swasan! you r my life!! (season-2) – episode-4



Swara was busy in preparing her notes ….. just then sanskar enters …..see’s her .. and smiles … he walks towards her and stands infront of her … she was soo invovled in work tat she dnt even realised tat sanskar was standing ………… so tat he sits on the bed back of her and back hugs her placing his hands under her top on belly …….
But still she dnt respond so he stated giving wet kisses on her nape senseously and romantically…. he slids her top sleeves .. starts biting it ..

Swara:aaah sanskar… wt r u donig leave me …..

But our cute ..hero dnt stop … he started biting her nape wildily … places wet kisses there … and sucks it … while his hand was squeezing her belly under the top …

Swara: sanskar.. plz leave.. i have lot to write ….and… aaaah my hand paning

Hearing thz he leaves her immedeatly and turns her towards him …

Sanskar:(concerned) u r hand is paining (takes her hand)
Swara:(in mind swara r u mad to whom said … now bear…stupid) voo…san…
Sanskar:(anger) swara if ur hand is paining then y r u writing …. (takes pen from her hand) leave all thz … come sleep
Swara:arrey sansku.. 2mro is the last date to submit notes so i should write (snactes pen from his hand)

Sanskar:(anger) jaan ur hand is paining .so i’m not gonna leave u to writing… got tat… and rahi baath sabha submit karne ki tho i will talk to mr gupta pricipal of the clg about it…
Swara:no sansku (keeps hand on his shoulder) u r not talking to my principal .. okay ..i have already told u right i don’t ….anyone to know tat i’m ur wife …u know na if they come to know tat i’m a wife of the greate businessmen MR SM .. how they will act seeing me …
Sanskar:hmm okay…… but u r not gonna write ..okay
Swara: sanskar … my hand is not painig much ….so ….
Sanskar:(strict tone) jaan no means no….
Swara:but i have to sub….

Looks at sanskar… who is writing her notes …
Sanskar:i will complete it u dont worry …
Swara: sanskar u r tried u go & sleep .. i will write …….
Sanskar : (looks at her) no…..i don’t want my jaan to write…

Swara:(tears and cupz his face) y u love me soo much.. itna kyon payaar kathe ho mujse …
Sanskar:smiles and takes her hand ..keeps it on his chest ..near heart

Sanskar: r u listening my heart beat … do u know whoz it ….. it is my jaan .. who made me free from all my pains,…who loves me soo much….. but i love myself be’coz she is my life ..she is my everyting (looks at her lovingly )

While tears of happiness was making a way from swara’s beautifull eyes …she hugs him tightly… he hugs her back

Sanskar:ssshh (breaks the hug and kisses her tears) …i don’t want thz tears in my jaan’s beautifull eyes …
Sanskar:(smiles) hmmm now let me complete ur notes
Swara nodes

Sanskar was preparing her notes .. while swara was stairing him lovingly …

Sanskar:yeah complete (streches his hand)
Swara:(suprised) wat (she takes the book and was suprised to see tat it is complete)
OMG sanskar how can u complete it soo soon…
Sanskar: u r forgeting tat ur hubby is a greate business tycoon (smiles proudly) .. soo its a easy task for him
Swara:(pulls his cheeks)Awwweee thank u my sansku cutiee u r choo cute (kisses his cheeks )
Sanskar: (smiles) …wlcm jaan …. now leave all thz … tell me how was ur day at clg
Swara:hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was sooooo sooooo awesome sanskar….. u know i got 2friends also… kavya & rishi both r soo sweet …and rishi he is soo nice guy u know (she keeps on telling about rishi’s jokes .. and .. trio friendship… swara speaking about rishi makes sanskar jealous like hell)

Sanskar:(jealous) looks like someone dnt missed me at all …

Saying thz he sleeps on his side of bed

Swara:arrey…. (understood tat he is jealous)

She smiles and sleeps beside him and hugs him from back … placing her hand on his chest …

Swara: everthing awesome in the clg but u know i was incomplete …without my sansku cutiee …….. i dnt missed him b’coz (she turns him to her and takes his hand and keeps it on her chest near heart) b’coz he is always here …(smiles) with me….
Sanskar:(smiles) hmmmmm

Saying thz he duggs his head in her neck .. and hugs her tightly ….while she was caressing his hairs lovingly and pecks his forehead …

Soon both dozzed off

Next Morning

It was another beautifull morning with lots of love to our heavenly & lovely couple swasan …..who was sleeping peacfully such tat sanskar was sleeping on swara on her chest……. he tightens his grip more on her thz disturbed her sleep ..she opens her eyes… and smiles looking at her cute handsome husband who was holding her like a child … she smiles and gently places him on the cusion … and pecks his lips …feeling the touch sanskar also opens his eyes ……

Swara:(smiles) good morning my sansku cutieeee
Sanskar:(smiles) good morning jaan … u wokeup early (raising his eyebrows)
Swara: haan… to go clg….. u also getup soon still tat i will freshup…

Saying thz goes to washroom
Soon both got ready ….

Swara was dressing pink loose top with jegins she was looking beautifull
Sanskar was dressed in white shirt with a green coat and a black pant .. he was looking just awesome..no words to describe him …handsome hunk…cute chocolate… (hehehehehe)

Both had their breakfast … and left …

Swara:bye sanskar(pecks his lips)
Sanskar:(smiles) byee jaan….(thinks something &smiles in mind)

soon swara leaves… sanskar does the same


xyz clg

Swara and kavya were seated in same bench while rishi comes and sits behind them

Trio were playing laughing… enjoying … seeing swara the girls gets jealous yet again they started talking about her ..

Just then princy enters the class all.. stands and wishes her

Princy:students ..i i’am happy to inform u tat our clg students will be selected by the most famous and reputed company … S&S COMPANY …..
Hearing thz swara widens her eyes

Princy:(continue) and for thz purpose the S&S company has organised … a 2days business trip for all u .. to improve ur knowledge more……..

The students starts gossiping
Where as swara was still suprised

Kavya: swara wat happen (shakes her)
Swara:(comes to sense) haan nothing ..
Rishi: ooh god swara yaar tell thz talklu princy to go from here …
Swara:hahahahaha…..rishi… u r soo funny
Swara:haahahahaha rishi y r u making ur face like thz u look like a joker with red cheeks hahahahahaha
Kavya: hahahahahaha lol swara

Just then they hear…

Princy : u can come in SM SIR

Sanskar comes …all were shocked to see the great business tycoon standing infront of them… girls were just stairing him … swara was most suprised

Girl1:OMG he is soo hot…yaar …..
Girl2: yeah ….soo dashing …… yaar i just wanna kiss him for atleast once
Girl3: but u know he is married …(pouts)
Girl1: i think he is not .. look at him yaar from wich angle do he look like a married .. i don’t beleive ..i think its just a rumors
Girl 2: yeah…
Girl3: hmmmm look at him… awwwww his killer smile

All thz ws heared by swara … she fumed in anger and jealous

Swara:(jealous & murmuring) stupid ..Arggghh i just want to slap them nicely ..hw dare they think about my sanskar … duffers i will kill them… arrrggggg

Princy: soo student meet the great well know business tycoon MR SM (to sanskar) thank u for coming here
Sanskar:(smiles) ur wlcm Mr gupta …
He looks at swara and winks at her
While she widens her mouth…

Sanskar: johan… explain them about the trip
Johan:sure sir

Johan started explaing about the trip …… while swara was staring sanskar not only swara but all girls ws staring him…

Sanskar thinks some thing and smiles naughtily

Sanskar: u (pointing swara)
Swara looks here & there
Sanskar: u only ….. pink top
Swara:(widens her eyes) wat
Sanskar:haan wt is ur name
Swara:(suprised) swara
Sanskar:hmmm MISS SWARA i think u r least interested in listening to the instructions… (serious tone but fake)

swara gets anger …
Swara:(murmures) idiot i’m not MISS i’m MRS Swara sanskar maheswari…

Sanskar:(serious tone) wat r u murmuring there haan… (to princy) Mr gupta i want meet her send her…..
Princy:okay sir
Sanskar leaves from there

Princy: swara come my cabin
Swara:but sir
Princy: swara…
Swara:(downs her head) okay sir


Swara enters the cabin but find no one there
Swara:areey where is thz princy now …

She was about to leave just then she felt a strong arm around her waist …… she smile but later gets angry

Swara:(angry) leave me MR SM
(Yeah it is sanskar)
Sanskar:(chuckels) how can i leave u MRS SM
Swara:i’m not any mrs sm u r right i’m miss swara
Sanskar: smiles and turns her towards him
Sanskar:nooo u r MRS SM
Swara:(pouts) nooooooo

Sanskar smiles and pulls her closer

Swara:leave me idiot….u..

Before she complete he places her rough lips on her soft yet rosy … kissing ,biting her with all of his love ,passion … she also respond it with same love and passion
It was long lasting kiss which was broked due to lack of oxygen

Precap: business camp….swasan romance and lots more

So guys how ws the episode hope u all liked it …i know guys i’m not a nice writer but still writing for u … so if u really read my ff tho plz do comment …

And haan i started a new ss
SwaSan! Wajah tum ho!!
Plz read it … i’m continuing tat only if i get a suffiecent no. Of comments …
All thz days i’m getting less comments so i’m not interested to write my ff …. i’m thinking to quite writing ..ff

Credit to: tanu


  1. AnuAnn


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    As usual outstanding dear. Don’t dare to think to stop writing.. Its a warning .. Don’t feel bad abt comments dear.. Many r busy in studies so may read 2,3 chapters in one go.. And nowadays telly is having many server prlms…so sometimes we r unable to post comments.. Waiting for next part.. It’d daily getting interesting

  2. Anisha


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    Hey! Tanu that ‘S going interesting….
    I have started to read season 2 from today….


    Read my new ff.

    Meri pehli MOHABBAT

    Yours jaf

  3. Helly

    hey plz dont quit this ff or end it soon its one of my fav ff hope to see u wth nxt epi soon & u r an amazing writer.

  4. Kittu

    Omg..it as jus amazing everything is so perfect..swasan r jus adorable…i may do nt cmmt on every part bt i read every part frm season1 to nw season2..waiting fr nxt..

  5. Chanu

    Awww soooi nyc… Soooooo cute… Lv it.. Keep it up.. Dnt add any serious wala twist.. Let them be like dis.. Sweet.. Lv this way sooo much.. Keep writing dr…
    Be hoy always
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. little princess

    Oh my dear…dont stop writing ur ff’s especially this one…just love ur this ff…so dont thnk to quit this ff..u r indeed a good writer..dont be desp bco of less comments..let me tell u that there r many who really love ur ff but many r silent readers..they will surely break their silence n comment..u continue ur story.. I am a regular reader of ur ff and love it so much…u r doing a good job…hats off dear..now its just the starting of the new season so it might be bcoz of that comments r less..story is becoming interesting day by day.. So keep on entertaining us with ur wonderful ff…
    This chappy was awesome.. Sanskar wrote notes for swara..vow so sweet of him..everyone will wish to have a hubby like him… So loving n caring..collegewala scenes were so funny as well as nice.. Business camp…it seems interesting..waiting for it…i wish that everyone should know that she is MRS SM…eagerly waiting for next part… Update it asap…

  7. sweety

    U r an awesome writer…. Keep writing…. I just love ur ff…. Don’t understand estimate the power of a common girl……. Which is u dr😊

  8. gayu

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  10. MOU


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    No …koi bhi less interested nhi hai……pls don’t stop this.

    by the way chapter is awesome…loved the sanskar’s plan

  11. SwaSanFan.Goldie


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    Awww…really its jst awsum.loved Sanskaar ki Entry in College sll 9f a Sudden..Simpy mind blowing..hoping to see more romance b/w dwasan in camp..continue soon..cnt wait..

  12. Tooba

    You know what no words for your FF and plssssssss post soon can’t wait more for your FF😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. sanya

    Omg it was Amazing you know what I cant tell you how much I love your all ff
    Tanu you are a Amazing writer dear and plzzzzz Post soon and plzzz try swaragini its love or hate sooon you know I read all your ff 10 time omg you are making me addicted to your ff

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    Awsm dr…day by day ur ff is more interesting…i luv ur ff lotπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  17. Mahjabeen

    Wat to say..as usual its awesome…rlly loved it…continue soon..nd ha dnt quit it..its gng well…post nxt oart soon plss

  18. NUPUR

    dnt stop..dnt go plzz u really write well

    i read ur each n every chaptr..

    its awesome..

    its pleasant..n feels relaxed aftr readng; really goooooodddd

    plzz stay n continue;will b waitng for this!!

  19. Mahjabeen

    Its awesome…its rlly nice how sanky supprtng swara in her studies nd evrythng..he loves her a lot.nd da funny scene was of sanky jealous.i rlly liked it…but give some twist dear den it wl b more interesting…continue nxt part soon…

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