Mr SM is fine ..now …

All take a relief ….

Ragini:(tears) aur swara …she is fine na …
Doctor:yes Mrs laksh …Mrs SM is fine ..but she is weak …as her head was badly injured
Laksh:then can we meet them ..
Doctor:haan u can meet SM …but not Mrs SM …
Ragini:okay doctor
Laksh: thank u doctor
Doctor: urur wlcm Mr laksh …now I have to leave ..
Laksh: sure doctor

Doctor leaves …

All maheswari and gadodia goes to a room …looks at sanskar who was sleeping on the bed …his were closed …
Sujatha runs and hugs the unconscious sanskar ….which made him to open his eyes he slowly opened his eyes …looks at sujatha who was crying

Sujatha:(cups his face) r u fine son …thare ko kitni baar bola mene gadi deehre chala karke ..but u will never listen me right ..

He reminisces the incident ….and swara only word came to his mind

Sanskar: mom …swara …where is she ..is she fine ..
Laksh: bhai she is fine …
Sanskar:I wanna meet her ….

Saying thz he started removing all wires and equipment attracted to his body

Sujatha:yeh kya kar raha hai tu ….
Sanskar:I wanna meet her mom
Laksh: but bhai u r not fine still …..

All tried to stop him ….but he dnt listen of anyone …and left from there …
He entered a room …got teary eyes looking at his life who was sleeping on the bed …her forehead was covered with bandage
He got some relief ..seeing her …
He walked towards her and hugged her tightly placing his head on her chest …..
All came there ..looked at them

Sanskar: swara …plz wake up ..I wanna talk to u ..plz wakeup .

Tear drop falled on her palm ..there was a slight movement ..sanskar looked at tat and got happy …he lifted his head and cupped her face ..

Sanskar:jaan wakeup …plzz

A tear drop fall on her eyes …there was movement on her eyes …she slowly opened it and looked at sanskar …he got happy and hugged her …all were happy …
She was quite for sometime ….looking at everyone …and looked at sanskar who was hugging her more tightly ..she gently pushed him …and

Swara:(whisphers) bas karo tumhara drama MR SM

Sanskar shocked


So guys how was the episode hope u all
Liked it and friends I already mentioned in my new ff I.e SwaSan! I Love You!! Ki my exams r over …actually my exams was still 15 …I said it is still 20 …I wanted give u a surprise epi after 15 so told ki it is still 20
Thank u for all ur wishes guys

So spark _zoya …u asked me for season-3 so here is season-3 ….hope u asked me for continuation …if not don’t worry …after completing thz I will write you r my life fresh start

And nehasuha: ..no yaar I’m not from Bangladesh …I’m Bangalore …any my fb profile is a small cute girl …if u dnt find it’s k ….I will send u a request ..

Bye guys thank u once again love u all??????????????
And thz season swasan ka baby pakka but not soo soon ☺☺☺☺

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