swasan! you r my life!! (season-2) – episode-9


After purshing swara in the river smita and lincy leaves from there with a evil and winning smirk on there faces

A pair of eyes who had seen all thz waw shocked and tensed

person:oh god swara mam ….(keeps hand on his head) SM sir haan i should tellbhi him (shock & tensed)

He immedeatly leaves from there to inform SM

sanskar was seated in his car …busy wity his laptop …but his feels restless in his heart

Sanskar:oh god wats happening to me y i’m feeling so restless (tensed) is something bad gonna happen ……(sighs)
no no sanskar nothing is gonna happen
so relax
(he brushes his thoughts and again got busy with his work)

Just then the same person comes there panting heavily

person:(Panting heavily) SM ….S..i..r
Sanskar:(eyes on laptop)(bossy tone)
yes johan…
(yes sanya ur guess is right it is non other than johan)

Johan:(panting heavily) Sir …..vo….swara …mam ….

hearing swara’s name sanskar immedeatly
looked at his tensed face and gets worried
comes out of the car …

Sanskar:(worried) wat swara …johan
….. say it clearly(bossy tone)
johan:Sir ..vo swara mam there ….( tell everthing)

hearing thz sanskar fumes in anger,shock and was worried ……he was standing numb ….he felt someone took his life from his yes y not ..swara is his life his
everthing his body was shivering from
a known fear

johan:(shakes him) Sir…sir

he comes into sense…soon realization hits him ….without wasting time he immedeatly runs from there follwee by johan

soon he reaches to the cliff ..looks down in the river …and finds swara’s saree pullu
floating in the river …tears rolled down from his eyes …

Sanskar:(Screams) Swaraaaaaaaaaaaa

he was sweating badly….breathing heavily
he kept his had on his head …..

Sanskar:no…nothing will…happen..to u
nothing …will happen ..jaan…

he says in a shivering voice…..
he removes his coat …

Sanskar:i will…save u…..nothing happen
to u ….

saying thz he immedeatly jumps into the river shocking johan

Johan:Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Shock)
I….. should …inform thz to lucky sir

he takes his mobile…dails the number ….
but it was showing network problem…

johan:oh..god here is no network …wat should i do now…

The students who heared these sounds gathers there ..looks at him confusedly

princy:wat happen Mr johan…
Johan:Mr gupta ..vo……
just then his eyes fells on sanskar who was carrying swara coming from the other side of the river he feels relax seeing them

All looks confusedly at the direction abd was shocked to see swara in sanskar’s arm

Riskav:(shocked) Swara..
where as smita and friends were shocked and fears seeing swara

All rushes to them…but before them johab runs to sanskar and blocks there way as
he knowz sanskar’s anger

Johan:Sir i will call doctor …..plz take mam to ur
Sanskar just nodes and leaves from there

Rishi:swara(shouts) swara …swara…
johan:(turns) u all stay here…and don’t
worry swara mam will be alright
Rishi:we want..to….meet swara..
Johan:Mr gupta…(sighs him something)
Princy:okay Mr johan….u don’t worry..
johan leaves from there

Princy:Rishi ..clam down…she will be alright …
kavya:but sir how can leave her with SM …she needs us…sir ..
Princy: kavya ….Rishi …i’m saying na she will be alright …(fears) if something happens to her than Mr SM will not leave us ….so think +tive
Rishkav:(confused) but sir……
Princy :no if and buts….now enough of ur question ……keep quite…
saying thz he leaves from there


Sanskar enters his room and gently places swara on the bed…..sit beside her …rubbing her hand …

Sanskar:(tears) jaan…get up…na plz ..open ur eyes….plz…jaan …see if u don’t open ur eyes then i will not talk u……do u want me to not talk to u haan…..plz getup ..jaan plz irritiate …me ..scold me but open ur eyes ..i want u ….

just then johan enter the room along with doctor..

Sanskar wipes his tears and looks at the door …
Sanskar:…doctor…plz check she is my wife …plz check .her (tears) she is not opening her eyes…plz….
Doctor:relax …Mr SM ..i will….
before he could complete sanskar holds his collor
Sanskar:(anger and shouts) relax haa …relax my foot ….my life is not opening her eyes and u r asking me to relax haa …
Doctor :scared
Johan:Sir…plz leave him …..see swara mam’s condition …..leave him sir

Sanskar leaves him …keeps hand on his head ……

Sanskar:plz…check her…
doctor nodes in fear

soon he checks her…

Sanskar: how is she…is she fine…
Doctor:yes Mr SM ur wife is absloutely fine ….i gave her some medicine ….and haan she is weak ..plz take care of her …
Sanskar:(Relive) ..Thanks doctor..
Doctor:ur wlcm MR SM ..she is unconsious now but don’t worry she will gain her consious soon ..but it may time …
Sanskar nodes

soon doctor and johan leaves from there ..

Sanskar closes the door and goes towards the wardrobe ..opens it …takes his shirt and walks towards bed …sits beside swara …caresses her face lovingly …kisses her forhead and pecks her lips….removes swara’s clothes and makes her wear his shirt …coz her clothes r in other room
soon he changes himself ….
lay down beside swara …dugging his face in her …sleeping on her chest and hugging her tightly …

Sanskar:I love u jaan …(kisses her neck)
soon he dozed off coz he was also tierd ..


It was a blissfull morning the birds were chirping….the trees were dancing with the rhythm of the cool breeze …

our heavenly and lovely couple swasan were sleeping peacefully in eachother embrace holding and cuddling in eachothers embrace
just then the sun rays falls on our beautifull swara disturbing her sleep she slowly opens her eyes ..and finds her life her sanskar sleeping peacfully holding her tightly like a baby …she smiles ….but soon her smile fades recalling yesterday’s incident ….

Swara:y ….y she pushed me …does she wanted to kill me ……(confused) and how i’m here …..(looks at sanskar and touches his face ) Sanskar…

Hearning his name and feeling the touch sanskar opens his eyes ..finds swara looking at him..tears rolled down from his seeing his life absloutely fine without wasting he took her into a bone crushing hug….

Swara:(caress his hairs) sshh sanskar i’m fine…..plz look at me ….see i’m fine..

Sanskar was hugging her more tightly ..but something hitted to his mind…..he breaks the hug and looks at her angrily …

Swara:(confused) Sanskar….
but before she could complete he carries her in his arms and makes a way to the washroom ….enters it …and makes her stand ..while she looks confusedly at him

Sanskar:(anger tone) freshup…
saying thz he leaves from there ….and closes the door …while she ws confused of his behaviour ….

He comes out of the washroom …just then there was a knock on the door ….

He walks towards the door ..opens it …

johan:good morning sir….here it is (gives him a packet)
Sanskar:(takes the packet) good..
johan:sir i will leave now..(smiles)
Sanskar just nodes ..
he leaves from there ..

sanskar closes the door and turns only to see swara standing in a bathrobe ..he was mesmerised to see her ….he wanted to take her in his embrace but something stopped him …she smiles but he ignores it

Sanskar:(gives her the packet) wear thz ….

and leaves to washroom ….now she was sure tat he is avoiding her but y she was still confused

later both were ready…

swara was dressed in pink jumpsuit she was looking gorgeous with a light makeup and a curly hairs…
sanskar was dressed in white shirt and sky blue coat and pant he was looking just awesome …handsome hunk ..cute …

Sanskar orders servant to bring breakfast for them ….he does so…
he feeds swara …but he was doing all thz with a angry face and avoiding her…

Swara:Aren’t u eating ..
Sanskar avoids her makes her eat medicine …
She ws abt to keep a bite in his moutj but he stops her by holding her hand ..
and was abt to leave but swara held his wrist

Swara: sanskar y r u avoiding me….
y sanskar (tears) wat did i do sanskat
y u r not talking to me..
Sanskar:(angry tone) leave me swara
Swara:no…1St tell me .i want my answer
Sanskar turns and angrily helds her shoulder

Sanskar:(anger) and y should i answer u
y should i talk to u ..when u don’t care of me haa
Swara:(tears) Sanskar..
Sanskar: i always asked u take care of urself but u …..leave it ..u know how i felt seeing u in tat river tumhe andaaza bgi hai kya …
Swara:(tears) sanskar i care for u….
Sanskar:no swara u don’t if u really cared for me then would have take care of urself
…… u very well know tat YOU R MY LIFE
but still u …leave it …it is waste to talk to u

she was in tears but it ws the tears of happiness …the love tat she had for thz man has increased more …she was overwhlembed by his words …yes his the
man who alone has all right on her …who
loves her soo much ….her sanskar
she looks at him lovingly
he avoids her and carries her in his arms

Swara:sanskar…i can walk….
Sanskar:(doesn’t looks at her) stay….u r
still weak…
she smiles seeing his care which is only
for her….

They leaves from there ….she wanted to ask where they r going but keeps mum seeing his angry face…


lincy:(scared) Smita ..now wat we should do…i’m really scared…wat if swara tells
princy tat we pushed her….
Smita:lincy don’t worry nothing will happen (confused) but where is she..yesterday SM took her along witg him
i’m soo confused ..princy dnt say anything

Rishi:kavya ..wat did princy told…whete is swara …y the hell tat SM took her…
Kavya: i don’t know rishi..but..(just then hr
eyes falls on sanskar who was carryong swara in his arms coming to them) swara

all looks at the direction …was again shocked …while rishi fumes in angee and jealousy seeing swara in sanskar’s arm and she wss staring sanskar
he was abt to go but…princy stops him
holding his hand and sighs him to ketp quite

all were confused to see swara in
sanskar’s arm …

Swasan comes towards them ..

Sanskar:(bossy tone) Johan
johan:yes sir
saying the he places a chair …sanskar
makes her sit on the chair …..and turns

sanskar:(bossy tone) johan who r they
johan points to smita …
sanskar looks at smita and friend with a
blood shooting eyes ..they werr scarrd
seeing his anger

Sanskar:(angry tone) u (points to smita)
come here
Sanskar:(shouts in anger) i guess u
heared .it right.

they jumps in fear ..smita comes forward

Sanskar:(makes swara stand and wraps
his arm around her waist all looks at them
confusedly while rishi fumes in jealous

Sanskar:u want to kill her right
Sanskar;okay kill her(pushes swara lil)
(anger tone) but before tat do u want
to know who is she…do u know who is
she….(he pulls swara) She is Swara sanskar
maheswari….she is my wife

all where shocked to hear thz they r unable to belive ….
smita and friends was hell shock and
scared knowing thz…
Where as rishi was just blank …

Sanskar:she is my wife (anger) and u dared to harm her …r u soo daring tat u
will harm SM’s wife…

all were scared to see his anger…
he wss fuming in anger more and more
seeing the person who tried to kill his life
he was unable to control his anger anymore …and gives a tight slap to smita
shocking everyone …while smita holds her
cheeks in fear ..he was abt to slap her again but swara holds his other hanf
he looks at her

Swara: Sanskar plzzzzzz

he clutches his fist in anger and stops

Sanskar:(looks angrily at smita) remmber
she is my wife ..my life …

saying thz he again carries swara in
his arms

Sanskar;johan.(bossy tone)
johan: yes sir the car is ready ..

sanskar leaves from there…..

All were still scared seeing his anger
wherr as rishi was broken …knowlng tat swara is already of someones…whilt
kavya looks at him sadly …coz she
knowz his pain


soon swasan reaches S&S Manshion

Swasan Room

Swara was seated on the bed..she wants
to talk to him but he is still angry wih her
…he comes out of the washroom
..she looks at him…..but he avoids her and
sleeps on his side of bed..

She smiles seeing his cute angry face
and back hugs him sleeping beside him
but he jerks and removes her hand
from him
This was it for swara …she fumes in
anger and hugged him more tightly ..and
bites his collor bone in anger ..
he dnt protest nor he responded to it

Swara:(anger) how dare u to jerk me haa
now i will not leave u bhuth hogaya

Saying thz turns him forcily and comes
top of him …but he keeps quite
she thinks something and smiles naughtly
goes closer to his face…smiles seeing
his eyes closed ….and leans on him
…beagan to kiss his face senseously and
romanticallly…..sanskar was loosing
his control …but no he can’t give up
soo easliy ….. she smiles and kisses him
near his lips continusely …..she bites
his lips …thz ws it for sanskar he lost
all his control….rolled on her .and pins
her beneath ..she was breathing heavily
he looks at her ….without wasting time
he placed his rough lips on her soft
yet juicy lips ..began to suck her lips
wildly and angrily …he kisses her showimg
all his passion,love and anger on her
she also respond to it …he bites hr
lower lips she moans in pleasure …hw enters into her mouth ..there tounges
interwind tasting the essense of eachothers mouth it ws long lasting kiss
broked due to lack of oxygen

Swara;(breathing heavily) i’m ……so..r..r.y
Sanskar:(husky tone) u better be tat
Swara:(smiles) awwwee finally u talked
I love u soooooo much (pulls his cheeks)
my cute angry bird
Sanskar:(serious tone) Jaan promise
me tat u will take care of urself
Swara:(smiles) okay promise my cute baby
Sanskar:(smiles) I Love u Jaan

saying thz he nuzzles his head on her
neck ….hugs her tightly and dozes offf.
while swara caress his hair lovingly
soon both dozed off


So guys how ws the episode plzzzz do
comment guys plzzz i will be waiting
for all ur comments

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