swasan! you r my life!! (season-2) – episode-7


Lincy:smita see there how SM is stairing Swara
Mercy:Smita forget abt the car coz u won’t get tat …SM is falling for swara not for u
Smita:(glares at them angrily) no i shoudn’t happen ..i wil not let thz happen (looks at swara) 1st i should something to thz swara she is getting into my nerves
(stamps her foot)

just then

princy:attention student plz Mr johan will give u some rules and u all should follow it
so students r u ready..
Students:yes sir
princy:(to johan) Mr johan plz…
Johan:yeah Mr gupta (he comes forward) Hello everyone plz have ur seats
students:hi sir…
(all sits)
Johan:mm so as u all know tat thz is a village so we want u all to follow the tradition of village like u should dressup urself as per the village people …
Smita:ewwew how can we wear thoz type of clothes ..
Johan:it is rule miss smita and u should follow it ..
Smita:wat the….
lincy stamps her leg
Lincy:(whispheres in ears) r u gone mad …don’t u know tat how SM is ..he don’t like if anyone doesn’t follow his words so keep quite
Simta:ooh thank u lincy ..for stopping me

Johan:(tells the rules) mmm so students r u okay with the rules
Swara:(gets up) but sir we don’t how should we mange the clothes as all the dress we bought is not which suits the village life style ..
Johan:actually mam (swara glares at him) i mean mrs….vo miss s..w..a..r..a the dress will be given by us to u all (to his assistance) prem plz distribute it..
prem:yes sir ..(to students) plz stand in a order ..

all students stands in a line …while prem gives them their dress to wear ……
Swara was abt to take but johan stops her

swara:(confusedely looks at him)
Johan:mam here is urs (takes a packet gives her)
Swara:(confused) but…
johan: sir asked to give thz to u
Swara:(smiles) hmm but johan stop calling me mam we r in bussiness trip now
johan:sorry mam..i mean ..okay

Swara smiles and looks at sanskar who was staring her lovingly …..she signals him “I Love U” he smiles ….
she leaves from there …

All students leaves to their respective Rooms which was arranged to them

Swara’s Room

She was about to remove her top ..but just then she felt a strong arm on her belly
1st she was shocked…then suprised …then there ws a smile on her face

Swara:(happy yet suprised) Sanskar
(obvio it is sanskar)
Sanskar:hmmm (rubs his nose on her nape)
Swara:(turns) Sanskar u here …i mean i locked the door then how come u here ..
Sanskar:by thz (shows her keys)
Swara:keys but…..
Sanskar:spare keys .. ….now leave thz come here (makes her sit on the bed) i want to show u something so close ur eyes
Swara:hmmm okay(smiles)

2mins later

Sanskar:now open ur eyes ..

Swara opens her eyes ..was shocked suprised to see something ……. She touched his bare chest …as he wasn’t in shirt now

Swara:(touches his bare chest in tears) Sanskar (looks at him) wat is thz….
Sanskar:(smiles) did u liked it
Swara:(starts beating him) r u mad who asked u write my name her idiot (did u understood guys)
Sanskar:arrey jaan…stop (holds her hand) i did thz for u as all girls gets happy if their partners write thier names on their body parts na ..
Swara:(tears & cups his face) Sanskar i don’t like thz coz it gives u pain ..i don’t want tat happiness which comes through ur pain …
Sanskar:(Stairs her lovingly) ..but i liked it …and it dnt gave pain to me …
Swara: wat ..see here (touches bare chest) how red it is (anger)
Sanskar:hmm i’m Sorry ..
Swara:no i don’t want ur sorry …even i want to write ur name like thz ..
Sanskar:Wat r u gone mad….
Swara:yes i’m mad .
Sanskar:jaan see u r not gonna write it got tat (strict tone)
Swara: noooo i will write ur name on me and tat is final … i will not listen to u in thz matter …if u r the great business tycoon MR SM then even i’m ur wife who keeps her words got tat (anger)
Sanskar:But jaan….
Swara: no if and buts i’m going to do….
She was about to go but sanskar pulls her by wrist

Sanskar:ok fine u want to do it na ..then i will do …but u r not gonna go there
Swara:wat do u know how do it (suprise)
Sanskar:yes ..i will do it .but not now
Sanskar:swaraa (angry tone)
Swara:okay …..hmmm then i will change my dress ….all might be waiting for me
Sanskar nodes

Swara takes her dress and leaves to washroom

after sometime she comes out …and looks at sanskar who is busy with his mobile …she smiles and stands infront of mirror

Swara:(looks at sanskar through mirror) Sanskar ….
Sanskar:hmmmm(eyes on mobile)
Swara: Sanskar how am i looking
Sanskar: hmmm (still eyes on mobile)
Swara:Sanskar tell na how am i looking

finally he looks at her …was awestruck to see her in thz avtar …
she was dressed in peach half saree with a golden deep cut blouse ..she was looking beautifull …..he was just spellbounded to see his beauty ..his love his life …
he ws just staring her with open mouth

Swara:(blushes) Sanskarrrr….
Sanskar comes to sense …..gets up and walks towards swara …staring her loving
he comes to her and back hugs her ….as she was facing to the mirror

Sanskar:(whispher) Beautifulll

saying thz he moves lil back ….and ties the strings of the blouse which she forget to tie …. again hugs her placing his hand under the saree on her belly …..her wet hairs was touching his face making him more carzy ….he turns her ….she downs her head in shy …he lifts her chin and makes her to look at him ………. he looks at her red soft yet juicy lips …..he was unable to control himself …places his rough lips on her soft lips ….sucks it bites it widly …hungrily …..she unable to respond to it as he was making hard to her …he was continuesly biting ..hungry ….he used to kiss her before but thz kiss was new to her ..he was kissing her with all his passion …he bites her lower lips she moan in pleasure taking its an opportunity he enters in her mouth …their tounges interwind tasting essence of eachother mouth ….he pulls her more closer to him by waist …cluthed her waist tightly …..she was caressing his hairs pressing him more on her enjoying the diff kiss by her lovely cutiee hubby ….it was a long lasting kiss broked due to lack of oxygen ….

Swara:(breathing heavily) w…a..t…w…a..s.. t.h..z
Sanskar:(huskily) Jaan i love u
Swara looks at him ….who staring her loving ….

just then there was a knock on the door

Knock knock

Swasan looks at eachother

voice:swara r u there
Swara:y..e.s kavya..
Kavya:actually swara i came to call u …
Swara:haan kavya u go i will come
kavya:hmm okay but fast

kavya leaves from there
swara looks at sanskar

Swara: sanskar u go now ..
Sanskar:but jaan ..
Swara: goo (turns him )
Sanskar:hmm okay

he was about to go but swara holds his wrist and turns him …he looks at her ?ly

Swara:See ur lips (Wipes his lips by her hand ) hmm done ..now u can go
Sanskar smiles and leaves from there


Rishi:kavya where is swara yaar
Kavya: arrey have some patience she will come ..
Rishi: no kavya i can’t wait to see her
kavya:oooohhh hoooo Romeo ji …

just then swara comes there

Swara:hiiii (smilles)
kavya:hi swara u r looking gorgeous
Swara: ohh thanks for the compliement

where as rishi was just lost in her .he was fully mesmerised to see her …..

kavya:(shakes him) Rishi…
Rishi:(Comes to sense) haan …haan…
Swara: Where r u lost

just then

princy: so students r u ready ….
students:yes sir..
princy:today u enjoy ….2mro we wil leave the xyz river which is most famous in thz village …

students:okay sir ….

pricy:hmmm so lets enjoy thz moment thz night with bonefire …wat say ..
Students: great idea sir …..

precap:someone to push swara in a river

comment plz mmm so guys how was the episode …..

friends i have tried all possilble way to resiter to tellyupdate but no use yaar plz help me if u can

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  1. awesome.. please next part tdy only.. ur giving ame precap from 3days.. update it… and ha episodes are too good.. comes to registration use another application not in chrome try it may u get.. otherwise send mesage to goldie she will tell.. awesome update soon give next part.. this tym pakka precap wala episode give…

  2. Plz upload next faster

  3. Anniya

    Where r u stuck while registering…

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  5. Awsm update luvd it a lot update regularly

  6. Hi… i was a silent reader… but really love ur ff… pls post t nex epi soon… n pls soon post of swara real identity of being SM wife…???? really looking forward for t next epi… ???????

  7. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Awsum.i hope to see SwaSan Intense Scn wen Swara Falls in River making Eberyone Shocked. .conti

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Continue soon*

      1. goldie.. if you know how to register then tell tanu na she want to register… tell her how to register..

  8. Tanu ur giving the same precap u making me crazy pls update today itself dear

  9. nice..contact telly udates..they will hel u in registration

  10. Awesome dear.will be waiting for next part.post asap.
    regarding registration I’m sorry I don’t know.

  11. Awsm dr..!! I rly luv it..update regularly..!!

  12. Anisha

    Can you log into? TU??…

  13. awsm..loved swasan scenes vry much..sanky made tatooo…vow

  14. Hey dr i used to comment in 1st season
    But cuz of my exams i took leave from tu
    Now i m commenting in so 2 for the first time as well as my comeback on tu
    Plz update today if possible

  15. Awesomeee…dear….loved it a lot…swasan scene was tooo good….pls post nxt part soon….

  16. i got a doubt tdy in this ff tanu swara is married na.. she will not wear sindhoor and mangalstutra when she is in college or home.. u didnt mentioned about it… when she went to clg she wear it or not.. if yes then when she is in half saree rishi and kavya will comes to know it na.. sorry for my silly doubt .but give replay to me about my doubt…. actually i got this doubt tdy…

    1. Anu dr thanks a lot for trying to help me …and cmg to sindhoor & mangalsutar u will cm to know in next part

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  18. Dharani

    awesome but precap is shocking

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    Awesome dear

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  21. I love your epi like always dear your ff are making me crazy
    I want to See sanskar reaction when He Come to know someone pushed his jaan swara in river oh cant wait plzzz Post soon

  22. Plz make sure everyone one finds out after she falls in the river. Something like sanskar saves her and says the truth being scared seeing her like that and swara understanding the pressure he said it in and everyone surprised and shocked and most people should be happy to know that tjeir married so make sure you include it in the river episode with the full truth plz its my request and do make it romantic and intense and alot sizzling chemistry

  23. Ameera

    amazing tanu , its awesome.

  24. loved it…

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