swasan! you r my life!! (season-2) – episode-6



It was another beautifull morning …with lots of love to our lovely and heavenly couple swasan who were sleeping peacefully in eachother embrace such tat sanskar was sleeping on swara burieng his head on her neck hugging her tightly….with a cute smile on his face just then sun rays falls on him disturbing his sleep he opens his eyes and see’s his beautifull jaan sleeping peacefully with a angelic smile on her face ….he smiles seeing her ….just then something stucked to his mind …so

Sanskar:oh god we have to leave for business camp its already late (looks at time and gets up immedeatly) (looks at swara & shakes his head) she won’t get up until i wake her …hmmm

he leans on swara …

Sanskar:(whisphere) Jaan (caress her cheeks)
Swara smiles in sleep
Sanskar:Jaan get up (makes circles on her bare neck)
Swara: feels ticklish & smiles in sleep
Sanskar:(shakes his head) she won’t get up like thz ooo

Thinks something and smiles naughtily … he nuzzles his face her neck .. and bites it hard

Swara:aahh sanskar ..(she getsup & rubs the bited area) idiot
Sanskar smiles naughtily and takes off her hands …again nuzzles his face on her neck ..sucks the bited area to soothe the pain and gives wet kisses there
Swara:(huskily) sanskar………stop…aahh sanskar (mourns in pleasure)

but he dnt listen to her and continues his teasing on her ..

Swara:(caressing his hairs) Sanskar…stop na ….we r getting late…did u forget abt ..business camp …haa
Sanskar:(stops & looks at her) for now i’m leaving u okay …but u shouldn’t stop me there …(winks
Swara:okay baba (kisses his nose tip) now come lets get ready we r getting late

she gets up from the bed and was about to go to washroom but sanskar helds her wrist …she turns and looks at him ?ly

Sanskar:(teases) Jaan do u want my help to freshup (smiles naughtily & winks)
Swara:(understood his intentions) awwee my sansku cutiee became sansku naughty cutieee haan (pulls his cheeks)
he smiles naughtily and moves closer to her …seeing him coming closer to her …she runs from there to washroom immedeatly and closes the door

Swara:(laughs) hahahahahahahaha sansku…..hahahahaha

he smiles and scartches his head ….also leaves to get freshup

soon both were ready

swara was dressed in red crop top with white lace …and a white jegins she was looking beautifull ,gorgeous ….

Sanskar was dressed in white shirt and a grey coat & pant looking handsome hunk, cute ,superb …

both have their break fast and leaves from there

as usuall sanskar drops swara at a place which is near to the clg

Swara:bye (pecks her lips)
Sanskar:(smiles) bye jaan will meet u in clg (winks)
Swara:i will be waiting for u (smiles)

saying thz she leaves from there …sanskar stairs her untill she disappear from his sight later he too leaves from there



swara enter the clg …as usuall all boy were stairing her while girls were looking at her in jealous

girl: smita she came ….
smita: arrrrg i don’t wanna see her face mera baaz chaltha tho i will throw her out thz clg …
girl 2: smita chill yaar …y r u getting angry on her
girl 1: becoz of her only the boyz stopped giving attention to smita na …
Smita fumes in anger …and glares at them they keep quite

Swara goes towards Rishi and kavya … Rishi ws mesmerised to see swara

Rishi:(looks at swara &whisphere) Beautiful
kavya:(confused) wat (and looks at the direction where his eyes was sticked like a glue and finds swara..)

kavya:(looks at Rishi) Rishi…do u… like swara
Rishi:(blushes & scartches his head) haan
Kavya:OMG r u serious
Rishi:offo kavi yes i really like her …u know the moment i saw her the very moment i ws soo attarcted to her ….her smile,talks,laughs makes me carzy (lost in thoughts with a smile)
Kavya:(shakes him & laughs) hahahaha Rishi bangaya Romeo hahahaaha
Rishi blushes

just then swara comes there

Swara: wat going on haan…mere bina tum dono has rahai ho hnnn very bad kavya (fake angry)
Kavya:ooh swara u came at right time ..do u…know…..
Rishi:(cuts off) swara leave her yaar u know na always she will be laughing like a donkey
Swara:hahahahaha right rishi ….
kavya:glares at her
Swara:(puppy eyes) solly
Kavya:hahahahaha swara look at u ……plz stop making tat face hahahahaha
Swara:u both ..i will not leave (hits them with her bag)

just then

princy: Attention student …MR SM had arrived here so plz mantain silence

all keeps quite and looks at the entry door …..
there he was coming the handsome hunk MR SM with bodygurds sorrounded him

swara smiles brightly seeing him …he see’s her and takesoff his shades …..winks at her
Swara gives him flying kiss which is unoticed by all Sanskar smiles

where as the girls were again flat seeing sanskar …..

Princy:(greets him) we r glad to see u sir …
Sanskar just gives a professional smile

Sanskar:(bossy tone) Johan
Johan: yes sir everthing is done ..
Sanskar: good (to princy) hmm Mr gupta we r already late ..soo…..
princy:yeah ..yeah sir … (to students) soo my dear student all ready right
students:yesss sirrr
Princy:hmm bus is parked over there (points) so hurry up take ur seats we r getting late
Students:okay sirrrrrr

swara and other student seated in the buss where as sanskar in his car
sooon they leaves from there …

5 Hours later

They reached to there destination it is a small village ..imagin a village

all gets down from the buss ..

Smita:yakk chi ..(closes her nose) oo stinky place …..
other girls was also making faces seeing the place and the peoples
just then sanskar car comes there ..all looks at the direction

girl:wow smita wat a car…
girl 2: its SM car yaar
girl: i wish i could get a chance to sit in tat car atleast once .yaar
Smita:don’t worry lincy baby ..u will get chance but through me ..
Lincy: wat …but how (confused) r u going to purchase thz car..
Smita:r u gone mad how can i purchase thz it has a huge amt
girl 2: then how….
Smita:i will make him fall for me .. mercy
mercy & lincy: wattt
Smita:yes (smirks)

Sanskar gets out of the car …and stand taking its support ……keeping his hand in his pocket (awweee imagin yaar)
he looks at swara …
who was playing with the village childrens …

Swara:(to child) awwwe wat his name
Swara:awwe(pulls his cheeks) Adi u r soo sweet
Kavya: hahaha swara u should tell him cute instead of sweet
Swara: nooooo cute is only for my sansku ….not for anyone
Rishi & kavya :(confused) SANSKU?????
Swara:(bites her tounge) vo..i vo (diverts the topic) i …hey see tat kid …. (to kid) baby come here
she kisses the kid …and smiles
rishi & kavya also smiles seeing her nature

Sanskar who ws seeing all thz smiles seeing his jaan ..who is diff from all girls … he tell himself tat yes she is the girl….who is all alone his heart his life and no one can dare to take her place

All girls looks at smiling sanskar …and gets confused seeing him smiling stairing someone …they looks at the direction ..and finds …realised tat he is smiling seeing swara …..they fumed in anger and jealousy …


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Credit to: tanu

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