swasan! you r my life!! (season-2) – episode-8


They lights the fire and sits around it …..feeling the romantic weather of the night ….but our cute sanskar is standing little far away just staring his love his jaan lovingly and romantically

but our beautifull swara is avoiding his gaze which was making her shy like anything

Kavya: guys lets play something na i’m getting bore yaar
Lincy: u r right kavya me too getting bore
Mercy:yeah…but wat can we play
Kavya:lets play a game (excitedly)
Rishi:wat game ..
Kavya:see a bundle of chits will be kept in bowl ..we should select a chit from tat and should do wat is written in tat chit like if it is sing then one who selected tat chit should sing
Lincy:hmmm interesting
mercy:lets play …

kavya looks at swara who is lost in sanskar and shakes her

Kavya:(shakes her) swara …..swara….
Swara:(comes to sense) haan..haan…kavya
Kavya:wat u say abt the game
Swara; haan lets play
Kavya:okay then lets start with swara(smiles)

Smita:oh hello …smita should be always 1st okay
Kavya:(angry) uuu..i..
Swara:kavya leave it na ….(to smita) smita u start

smita smirks and takes the chit …..opens it and reads …
smita:dance (happy tone) OMG dance
Lincy:oohhooo Smita then start na (signals to sanskar)
Smita:yeah sure (smirks)

she starts dancing on shela ki jawani song seductively infront of sanskar ……..but our cute sanskar’s full concentration is on his jaan seeing her lovingly …
smita & friends see’s thz …smita fumes in anger and jealousy
soon she completed her dance …goes and sits on her place

Mercy: smita did u see SM was just……
Smita:(cuts off)(anger) i should do something to thz swara 1st i can’t tolerate thz anymore
Lincy; but wat will u do with her
Smita;2mro will r visiting xyz river right (tells something & smirks evily)
Mercy:but it is too risky …wat if we get caught
Smita:nothing will happen to us mercy darling …if anything will happen it is only for swara (smriks evily) r u both with me
Mercy & Lincy: yeah (smirks)

Kavya:hmmm rishi now its ur turn …take the chit
Rishi smiles and takes the chit ….opens and reads ….was blushing reading it
Kavya:Rishi read it loudly
Kavya:offooo (takes the chit & reads) propose a girl (looks at Rishi) oohoooo ..hmm then start rishi
Swara smiles

Rishi comes to swara and sits on his knees infront of her shocking her …

Rishi: swara u r beautifull girl in thz world for me …the moment i saw u the very moment i was soo attarcted to u ..ur smiles,talks and most imp ur nature …yes swara I Love U ….will u accept my love

Sanskar fumes in anger ….though he knew it is just a game but he can’t see anyone using thoz words for swara coz only he have the right to do tat ….he comes forward in anger ..but stop seeing to swara’s laugh

Swara:(laughs) hhahahahahahaha Rishi u did it very well …if u propose the girl u like i’m sure the next moment she will be ur gf hahahahhahaha
Rishi:(in mind) yes swara i want u to be tat it wasn’t a game i really love u…
Kavya:hmm mmh okay ..okay now its ur turn swara
Swara:okay (smiles & takes the chit…reads it) Sing a song to the person whom u Love the most in thz world (looks at sanskar)
Kavya: swara plz start na
Swara:(smiles) okay ……

main jaan ye vaar doon
har jeet bhi haar doon
keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyar doon (×2)

She sings the above lines staring at sanskar lovingly like she is conveying her feeling her love which is only for him
while he was seeing her lovingly
where as rishi’s eyes r sticked to swara like a gule ……

Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine thod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi bangaye

Haan hasi bangaye
Haan nami bangaye
Tum mere asmaan
meri zameen bangaye


kya khoob rab ne kiya
bin maange itna diya
warna hai miltha khaan
Hum khaafiron ko khuda

Haasratein abb meri tum se hai jaa mili
Tum duwaa ab meri aakhiri bangaye

Haan hasi bangaye
Haan nami bangaye
Tum mere aasman
meri zameen bangaye


Sanskar smiles

kavya:wow! swara u r awesome …
Swara:(smiles) Thank u kavya
Rishi:swara seriously u sing soo well

just then there was a ring on sanskar’s mobile ….so he leaves from there
swara ws also about to go behind her but

Kavya: swara where r u going
Swara:vo..i..vo kavya
Rishi: swara sit na lets enjoy …
Kavya:yes swara sit (pulls her)

Swara unwillingly sit’s there ……they have fun for sometime and later leaves to there respective room

swara stops on her way to room .

Swara:hmmmm lets go to sanskar’s room (thinks something) nono he might be sleeping now …..will talk to him 2mro

saying thz she leaves to her room …..changes herself in a pink lose top and a 3/4 pant still her knees

Throws herself on the bed

Swara:Ohh god i’m feeling tierd

she tries to sleep ….moves here and there on the bed but she doesn’t get sleep at last she gets up ..

Swara:Aaahhh i’m not getting sleep …i want sanskar (pouts) hmm i will go to him (sad) but he might be sleeping na (anger) no i will go how can he sleep without ..how dare he sleep huh!

Saying leaves from there ….and slowly walks towards sanskar’s room ….reaches there and finds tat the door is already open without wasting time she peeps in and finds sanskar sitting on the couch busy with his lappy …..she immedeatly enters the room and closes the door
walks towards sanskar in anger

Sanskar:(smiles) so u came (eyes on lappy)
Swara:(angry) idiot there i was struggling to sleep but u here enjoying with thz stupid laptop (takes the lappy)
Sanskar:(smiles & gets up) y soo angry jaan

just then her eyes falls on something ..a happy smiles comes to her face seeing tat

Swara:(smiles & happy tone) Tatoo machine
Sanskar:(Looks at tat) hmm i bought tat
Swara:(happy tone) sanskar u said na u will write ..plz do it now
Sanskar:but jaan
Swara:(puppy eyes) plzz sanskar
Sanskar:(melts) hmm okay u sit on the bed
Swara:(smiles) okay ..

she sits on the bed …he takes the machine ..comes and sits beside her

Sanskar:hmm give ur hand
Swara:wat ..will u do it on hand
Swara:nooo i want u do it on the same place where u wrote my name on u
Sanskar:r u gone mad swara …see jaan it will pain so…
Swara:i want to go through the pain which u went through sanskar i want to feel it sanskar
Swara:(anger) Sanskarrrrr

swara:thank u (Smiles & pecks his lips)

Sanskar smiles and slids her tops sleeves down….leans on her …..starts marking her by writing his name on her ….she closes her eyes in pain but doesn’t moan as she knew if she does so his cute lovely hubby will stop ….she looks at him whoz expression was like its paining to him not to her …she smiles seeing him
finally it was done

Sanskar:(Smiles) its done

swara jumps in excitement ….goes towards the mirror stands infront of it

Swara:(touches his name which ws written on her) wow! Sanskar its awesome (smiles)

Sanskar smiles …comes to her and back hugs her placing his hand on her belly

Sanskar:did u liked it
Swara:no…i loved it sanskar (turns ) thank u soooo much (smiles & pecks his lips)
Sanskar:(smiles) your welcome jaan

saying thz he leans on her and kisses his name which was written on her ..swara blushes

Swara: sanskar i’m feeling sleepy
Sanskar:(smilez) come lets sleep

both sleeps hugging eachother with a bright smile on there faces


It was a blissfull morning …our heavenly and lovely couple r sleeping in each other embrace peacfully with a angelic smile on there faces ….soon the sun ray like always falls on our cute sanskar disturbing his sleep he opens his eyes and looks at his life who is sleeping peacfully like a sleelping beauty he smiles …

Sanskar:(Pecks her lips) good morning jaan ..get up soon (Whisphere in her ears)
Swara:Hmmm sanskaarrrr let me sleep (sleepy tone)
Sanskar: jaan i guess we r in businesss camp right ..and u r in my room

hearing thz she immedeatly getsup where as he smiles

Swara:Oh god sanskar i forget (Keeps hand on her forehead)
Swara:bye sanskar …good morning bye …(pecks his lips and runs from there)
Sanskar:(smiles) carzy girl


Swara enter her room without unotice by anyone…….. fresh up and change herself in a green half saree with a red deep back cut blouse she was looking stunning …
she appiles the sindoor and covers it by her hairs …..wears the mangalsutar cover it inside her saree pallu (anu hope ur confusion is cleared now)
she was looking gorgeous ….

she leaves from there

Rishi:kavya where is swara yaar
kavya;offo romeo ji have some patience she….
just then swara comes there

Swara: (smiles) hi guys …
Kavya:looks she came …hi swara
Rishi:good morning swara

just then

princy:so students r u ready
Students:yes sir
princy:then hurry up take ur seats in bus we should leave now
students :okay sir

kavya:(smiles) come swara lets go
swara:haan ….

but her eyes was searching for her love her life sanskar …..
just then there he comes in a white shirt with black suit and pant with shades ..looking handsome hunk ,cute with the killer smile
Swara smiles bright seeing him .. he smiles back …..

Swara:(smiles) haan yes lets go

soon they all leaves from there

after sometime they reaches to xyz river
invovles in enjoying the sight …

sanskar was just staring swara loving …just then his mobiles …and he leaves from there ..

smita:lets excute our plan
mercy:but thz kavya and rishi r sticked her like a gule
Lincy:yes i will do it (smirks)

she leaves from there ….comes to swara,kavya & rishi

lincy:rishi & kavya actually princy called u both
Rishi:but y
lincy: i dont know
kavya:hmm comes lets go rishi
Rishi:hmm okay (to swara) swara u be here we will be back okay
swara:(smiles) okay
kavrish leaves from there …

lincy: hi swara(signals smita something)
smita nodes
Swara;(smiles( hi lincy
lincy: weather is so good na
Swara:yeah …

just then someone push swara …
swara screams out she falls on river

person: yeah weather is soo good so u die in thz weather (smile evily)
lincy:(laughs evily) hahahaha smita ur work is done (gives hi-fi to hr)
smita laughs evily

yes it is smita guys …
and all thz was seen by two pair of eyes who was shock to see thz

so guys how was the episode plz do comment guys …

so wat u think who will save swara …wat will be sanskar’s reaction

Credit to: tanu


  1. anu

    awesome… want to see sanskar reaction and u vl end it there only… please post one more part tdy…. update soon want sanskar reaction …how will he react..

    • anu

      two pair of eyes are definetly sanskar and rishi… hope sanskar only save her.. please dont dissopint us … nice ff… really superb want swasan love scene.. i think sanskar dont want to send swara college but she will manofy him… want there love to be seen before all of them… hw he react to this… please dont dissopoint us …

  2. annanya

    hey tanu
    i even followed your swasan season 1 and i liked it
    now folllowing this to
    its soo nice to see u started season 2 of it

    want to know wat is going to happen next to swasan

  3. little princess

    Another awesome chappy as always… I couldnt comment on ur ff for previous 2 episodes… But i read it n loved it…even this one was also superb…. That evil smita pushed our swara into river…omg..wht will happen..2 pair of eyes saw that.. Who’s that..is that kavya n rishi…or our sanskar n someone else…in season 1 when swara was kidnapped by sahil,laksh n ragini were also there to save swara along with sanskar n johan..so even they can also be there..may be they came to surprise swara n saw whole scenario…its just my stupid thought…most probably it may be sanskar.. Whoever it is i am damn excited to know who r they n who is gonna save her…i wish it to be our hero sanskar.. He should also show his rude side to those devils who dare to harm his jaan..eagerly waiting to know sanskar’s reaction… I hope that he will reveal her identity of being Mrs.SM…he should also make everyone understand his love for swara…so we could see many surprised, shocked as well as jealous faces…update next chappy asap…season 2 is becoming interesting day by day… Hats off….keep on maintaining it… Love u dear..

  4. Ishani

    Wow just wow plz plz plz post another part today n plz Sanskar should save Swara n everyone should know that Swara is mrs. Ssm

  5. SwaSanFan.Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Omg..awsum..loved it..bt Suspense pe chodiya 😡😡…Continue soon n hope it’s Sanskaar who Sees it..plzz.it shud be Sanskaar only..nt anyone else..

  6. Dharshaini

    Pls update ur next part soon…. eagerly waiting… n pls somehow make a situation tat everyone comes to know swara being mrs SM n pls show t devil side of sanskar to punish smita n her gang for pushing his jaan into t river… eagerly waitimg for t nex epi… if possible pls post it today itself….

  7. Dharshaini

    Pls update ur next part soon…. eagerly waiting… n pls somehow make a situation tat everyone comes to know swara being mrs SM n pls show t devil side of sanskar to punish smita n her gang for pushing his life, his jaan into t river….😉😉😉😉😉😉

  8. Niku


    |Registered Member

    Awesome dear…waiting for d sanskar reaction ….that gonna be last day of sunta n her frnds…hehe

  9. shree

    Yaar just awesome… Please post the another part today itself… I wanna see the girls face when they will get to know about swasan…

  10. sanya

    I love it I think Johan saw this and i hope sanskar save her plzzzzz and i want see sanskar reaction for hurtig his jaan plzzz Everyone should that swara is mr sm wife his jaan omg cant wait Post soon

  11. Anisha


    |Registered Member

    Tanu…. One more part today plsssssssssssss…
    Awesome…. I am waiting to see Sanskar’s reaction… Plsssss

  12. Mahjabeen

    OMG its amazing part…post soon cant wait fr hw sanskar wl react..nd sanskar shuld only save her..pls post soon..

  13. Neha_priya


    |Registered Member

    Oh god again I’ve to wait… Noo….. Woo swara wrote San’s name on the same place as sanskar…. Lovely….. God this rishi just got saved from him due to swara….. Uff this smita…. I hope that is sanskar…. I really want his devil side faced by smita but more than him a fierce Mrs SM …..this time I want mrs sm in complete action after she’s saved by sanskar …..plzz

  14. myna

    i just read all the parts today itself and ur ff is soooooo goooood the suspense is just killing me pls pls pls plssssssssssssss update as fast as possible i”ll be thinking about it till the time u post the next part if suspense nd curiosity could have killed i could have died pls plsssssss update asap plssssssssssss

  15. Tooba

    You know what I’m feeling like eating this FF such an amazing FF it is love it soooooo much😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  16. Tanug


    |Registered Member

    Wooow it’s awesome you have written fabulous… 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 please upload next part soon

  17. Dharshaini

    Pls post nex epi soon… im dying here waitin for ur ff plus u stop it at a high point… im gonna go crazy if u dont post tis ff soon…. pls post t next part today…

  18. anu

    hello where are you? why ur not updating ur ff? its been 2days…. please update we all are eagerly waiting for ur ff…. somany are waiting for ur ff.. please update soon.. where are you dear …. please update…

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