SwaSan! you r my life! – (Season-2) (Episode – 24)



It was a mid night our lovely and heavenly couple swasan were sleeping in each other embrace …such tat …..swara’s back was facing sanskar ….he was hugging her from back …his one hand was on her belly holding her tightly with a peacefull smile while swara was sleeping on his other hand ….but there was no peace in her sleep …….her eyes were trebling …in some fear like she is seeing some bad dream ……
Suddenly she getsup with a jerk and

Swara:(screams) ….sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrr

She was sweating badly with a know fear her lips got dried ….she was breathing heavily …..she looks around finds herself in unfamiliar room though her photos were all around the room …….she gets scared finding herself there it’s all just coz she was not

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  1. Hey.wts this. It’s incomplete. Plz post this part completely na.waiting

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    The update is not completed !!?

  3. Incomplete episode

  4. Deeksha gupta

    Tanu i think u posted incomplete part …

  5. hey don’t u think it is very small only swara dreamed something bad n feared is that all??


    Hey its not posted completly

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    its incomplete

  8. Thank you Tanu I really like, love, missed your ff

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    It’s incomplete

  10. I think d post is not complete…??..

  11. where is other part????
    cnt wait dr.
    plz uplode full part.

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    Awesome but very short

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    Plzz see where is the problem?????

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    I think u posted half episode…
    As its too short plz post more bigger one dear

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  16. hey i think the chapter is not posted completely all the best for exams if this is the complete chapter then it is a bit frightening

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    suspense cant wait

  19. Y such a short part tanu but still a suspense one post soon

  20. it’s seems to b half posted …nevertheless nice work dear ? waiting for nxt epi ..update soon

  21. It’s incomplete

  22. Hey! Is it incomplete my dear!!

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    The update is incomplete…. Please post the complete update asap ??

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  25. Ways did yr??plzz complete d epi,n whichever part u posted its just so confusing.., eagerly waiting 4 complete epi,plzz post it as soon as possible

  26. Please post other part fastly

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    Yeah! I m going to comment first time for ur ff but it’s really fabulous
    I mean it’s awesome
    U r too good
    and I m waiting for today’s full update

  29. Its incomplete.. Plz upload full ff..

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    Omg guys very sorry i posted the full
    Part …….i don’t. I think tu posted on half lll

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  33. The update is incomplete
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