SwaSan! you r my life! (season-3) (LAST EPISODE) (Part-1)

*********Last Episode**********


Sanskar: I missed u jaan
Swara:(smiles) I missed u too my cute hero

Both were hugging eachother lost in their own world … Feeling each other completely after a long time ?

Laksh: Ahem…Ahem ..bhai I know u want to romance with ur chudail wife …but it’s a hospital bhai more over think abt us we (making innocent face) innocent people r also here so plzz control urself

Swasan comes to sense …and blushes ….swara realizes tat laksh called her chudail …and gives a death glare to him

Swara: ?u monkey joker …. How dare u call me chudail …. And before tat don’t u have manners tat u shouldn’t disturb anyones romance like thz … Ur bad habit of poking ur nose in everything will not change right huh!

Laksh: hey stop okay and I will call u chudail only …coz u r tat and just now u gave a sample of tat ….always fighting huh!
And not only me …Sanskar bhai also feels the same

Sanskar: (gives a death glare to laksh )(mind) doesn’t he wants me to stay for a long time

He looks towards swara …who was looking at him with puppy eyes

Swara:sansku cutiee …see na wat ur joker brother is saying … Ask him to keep quite (puppy eyes)

Sanskar smiles

Laksh:oh hello ….
Sanskar: (cuts off) luckyyyyy
Laksh pouts
All laughs

Sanskar: (looks at swara & cups her face) come let’s go to our home

He was abt lift her in his arms but swara stops him holding his wrist ….he looks at her confusedly

Swara:Sanskar …plzz forgive kavitha
Sanskar :(angry)? swara I don’t have time for useless things

Swara:(cups his face) plzzz for me …for my happiness won’t u forgive kavitha ?

He can do anything for her happiness …then forgiving kavitha is nothing for him..he can go any extent for her happiness

Kavitha: ? swara it’s k …I..?
Sanskar: (interrupts) okay jaan
….(cups her face) only for u …
For ur happiness i will forgive her

Kavitha gets happy and wipes her tears

Kavitha: (happy) thank u Sanskar soo much
Sanskar: (ignores her) now come

He lifts swara in his arms
Kavitha gets sad …coz it is clearly seen on his face tat he didn’t forgave her whole heartedly …it just coz of swara he said tat he forgave her
Swara see’s kavitha’s sad face and gets sad

Swara:kavitha thank u …it’s all coz u I’m again my Sanskar’s swara…thank u kavitha …thank u nikhil (smiles)
Kavitha:no swara …no need to be thanks …I’m just repaying my sins and deeds
Nikhil:(smiles)haan swara kavi is right u need not to be thanks
Swara:(smiles) then friends

She extends her hands to shake still in Sanskar’s arms …
Kavitha & nikhil smiles & shakes hand

Kavitha & nikhil:friends (smiles)
Swara:(smiles) so now we r friends …then u both will meet me right ..thz is not our last meeting right
Kavitha: (fumbles lookin at Sanskar) s..w..a..ra.. WO ..actually

Swara see’s her looking at sanskar with fear in her eyes
And understand the reason

Swara:arrey kavitha don’t worry Sansku will not say anything ..
U can come to meet me

Kavitha & Nikhil nodes

Sanskar: jaan if urs over …can we leave from here
Swara:(smiles & pulls his cheeks)
Haan sansku cutiee

Sanskar smiles

Both leaves from there to s&s mansion ….while raglak leaves to MM and informs MM people abt swara …they gets happy knowing tat now swara is absolutely fine


6months leap

After tat incident everything was going well …swara has completed her studies now she stays at home only ….
She doesn’t get bore coz someone or other comes to meet her …
Whether it be uttara,rishi, kavya,ragini, laksh,Maheswaris,
Gadodia’s, nikhil or kavitha
Sanskar doesn’t like nikhil and kavitha’s visit to s&s mansion
But keeps quite for swara’s happiness …as he can do anything for his jaan

And today nikhil came to meet swara …they spends sometime cracking jokes ..making fun
Later nikhil leaves from there


SwaSan room

Swara waiting for Sanskar to come

Swara:(looking outside via window) arrey yeh Sanskar kahan rehgaya abbi tak nahi aaya …

Just then she felt a strong grip around her waist …like someone was back hugging her …
She smiles feeling the touch and happily turns

Swara:Sanskar ☺
Sanskar: (smiles) how was ur day jaan
Swara:(happily) super duper sansku…..u know nikhil came to meet me we enjoyed a lot …hahahaha u know he is so funny always keeps on joking hahahaha??

Sanskar gets irritate+jealous by thz and leaves her …and goes towards bed …..sits on the bed

Sanskar: look like u didn’t missed me …enjoyed a lot huh! Y not tat stupid nikhil is funny right ?
Then u will enjoy his company more

Swara smiles seeing his jealousy
….goes towards him and sits on his lap wrapping her hands around his neck

Swara:yes he is funny but….

Sanskar gets angry or u say more jealous and withdraws her hand …she controls her laugh and again wraps her hands around his neck ..and pulls him closer ….caresses her soft cheeks with his rough cheeks …
He again tries to remove her hands but she holds him tightly not letting him to do tat …
And takes his hands ..keeps on her bare belly …and gives a seductive smiles to him …he was just lost in her

Swara:(continuous) but he is not my cute angry hubby … He is not my sansku cutiee (pulls his cheeks) who loves me a lot and with whom I feel like being in heaven

She pecks his lips ..he smiles and pulls her closer …and places his rough lips on her soft yet juicy lips and began to kisses her passionately yet lovingly she also reciprocates the kiss with equal passion ….both falls on the bed such tat swara was on top of Sanskar still kissing each other
He bites her lower lip …she gasp in pain and pleasure …taking it’s an opportunity he enters into her mouth and starts exploring his tounge all over her mouth their tounges intertwined with each other tasting the sweet essence of each other’s mouth
Soon the kiss was broked due to lack of oxygen
Both were breathing heavily ….
Smiling looking at each other

Sanskar rolls and pins swara beneath him …bends his neck to places his rough lips on her soft skin …he kisses her neck and bites it …while she moans in pleasure

Swara:aahh Sanskar

He bends lil and places his lips on her bosom upon her dress
And gives open mouth kisses over there wetting her top
While she was pressing him more on her …caressing his hairs lovingly …he bites her bosom on the clothes ….she moans in pleasure .. he squeezes and kneads her another bosom she moans but thz time there is something ….

Swara:(screams in pain) aahhhhhhhhhhhh San..s..

Sanskar immediately lifts his face feeling the difference in her voice ….and ws shocked to see tat she was holding her stomach tightly and was screaming in pain ….he gets worried and cups her face …

Sanskar: (cups her face) jaan wat happen …is everything right ..
Jaan r u alright …r u fine

Swara closes her eyes and opens it after some time …smiles

Swara:(smiles)I’m fine Sanskar
Wo just don’t know y my stomach started paining suddenly .. But now it’s alright
Sanskar: r u sure jaan …or shall I call doctor
Swara:arey no Sanskar y doctor and all ..don’t call doctor na plzz coz u know I’m afraid of? injections (puppy face)
Sanskar: (smiles) okay jaan
Now sleep

He getsup from her and sleeps on his side of bed

Swara:but sansku …we were doing something right
Sanskar: swara u r not well I think so keep quiet and sleep (closed eyes)
Swara:but ….

Before she could complete he pulls her in his embrace and hugs her tightly

Sanskar: shhhh sleep jaan ..(kisses her forehead) love u jaan?
Swara:(smiles & cuddles) love u infinity my sansku cutiee ?


Hey guys it’s tanu …yes guys it’s a last and end of my thz ff plzz don’t ask me to continue plzzz
I know many don’t want me to end thz but it is necessary my friends
Hope u liked thz Episode
Thank u …love u all???

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