SwaSan! you r my life! (season-3) (LAST EPISODE) (Part-2)


********Last Episode********


It was a beautiful morning …our lovely and heavenly couple swasan r sleeping in each other embrace peacefully with a smile???

The sun rays falls on Sanskar disturbing his sleep he opens his eyes and smiles seeing his love who was holding him tightly and sleeping like a cute baby with a angelic smile…. He smiles and kisses her forehead ..
Pecks her lips lovingly
He was abt to free himself from her grip …but she hugs him tightly not letting him to do tat
He smiles and goes closer to her face

Sanskar: (whisphers in her ears)
Good morning jaan ….

Swara smiles and hugs him tightly

Swara:good morning Sanskar ?

She looks at him and cups his face ..pecks his lips ..he smiles and kisses her tip of nose … She blushes …lifts her head a lil and kisses his forehead ….he smiles and kisses her neck … She was abt to kisses his eyes but he bites her neck making her to moan in pleasure

Swara:ahhhh Sanskar (hits his chest playfully with a fake anger)
Sanskar: hahahaha? my cute wife (pulls her cheeks)
Swara:no I’m not cute …my cute hubby (pulls his cheeks)
Sanskar:(raises his eyebrows) oh is tat so …

He pulls her closer and nuzzles his nose in the crook of her neck and rubs sensuously ….while she was breathing heavily and blushes ….but suddenly she starts feeling dizzy and vomiting
She keeps her palm on her mouth and pushes Sanskar …
Immediately runs to the washroom

Sanskar: (confused) swara

He gets up from the bed and goes towards the washroom …. He was abt to open it ….but swara comes out ….she was looking tired … Her face was pale ….he gets worried and cups her face

Sanskar: (worried) Jaan wat happen …r u fine
Swara:(pale voice) sa..n…s..kar…
(Again she feels vomiting) … Leave me….
Sanskar: (holds her tightly) no jaan 1st tell me …r u fine kya howa tumhe
Swara:Sanskar plzzzzz (she keeps palms on her mouth)
Sanskar: (anger) no swara tell….

Before he could complete … She vomits on him ….his shirt was wet with her vomit and few drops fell on his face …. He leaves her and widens her eyes …. She pouts

Swara:(pouts) I’m sor…

Sanskar cuts off and cups her face with concern and care
Not caring of washing the vomit from his shirt or face

Sanskar: jaan …u r not well ..
(Keeps hands on her forehead)(concern) do u have fever
Swara:(dizzy) s..a…n..s..kar I’m ..
Fine ….I….

Before she could complete she faints in his arms

Sanskar: (pats her cheeks in concern) jaan… Jaan…. Swara

He lifts her in his arms …and places her on the bed gently…and calls the doctor

After sometime

Sanskar changed his shirt and was placing here and there with a worried expression just then doctor comes …there

Doctor: hello Mr SM
Sanskar:oh god nice u came doctor ..plz check my wife
Doctor:haan ok Mr SM …but plz can u stay out still I check her

Sanskar nodes and leaves from there worriedly giving a kisses on her forehead

After sometime

The doctor comes …Sanskar who was sitting with a worried look immediately rushed towards doctor

Sanskar: (concern) doctor how is my wife ..she is fine na …n…
Doctor: (smiles & interrupts) Mrs SM is fine …haan actually there is good news for u …
Sanskar: (confused) good news …
Wat good news doctor
Doctor: wo tho Mrs SM only can tell u ….she asked us not to say u
As she wanted to be the 1st person to tell u the news …. Now I have to leave Mr SM plz excuse me (smiles) and take care of Mrs SM

Doctor leaves
Sanskar stood confusedly and goes inside the room …. Looks at swara who was blushing seeing him …..he confusedly ..goes and sits beside her and keeps his palm on her soft cheeks

Sanskar: Jaan ..doctor told ki u wanted to say me some good news …wats tat (confused)

She blushes and hides her face in her chest

Sanskar: (confused) jaan
Swara:(cuts off) sshhhhh (keeps her soft finger on his rough lips )

She takes his hand and places it under her top on her bare belly
While he looks confusedly

Swara:(blushes) Sanskar ..wat r u feeling …(looks at him who is giving confused look) don’t u feel a LIFE breathing here (tighten her grip on his hand which is placed on her belly) who will u call u as dad and me as mumma

Sanskar 1st looks confused but later realizes wat does she mean
His eyes widens in happiness
….he was speechless wasn’t able to speak anything out of happiness all his words were stopped …he cups her face …

Sanskar: (happy) do u mean…
U..r ….
Swara:(smiles & interrupts) I’m expecting Sanskar …the symbol of our love …I’m 2months pregnant
Sanskar: (happy) oh god swara u r expecting …I’m gonna become dad …(tears of happiness) my child (cups her face) our child
(She nodes with a smile) u r really the meaning of my happiness swara

He kisses all over her face ….
She smiles seeing his happiness and feels happy

Sanskar: (hugs her) I’m sooo happy jaan ….I love u
Swara:(hugs him back) love u too

Later they inform Maheswari’s and gadodia’s..they gets happy

5months leap

Swara was sitting on the couch with a baby bump …holding a popcorn in her hand she was looking at T.V with a cute angry pout ….whereas raglak was looking at her ..ragini was giving a “sad” look while laksh was a giving a “dramaqueen” look

Ragini:arrey abb chodo bhi na swara ….jiju cares u so tat only he doesn’t let u to do anything

Swara:(pouts) care huh! …jab se he got to know tat I’m pregnant
He does everything … Feeding , caring ,carrying me in his arms if I want to go anywhere ..even if it is washroom ….but? never touches me or let me to touch him ….u know ? last time when I kissed him and was abt to remove his shirt …he immediately ran …I felt bad
He is being away from me only coz now I’m fat nahi tho pehle he doesn’t do like thz ….but I’m fat only coz he made me tat na. ..
He is the reason …y can’t he understand

Laksh brust into laugh
Laksh: hahaha ?? lol haha

Swara pouts ….looks at ragini and points towards laksh …. Ragini gives angry look to him .. He stops laughing and gupls in fear

Sanskar who just returned from office …hears swara and smiles
Laksh looks at Sanskar

Laksh: hey hi bhai (goes towards him and hugs ..)
Sanskar: (smiles & hugs back) how r u lucky
Laksh:I’m tho fine …

Swaragini turns and looks at sanskar ….Sanskar smiles looking at swara …she turns her face and keeps a pout
Sanskar smiles & goes towards them …

Sanskar:hi ragini ..how r u
Ragini:I’m fine jiju ….
Sanskar: (smiles looking at swara) waise kya complaint kiya jaaraha tha mere baare mai

Swara pouts more …Ragini smiles and looks at Laksh …signalling him to “let’s leave” he nodes

Laksh: k bhai ..it’s late we have to leave
Ragini: haan jiju …we have to leave …bye swara bye jiju

Before she could complete both leaves from there …sanskar smiles seeing her pout … Sits beside her and kisses it …she turns angrily …he smiles seeing her cute angry face and hugs her from back resting his chin on her shoulder

Sanskar: jaan …
Swara:I’m not gonna to talk u ?
Sanskar: oh so my jaan is angry with me (she gives angry look and moves …he smiles & bends a lil ..keeps his hands on her baby bump) baby see ur mumma doesn’t wants to talk to ur dad
Tell her to talk ..u know na ur dad loves ur mumma soo much tat he can’t stay a moment without speaking to her

Swara smiles hearing his words
….turns and looks at him …who was giving her a cute smile

Swara:love u sooo much cute baby (pulls his cheeks)
Sanskar: (smiles & hugs her) love u too jaan …(releases the hug) chalo now have ur dinner

He smiles and carries her in his arms …she smiles seeing his caring and feels so blessed to get a husband like him …who cares her soo much

He makes her sit on the bed and orders suresh to bring the dinner
He does so …and Sanskar feeds the dinner to swara ….while she was staring him lovingly and also feeds him …he smiles and kisses her forehead lovingly
Both completes their dinner ..
Suresh cleans everything

Sanskar: r u feeling to eat anything …jaan
Swara:no Sanskar I’m full … Getting sleep
Sanskar: (smiles) k then ..come

He sleeps ….takes her in his embrace and makes her sleep
Caressing her hairs lovingly while she smiles and cuddles in his embrace

At 2am

Swara doesn’t get sleep….she getsup and wakes Sanskar

Swara:(shakes him) Sanskar….. Sanskar….. Sanskar ……

Disturbing his sleep sanskar opens his eyes …finds Swara trying to wake him …it wasn’t new for him …so he gives her a smile ….she pouts

Sanskar: r u feeling to eat……
Swara:(pout) puchka
Sanskar: (pecks her pout) k come

He carries her in his arms to outside the mansion …..where he had arranged everything for his love ….every dishes …snacks everything made by a top chef
Swara gets suprised

Swara:(suprised) Sanskar wat is thz …
Sanskar: thz is all for u Mrs swara Sanskar Maheswari ….. U always irritate me by waking me at late night to eat thz stuff na… Waise tho I can’t stop ur craving or mood swings so I thought thz would be best
Swara:(hits his chest playfully)
(Pouts) do I irritate u soo much

He smiles at her innocence face and pecks her pout

Sanskar; no never u irritate me and y would I feel irritate I’m doing thz for my jaan and our child right ….(cups her face)
Swara:then y did u told tat
Sanskar: I was kidding jaan … Leave tat …come have ur puchka

Swara nodes with a smile …
Sanskar orders for puchka and makes her sit on the chair …

Swara:(happily) bhaiya puchka should be spicy ?
Bhaiya; okay ma’am

Sanskar smiles looking at her
Soon the puchka comes …but swara doesn’t feel to eat …. He keeps a sad face ….Sanskar looks at her confusedly

Sanskar: wat happen jaan
Swara:wo actually Sanskar I’m not feeling to eat puchka ..now I want ice cream?
Sanskar: Bas itni si baat (cups her face) don’t be sad for tat

I love my jaan more when she keeps smiling …wait I will order ice cream to u

He orders it and looks at her who was looking at him lovingly

Sanskar: (smiles) now happy
Swara:(smiles) haan …but (looks at puchka) wat abt thz puchka
It will go waste na ….(thinks something) Sanskar y don’t u eat thz …
Sanskar: swara I don’t ….
Swara:(cuts off) plzzz na Sanskar eat it …or else it will waste we shouldn’t waste food (puppy eyes)

Sanskar: (smiles) okay ..

He takes the puchka plate and eats it …his eyes filled with water and he started coughing badly
Swara looks at him and gets worried …pats his back

Swara:Sanskar ..r u fine … Sanskar ….(tears)?….paani
Give some water plzz

A servant comes and gives a glass full of water ..she makes it drink for Sanskar but still

He was coughing badly … She looks at the puchka plate and realizes it was a spicy …

Swara:oh god swara …how can u frgt tat Sanskar doesn’t eat spicy items …(slaps her head and gets teary eyes)

She looks at Sanskar who was still coughing badly …his face was turned red …she gets teary eyes and cups his face … He looks at her tears

Sanskar: s…w ..a..ra …I’m f..I..ne
Plz…don’t… C…r..y…j..aa..n

She gets overwhelmed seeing his love …he is still caring abt her when he himself is not fine …
She immediately places her soft yet juicy lips on his rough lips and began to kiss him … Making him clam …rubbing his back lovingly …. He gets clam and holds her by waist tightly and protectedly ..it was a soft and sweet kiss … Soon they parted back broking the kiss which was filled with love

She looks at him with teary eyes and he smiles ..wipes her tears

Swara:?(tears) I’m sorry Sanskar I’m a bad wife ….see coz of me….
Sanskar: (keeps finger on her lips) ssshhhhhh (wipes her tears) coz of u the spices in my mouth was converted into a sweet(smiles)
Swara:? no Sanskar I’m….

Sanskar cuts off and pecks her lips ….smiles

Sanskar: (smiles) stop blaming my jaan …have thz ice cream

He feeds her ….she smiles and stares him lovingly ….

Swara: I love u Sanskar
Sanskar: (smiles) love u infinity jaan


2months leap

Sanskar and swara were sitting ….swara’s head was placed on Sanskar’s shoulder …she was playing with his fingers with a smile

Swara:Sanskar …I want a boy like u cute ..sweet ..lovely (pulls his cheeks) ..
Sanskar: (smiles) from me it doesn’t matter swara wat gender our child is ….but the thing which matters me is it our symbol of love …it’s our child

Swara smiles and cuddles in his arms ….thinking tat she is lucky to get Sanskar in her life …as her life ….he is her life and she is his life

Next day

Sanskar left to office ….
Swara was alone in the house
As suresh and dolly have gone to market ….she was just staring T.v and at clock …waiting for Sanskar to come ..

Swara:sanskar jaldi aao naa … I’m getting bore (pouts)

Suddenly …she had a labor pain
….she holded her baby bump and screemed in pain

Swara:(screams) aahhhhhhh

Tears rolled down from her eyes ..
She was screaming in pain very badly ….


Hi guys …how was epi hope u liked it …plzzz do comment guys if u liked ….thank u all…sorry for ending bye love u all

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