SwaSan! you r my life!! (season-2) (TEASER)



Sanskar: (shouts in anger) just get lost from here ….
Swara:(tears & cups his face) Sanskar y r u behaving like thz…..wat happen to u sanskar
Sanskar:(jerks) i said get lost from here…can’t understand leave me alone (anger)
Swara:no sanskar..i will not leave u …wat happen to u ….. did u forget our promise to be with eachother …kya wo waade wo kasme tumhe yaad nahi hai (tears)
bolo na sanskar answer me….

Sanskar’s head starter paining badly….he holds his head in pain…

Sanskar:Aaaahhhhhhhh ….ahhh
swara:sanskar ….sanskar (worried)

He falls on the bed with a thud ..



It was a blissfull morning the birds were chirping the trees were dancing with the rhythm of the wind

our heavenly and lovely couple swasan were sleeping peacefully….such tat swara’s head was rested on headboard ….and sanskar was sleeping on her lap holding her by her waist tightly …
just then the sun rays fall on him….he opens his eyes ….and ws suprised seeing himself sleeping on swara’s lap and her
head rested to the headboard
he smiles seeing his sleeping beauty
goes closer to her face and was shocked to see tear marks on her face…it was clearly seen tat as she cried the whole night …

Sanskar:(concerned and touches her face) Swara….

hearing her name and feeling the touch swara immedeatly opens her eyes..

Sanskar:(concerned) jaan…did u cried the whole night ….and y the hell r u seepling like thz …….(confused) but how come i slept on ur lap……okay if it all i slept on ur lap u could have placed me on the pillow na……ur leg might be paining right
(touches her face lovinly )

She immedeatly hugs him ..shocking him
the next the moment he was more shocked ….as he felt his shrit ws getting wet due to her tears

Swara:(tears) i love thz sanskar…..wat happen to u yesterday sanskar….plzz don’t behave like tat it kills me sanskar

Sanskar:(breaks the hug & cups her face) (confused) ssshhhn …wat happen jaan
y r u crying ….and wat did i do…

She dnt answer anything ….and hugged him more tightly ….

Sanskar;(caresses her hairs) jaan plz wat happen tell (she sobs more) okay okay leave tat….come sleep …ur back and leg may be paining coz of not sleeping properly

he makes her sleep on the bed ….and was abt to leave but swara hold his wrist …he turns

Swara:(tears) plzzz sleep here ….sanskar..i want u . …

sanskar smiles and beside her wrapping his hands around her waist



Swara gives a tight slap to sanskar
she ws boiling in anger

swara:(shouts) enough …is enough sanskar ..wat happen to u …how can u say such words

Sanskar fumes in anger and twist her hand ..
Sanskar:(anger) how dare u …to slap me
(he twist her hand more)
Swara;(winces in pain) Aahhhhh

Laksh:bhai wat r u doing ..biwi hai wo teri…tera pya…..
Sanskar:(anger) Just stut up…she is my wife na …then i have all rights on her …who the blo*dy hell r u to stop me..

saying thz he twist her hand more harsly

Swara:(pain & tears) Ahhh …aahhhh sanskar

laksh wsn’t able to see thz anymore
he pushed sanskar…sanskar falls on the floor

Sanskar:(Shouts in anger) LAKSH!!!

Tears rolled down from laksh eyes ..he stepped back

Laksh: u r not my bhai ..u r not (to swara) swara he is not my bhai right ..coz my bhai doesn’t call me laksh ….no mattee how anger he is in …
Swara tears


so guys how was the tearser ..
now don’t thinkn ki it is any mu or anything nothing is like tat
and rishi is not villian thz i already told u ..

now guess wt is thz teaser

yippeeee friends i’m registered to telly updates …so don’t worry ….thanks to telly update …..


ANU: thank u thank u thank u veryyyyyyy much ….really dr u tried to help me a lot thank u very much …for loving my ff sooo much …
LITTLE PRINCESS: u know ..u always encourage me to write further …u describe my ff in ur comment …thz makes me sooooo happy dr ..thank u very much dr
SANYA: Thank u siso …i love u yaar ..and u asked me abt to continue swaragini is thz a love or hate right …hmmm inshallah i will continue it but after completing my new ss wajah tum ho!! and thank u ..dr
NEHA_PRIYA: like always i really love to read ur comment …u know is was waiting for ur comment since 1st epi…but its k …and thank u sooo much yaar

Thank u soooooooooooooo much for commenting on my ff …and loving it sooo much ..and sorry if i missed anyones name but thank u to all
and TOOBA my siso thank u veryyy much and love u ….

and GOLDIE thank veryyyyy much ..for commenting it means a lot for me …i really love u ..

bye guys

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  1. Awesome

  2. Tvisha

    amazing teaser but sanskar I think rishi is behind it or any swasan rival….. but plss don’t seperate swasan.. i love ur ff love or hate plzz upload that soon

  3. Wow….awesome teaser …really intresting…contnue soon dr..

  4. little princess

    Dear…whats this yaar…shocking teaser…what happened to sanskar all of a sudden…swara n laksh is right…he is not our sanskar.. Too much rude…how could he hurt his jaan..what happened for his this strange behaviour??…feels like someone is giving him drugs..and he is behaving strangely upon its effect… Its my stupid thought…i wish to see my swasan as before..i mean full of love n all..dear…whatever this teaser abt..plZ disclose it soon n make our heavenly couples same as before… Eagerly waiting for further episodes… Update next chappy as soon as possible… Really love ur ff to the core….give some sweet n romantic chappies before this shocking track…love u alot…take care

  5. Omg wts that.y sanskar is behaving like that.omg scared for swasan. I think someone is drugging him.will be waiting for next part.post asap

  6. amazing teaser.. yaar u gave bada jatka now update next part soon… after reading it first i thought rishi behind this but u told he is not villain .. then may be its because smita and her father.. or else bcz of any business rivals for her safety he is doing like this bcz he loves her alot.. or someone is there who try to create mu b/w them.. please dear dont seperate them and clear it soon why he is doing like this… mostly it will be for her safety only.. otherwise may be an disease.. please dont create mu b/w them, and update next part soon… by the way amazing teaser dont be late update asap..

    1. and you know i thought tdy u vl give next part but u gave teaser that suspene and awesome wala.. nw dont create mu and ha congrats for ur register in tu.. update next part soon… why he hurting her… he cant see her like this.. asap post soon… dont be late..

  7. Soooo excited to read full updates.. It was awesome nd interesting at the same time.. Eagerly waitung to know whats gonna happen… What happened to sanskar.. Any rivals of him or smita??? Just upload the full episode soon dear.. My head will blast by thinking toooooo much abt swasan…

  8. Itne shocks

  9. Plzzzzzzzzzz don’t separate them but teaser is awesome

  10. Abirsha

    Awesome very nice…. But what happen to sanskar all of a sudden???? Hope swasan doesn’t seperate….. Waiting for ur part…. Update soon….

  11. ur this teaser shocking and i was having 100 reasons which is correct.. he is drugging, diseases, rival, many more ….

  12. Scary teaser………I think smitha is trying to separate swasan with rishi……..I think they are giving him drugs……….Please don’t separate swasan……….waiting for next update………post it ASAP………

  13. shocking teaser pls update soon

  14. It’s amazing tanu di but pls dont seperate our lovely couple…waiting for ur further episodes…

  15. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Omg ??..wat was this Tanu ?? Really a Scary Teaser ??. .I guess its Sanskaar’s Duplicate or something like that..He is nt da Orginal Sanskaar..Plzz continue soon wid da Part..cnt wait..nt the teaser is amzing..loved it..hope SwaSan Over comes this Prblm too soon..

  16. Ohhhh god what is this no no this is Not sanskar mybe someone else tanu I am very scard now what will happen but now I think its time for swara to Prove her love because everytime sanskar saved her now its swara turn waiting and thank you so much that you will Post swaragini its love or hate

  17. Sammykapoor

    very excited for next episode… may be sanky sufferes from some deseas like split personality (i think)

  18. Soujanya


  19. Shocking……teaser…
    What happened to sanky…..why he is behaving like thatttt……want to know thattt
    I’ll die with that…..oh god plz post fastlyyy…
    Eagerly waiting..

  20. Anisha

    Oye…. Bas….. I think Sanky baba…. Sanki HO gaya?????????????
    I love your ff as usual ??
    Keep writing….

    Sanky Ko Sanki hone se baccha bas

  21. Omggg…… U killed me today…. U r impossible man? ….. Season is becoming more interesting n I m eagerly waiting to read nxt update daily after reading the previous one….. I guessed something abt sansku behaviour but I will tell if my is right or not after ur revelation…. Hope swasan back to their romantic n happy life fast… Keep writing….. Keep smiling ?

  22. Neha_priya

    Oh god what’s this….. In ur ff I always used to get a always romantic and passionate swasan but what happened here….. They’re fighting mostly sanskar he’s hurting swara……the one for whom he can even die…. He also shouted on laksh….. God tanu…. This is so shocking….. I don’t think there’s any duplicate….. Hypnotism…. This is going in my mind…. Uff ur very bad… I want my passionate swasan back…. Kuch bhi karo, dono ko alag mat karo

  23. Neha_priya

    Yeah there’s something more trying to protect her….. But then why he forgot everything the next morning….. There Is much more secrets

  24. 😮 😮 😮
    Oh god wt hpn 2 my sanky… Is he suffering from some mental illness?? Or else sm1 druging him??? Ohh.. My poor sanky.. No matter wt hpn dnt separate swasan. Dnt do dis so soon.. I wnt sm romantic scenes f them.
    Plz uplode next epi asap.
    Keep writing dr
    Be hpy alwys… 😀

  25. Ameera

    omg! what happened to our sanskaar? u made very eager . please post next soo. love ya. always keep smiling. 🙂

  26. Dharani

    awesome teaser but sanskar’s behavior is shocking

  27. Niku

    Amazing teaser…..I think split personality case…..

  28. mind blowing and interesting promo.,.

  29. when ur going to update ur ff…

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      anu ..dr iu will update soon but
      it will take time as i’m busy
      nowdays …inshallah i will post
      my ff on sat or sun
      thank u
      sorry for late

  30. I am shocked Di…Really Its shocking Teaser…U think that blo*dy Smita is giving drugs to Sanskar like in seriel Kavya was giving to Laksh…I guess…But please don’t separate my Swasan…So Sorry for not commenting in your previous episodes…Good to see that you registered…Even I have also registered three days back…
    Bye and Post next part ASAP..
    Love u so much Di…
    Keep Writing Di..

    1. Sorry Mistake in 2 line..I think that——–

  31. deeksha gupta

    Awesome teaser. Waiting for next part

  32. It might be sanskar’s humshakal….jst guess guys

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