swasan! you r my life!! (season-2) – episode-12



Swasan enters MM ….as the entered they
were happy to see their siblings the youngstars sitting and having fun together…They smiles looking at them ..looks at eachother ..
just then uttara’s eyes falls on them

uttara:(smiles) bhai…bhabhi ..come na we were waiting for u only ….
she goes towards swasan ……drags them.
…..while raglak and parish smiles.. .
ragpari seated together….lakadarsh seated together……uttara makes swasan to sit together and herself sit on the table …(a perfect family picture)

pari:(teases) waise swara ….ragini told me abt romantic oops i mean business camp where u and my devar went haan …hw was tat …did u enjoy …(giggles)
Swara:(blushes) bhabhi u also started haa
Sanskar smiles …and as ususlly got busy with his mobile checking e-mails

pari:haan y not me….waise i must say u r lucky tat u got my devar who loves u soo much
Swara:(smiles) so tho hai
Ragini:haan pari bhabhi jiju loves swara soo much (looks at laksh angrily) warna nowdays thz mens acts too much before marriage they used to call us atleast 100times in a day or wanted to be with us the whole day ….but after marriage they change opposite to it …
Pari:(looks at adarsh angrily) yeah ragini
thz donkeys think themselves as any hero always ignoring us ..
laksh and adarsh gives “wat is our fault ” look
Ragini:(to laksh) enough ..don’t give thoz innocent looks okay
Laksh:but sweetheart That i am see (makes innocent faces)
Ragini:ur face u r swara i right u r monkey
swara and uttara chuckles
pari:(to adarsh) and u r a big donkey
Laksh / adarsh:arrey wat did we do..
ragini/pari:wat u did huh!…learn..learn from sanskar see how he keeps his wife happy ..see how lucky swara is tat she got such a lovely hubby
Adarsh:Is tat soo then sanskar is also lucky to get swara coz even she loves him very much
pari:haawww wat do u mean…i don’t love u (to ragini) did u see ragini he is blaming me…
Adarsh bites his tounge and scolds himself
Adarsh:(in mind) stupid me …
Ragini:yeah bhabhi (anger to laksh) and lakah u also thinks the same na..then a find another girl ..cholo pari bhabhi ..
pari nodes ..

Laksh:arrey sweetheart listenb
but both leaves from there …laksh turns and looks at adarsh angrily while he gives “Sorry yaar” look ..
uttara and swara brust into laughs
swara:hahahhaha uttara ..look at their faces (makes faces)
uttara:hahahaha lol bhabhi ..

Laksh and adarsh looks at sanskar who was still busy with his mobile

Laksh:its all coz of sanskar bhai ..ek din coz of him we will be surely killed by thoz devils
Adarsh:sahi kaaha tumne
Swara:(stops laughing hearing to laksh)

swara;hey monkey joker don’t u dare to blame my hubby …or..
Laksh:(cuts off) hey u better shut ur mouth
Swara:no i can’t …and haan wat did u called to ragini and pari bhabhi …Devils right … …wait i will tell them …..pari bhabhi ….ragini ….ragini …pa…
Adarsh:swara listen…
Swara:(continues) pari..bhabhi…ragini…..
pari bhabhi…ragini …ra..

lakah gets iriked …and shuts her mouth by his hand …
laksh:arrey meri maa r u planning to kill us
Swara angrily bites his hand

laksh:aaah (jerks his hand )
Swara:(continues) pari bhabhi…ragini…

laksh and adarsh looks at eachother with “we r gone “look …but smothing strikes to laksh mind ..and he gives “idea” look
adarsh smiles

laksh:(to swara) arrey swara plz don’t say na ..we r friends right and today is friendship day is thz a gift will u give to ur friend haan(sweet tone & makes a sad face)
Swara:waise if i tell ragu …then it will be the best gift for u ever in ur life hai na
(continues) pari bhabhi …ragini

Adarsh:(whisphers to laksh) aab hume ek hi insan bacha saktha hai
both looks at sanskar who is still busy with his mobile …adarsh looks at laksh…he nodes ….and sits beside sanskar

laksh:(soft tone) bhai
Sanskar:(eyes on mobile) hmmmm
sanskar:haan ..hmmmm
Sanskar:shut up laksh ..y r u screaming r u gone mad ..

Laksh:bhai thz is toi much i was calling u from tat time .but u were not paying any heeds to me …(pouts) and now u r shouting at me…
Sanskar:(shakes his head) wats the matter
Laksh points to swara who ws taking pari and ragini’s name …he looks at the direction ..and looks at laksh

Sanskar:(raising his eyebrows) wat!!
Laksh:stop ur wife ..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz bhai plzzzzzzz (makes crying face)
Sanskar:ok k k wait ..(to swara) swara …
(but no use she was busy in calling pari and ragini)
Sanskar:(lil louder) Swara (same no use)
Sanskar:swara…swara .

he gets irritiated and pulls her by wrist …she falls on his lap ……both had romantic eye lock ..were lost in eachother …he was staring his love …lovingly …but some strands of her hairs falls on her face …which was disturbing him to admire his loves beauty …he tucked it behind …moved his face closer to hers such tat his nose was touching hers ….

Laksh was seeing all thz with a open mouth and widen eyes .
Adarsh looks at laksh …hits his head …

Laksh:(looks at adarsh) aah bhai
Adarsh:stupid wat were u doing haan
Laksh:nothing bhai..just taking a practice
Adarsh:shut up ..and come lets live them alone…
Laksh:okay …we tho save now ..
Both leaves from there …

Sanskar wraps his arms around her waist …..tightnes his grip there …..she ws feeling his hot breath on her lips …which was making her to breath heavily …she closes her eyes feeling touch …he smiles naughtily and puts his hand under her top
…caresses her mikly back romantically …
She immedeatly opens her eyes ….realising his intension …he comes more closer to her ..now their lips were touching …he was abt to kisss ….but …but ..but ..
a voice comes….swara immedeatly stands from his lap and was blushing hard …while sanskar smiles …….

All gathers in the hall hearing the voice

voice:arrey mere katoo sham ji …(to servant) jey tune kya kiyaa …y did u touch
thz gangajal with ur impure handa …stupid ..
Servant:sorry malkin(downs his head)
Voice;baas natak band kar and take thz with u only i don’t want thz any more …

servants nodes and leaves from there

Sanskar:(happy tone) Bua ma..

yes there is lady standing at the entrance scolding the servant…

The lady looks at everyone ..
lady:(smiles) jai shree krishna…
Sujatha/Ap:jai shree krishna …kaveri

yeah she is kaveri …

The lady looks at sanskar and gets happy..

Lady:sanskar beta…(happy)

sanskar smiles and walks towards her …takes the blessings …

kaveri:haan haan…jite raho mere lal (caress sanskar’s face) hw r u beta
Sanskar:i’m fine bua ma…

Adarsh and uttara also takes the blessing
Ap looks at laksh to take the blessing but he gives “now way” look

pari and ragini also comes there …

pari:(whispheres to ragini) ragini put the pallu on ur head …
Ragini:(confused) y bhabhi..
Pari:Coz bua ma doesn’t like mofern girls…
Ragini:wat….then swara (looks at swara) she is not even dressed in sareee …
Pari:thz tho i totaly frgt …

Ap looks at them to take blessings…they nodes ….and takes the blessing …swara also comes and takes the blessings …

Kaveri:haan..haan jite raho (confused) Anuu thz is pari ur bahu …but who is thz two (points to swaragini)
Ap;(smiles) they r also my bahu ..kaveri ..
(to ragini) she is ragini laksh ki patni and (to swara) she is swara..sanskar’s wife

Kaveri:(shock & suprised) wat …sanskar u r married …and u dnt inform me…iss laksh ko issey tho mujhe koi ummeed nahi thi ..yeh to paidaishi nalayak hai (laksh makes faces) but wat happen to u sanskar …how can u marry just like tat

Sujatha:Kaveri …sab itni jaldi me howa ki we dnt got time to inform u…
Kaveri:phir bhi sanskar….
Sanskar:bua ma u always used to tell na tat my choice is best so thz is my choice (warps his arms around swara waist ….smiles and looks at her) Swara Sanskar Maheswari …and i’m proud & happy tat she is not any part of my life coz she is my life …

Kaveri:(smiles) okay ….i still trust ur choice ……and haan choice (caress swara face)
(looks at ragini) u too beautifull ..i don’t know how thz idiot laksh got u ..

All laughs …
laksh gives “chal hat budiya “look

Pari ,Ap,sujatha were suprised 1st coz they very well know tat kaveri doesn’t like modern girls ..then hw come she acceptef swara …..but later ignored thinking tat might be it coz of sanskar as she loves him very much…

Kaveri:waise where is my daughter smitha
Just then smitha comes there.

Smitha:i’m here ma…(she takes her blessing)
kaveri:(smiles) did u liked thz place
Smitha:(smiles) haan maa

soon they all gets invovled in talks ..

later after having their dinner ..
Swasan bides bye to mm family …
and leaves to S&S Manshion

soon they reached S&S Manshion

Swasan Room

Swara was busy in setting their bed ….lost in thoughts thinking abt bua ma …i mean kaveri ….

Swara:(in mind) y i’m feeling soo restless
seeing bua ma…

Sanskar comes out of the washroom and finds his love …lost in thoughts …he smiles naughtily …goes towards her ….and back
hugs her placing his hand on her belly ..
…..swara smiles feeling his touch …

Sanskar:(caressing her shoudler by his nose) swara i’m feeling tierd

swara smiles …turns and warps her hand around his neck

swara;then come lets sleep …
Sanskar:haan ..lets sleep but before tat (huskily) let me make u tierd naa
(caress her cheeks romantically)

Swara:(blushes) then wat r u waiting for….
do wat u want …
Sanskar:(huskily) my impossible girl
Swara:(smiles) haan only urs (winks)
Sanskar:Jaan u r making me carzy …day by day ….

saying thz he takes her in his arms ..
gently places her on the bed …comes on her ..he stares her lovingly ….moves closer to her face …looks at her lips ….she smiles and closes her eyes giving a +sign he smiles and places his rough lips on her soft yet juicy lips …kisses her loving ,passionately …..she does the same …he bites her lower lips ..she mourns in pleasure ….taking its an opportunity
he enter into her mouth …their tounges
interwind with eachother tasting the
essence of eachother mouth ..he was
caressing her back …sensously …opens
her top zip …she was cluthing his
hair …and was pressing him more on her
he smiles and slids her sleeves …and
began to give love bites to her …while she
ws busy in unbuttoning his shirt ….
she mourns in pleasure when his
bites goes wild on her …both were naked
…kissing…biting eachother ..sanskar
looks at his name which was written
on her chest …he smiles ….caress it
and kisses it …she closes her eyes
feeling his sweet touch ….later opens her
and does the same with …while he
smiles …. they made a love ..

precap:starting of teaser part

hope u all liked thz episode plzzzzzz
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