SwaSan! you r my life! – (Season-2) (Episode – 23)


It was a soft and sweet kiss broke due to lack of oxygen
All office staff were still in shock not believing their eyes
While swara blushes but soon her blushing face into a angry face remembering the stupidity of sanskar
She looks at him angrily ….while he just gives his sweet look aware of wat will be the next

Swara:(angry) wat the hell …..how dare u
to k……….

Suddenly he takes her in his arms in a bridal style not letting her to speak further

All staff’s jaw drop down …some were burning in jealousy …and some were in lifetime shock y not the SM who once was woman hater …is now opposite to it …

Sanskar walks out from there carrying swara in his arms while she was beating him by her soft hands

Swara:(anger) leave….u idiot …stupid leave me I said

But sanskar is sanskar he ignores her words ..signals his bodyguard to open the car as he does so……he makes swara to sit in the car ..takes keys from bodyguard ….and he himself sits in the car .. …while swara was abt to open the car door but in the meantime he closes the car ……..
She looks at him angrily …….while he gives her a cute and sweet smiles ..she turns her face angrily ….
He smiles seeing her anger and move closer to …….sensing his closeness ..
She looks at him ?ly …..he moves more closer to her …bends her a little …his hot breath was touching her neck ….making her to go crazy she closes her eyes ….he moves more closer …takes the seatbelt …keeps it to her….he smiles naughtily
seeing her closed eyes …and kisses her cheeks romantically ..she breaths heavily
He smiles and bites her cheeks ……she immediately opens her eyes while pats back and sits on his seat …he smiles …
She looks at him angrily and wipes her cheek with her hand ….
He starts the car

Sanskar:(teases)oh when I kissed ur lips u dnt wiped it then y for cheeks haa ..

She takes a tissue and wipes her lips ….smashes the tissue and throws out
And gives him a angry look
He smiles and again pulls her wrist by his one hand while by other he was controlling the car ….he pulls her and licks her lips while she widens her eyes coz of sudden reaction …..he pats back …

Sanskar:(teases) don’t wipe if u do so …I will do thz again …waise bhi I don’t have any problem to repeat it u know tat (winks)

She turns her face angrily …
While he smiles …

Soon he stops the car infornt of a huge house …….he gets out of the car. ..goes towards swara’s side opens the door..but she doesn’t get down ..he smiles and takes her in his arms yet again …

Sanskar:(teases) u love to be in my arms right ….waise even I love it …

Swara:arrrggg leave me …..put me down I said ….

He just smiles and takes her inside. …..while all servants present there …smiles looking at them as they already know swara ….

Swara;(anger) can’t u hear ….u idiot

He smiles ….enters a room …makes her stand …..and closes the door while she keeps on beating him …
He locks the door ….turns and holds her hands ….


She jerks her hands gives him a angry look and turns ……..was surprised and overwhelmed to see the room ….it was a beautiful room ….her photos were all around the room ….he smiles and back huge her

Sanskar: abhi bhi naraz ho kya

Yes she is still angry ..she jerks and moves away angrily …sanskar understood tat she is still angry ….

Sanskar:arrey jaan I’m sorry …

She angrily sits on the bed …..
He shakes her head …goes towards her …
And sits beside her

Sanskar:okay at least pyaar sai sanskar bulado …..
Swara:oh hello Mr SM….y should I call u sanskar haa..u r not my sanskar got tat ..
U r arrogant angry idiot …u knows only to do stupid works. ….
Sanskar:wat i’m arrogant …but I think
Someone loves thz ..arrogant right.
Swara:(anger) I don’t love u……I love my sanskar…. U r Mr angry bird SM
Sanskar:(teases) but ur sanskar is stupid
Don’t have any sense and …..
Swara:(anger) shutup…don’t u dare to word abt my sanskar. …(smiles) he is so cute my sansku. and loves me soo much…..(anger) and u opposite to him
Sanskar:(smiles & teases) but u know wat ur sanskar love is not comparable to my jaan’s love …..u know she is so beautiful and loves me more than anything …but ur sanskar is no 1 duffer ….
Swara:aarrggg u r idiot …ur Jaan is one stupid …and listen sanskar loves me more got tat
Sanskar:(teases) don’t lie …I know my jaan loves me more. ..and ur sanskar he is waste fellow
Swara:(anger) Arrrgg shut up shut up ..
Ur jaan is idiot duffer stupid chudail bhooth devil …..

Sanskar brust into laugh ….

Sanskar: hahaha ….swara…hahaha lol ….u r soo funny scolding urself (pulls her cheeks)

Swara turns her face angrily

Just then they hears a knock sound …

Servant:sir dinner is ready …..
Sanskar:hmm okay we will come
Servant:okay sir ….
He leaves from there

Sanskar:swara chalo ..let’s have dinner ….

But keeps angry face and turns

Sanskar:(shakes his head) impossible. …

Saying thz he takes her in his arms ….and makes a way to the dining area …soon they reaches there ….he makes her sit on the chair and serves her food …but she wasn’t eating ….as she was angry ……
He thinks something and smiles naughtily
……pulls her by wrist ….she falls on his lap ….her hairs falls on his shoulder …he smiles and stuckes the hair behind and wraps his arms around …

Sanskar:don’t u want to eat ….
Swara:(anger)..no. ……and now leave me (struggles but he tightens his grip more on her)

Sanskar: have ur dinner Jaan….
Swara:I don’t want (anger)
Sanskar:oh is tat so ….

He smiles naughtily and pulls her closer ..and caresses her back sensuously ….
..and moves her hand to her tops zip ..and opens it slightly ….she widens her eyes in shock

Swara:w..a..t…w.a..t ..r u…doing…
Sanskar:(teases) wo u don’t want to eat na ……sooooooo (winks)

Was abt to slid the zip …..but she gets up from the lap …..but he holds her wrist

Sanskar:(smiles naughtily) where r u going ….let me finish my work
Swara;wo…. wo….I…haan… I …will….ea..t…

Saying thz she sits on the chair while he smiles winningly …..soon both haves there dinner …..


Swasan room

Sanskar comes out of the washroom and looks at the bed but doesn’t find swara there …he turns …and finds her sleeping on the couch ….

Sanskar:(shakes his head) angry ..

He again thinks something and smiles naughtily ….

Sanskar:(smiles) but i know to handle u …..

He moves towards her ….and looks at her who was pretending to sleep …..he smiles looking at her cute angry face ….he comes upon her …she opens her eyes feeling the weight ……gives a angry look yet again

Sanskar:waise it is best than bed hai na (winks)
Swara:arrrgg u idiot stop irritating me and sleep on ur so called bed…
Sanskar:but how can i sleep without uu
Swara:u…r….aaaaa .. Stubborn idiot ….

She pushes him …..takes the pillow ..and puts on the bed …..and sleeps there ….
He smiles ….getsup and goes towards her …….sleeps beside her ….hugging her from back ….tightly placing his hand under her top on the belly ….caressing it sensuously and nuzzling his face in hairs inhaling her sweet fragrance …. While she smiles …


How was the episode hope u all liked it and thank u all for ur lovely comments …sorry busy so dnt reply …thank u all once again

And nehasuhana dr u can send me request I will surely accept it thank u and haa plz call me tanu ….no feriha ….coz u r my friend right

Bye love u all dua karo for my exams


    • Feriha_Tanu



      Thank u soooooooooooooo much yaar see i replied for ur lovely comment and abt da the reason y sanskar left in previous episode he left a recording before leaving intat only he tells
      Well if u ask me its coz of guilt

  1. Kakali

    Soo lovely chappy Tanu… huffff after a long time SWASAN pure romance is back…😊😊loved it dear..😙😙. i must say my Sanskar has become asanskari.. shemeless prince..😗

  2. Nupur

    Hey I’m a new reader of your FF! Can you please give me the links of previous season & previous parts of this season?

  3. SwaSanFan.Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Awsum…Hahaha Poor Office Staff.SWASAN ROCKED n STAFF SHOCKED😅😅😅..Swara is soo Cute in Angry Look 😙😙😙..Pllzz let swara forgivr Sanskaar n show their Romance Plzzz..m continue soon

  4. nehasuhana

    Ok tanu all the best and my fb I’d is different from this so don’t be confused ok azra anin schehrazade that’s my name

  5. nehasuhana

    Ofcourse u are my sweet friend and I like to call me as anin dear may Allah bless u for ur exam

  6. Reethi

    Awesome. Hehe I thought they will either fight or some emotional scene like swara rona n all but thus is aweee😍😍😍😍😍they r fighting sillyly n Swara hahaha😃😃😃.she us scolding herself omg this girl is really impossible. We can c love in there silly fight also.cho sweet😚😚😚😚.will be waiting for next part.post asap

  7. anu

    awesome.. haha swara cute angry face.. poor office staff… loved it.. update soon all the best for ur exams… are if i as one thing u dont mind na how many parts this ff has.. sorry for asking but reply this.. mujhe lag raha hai ur trying to finish this haina tanu.. hehe all the best update soon

  8. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    I was thinking of some emtnl scenes…swaraz rona ruthna n sankyz manana… i jus loved it… dey were cute… continue soon

  9. myna

    awwwwwwww soooooooooo cuteeeeeee i thought it was going to be a emotional scene thanks for the fast update all the best for exams

  10. Pinkistar

    I really luv this type of stories ummah continue like this in next episode also I m loving it……… Nd sorry for late comment nd haan I have been patch up with my bro thank you for the advice 😊😊😊☺☺☺😘😘😘

  11. Feriha_Tanu



    Thank u all guys and no post today
    May be 2mro also no post but I will try
    anu abt ur question abt ending thz ff i really don’t know abt it hmmmm well I will ask u all’s suggestion ….
    Thank u once angain love u all

    And silent readers be silent I’m katti with u bye

    • anu

      dont dare to end … no ending i want 100 parts…. its my demand and u giving thats it…. chalo exams ko acche se padlo… and all the best .. its okay we will wait 2days after that update 1part… bye.

  12. Swar Kapoor

    Ohooooooo Tanu. Kya baat hai. Superb mind blowing Awesome Romantic amazing Lustful and s*xy Episode. Loved it yaar Thankss for writing such a a beautiful episode

  13. Tooba

    Uffff finally back from lots of work of school…… So much tests together…… I’m just sick of it, Today only read all parts in one go and hey Meri gair mojudgi mai itna bara drama hogaya 😱😱😱😱😱……… Ohh I missed so many episodes😳😳😳 but don’t worry now on I will try to be regular cz I can even die for this FF😘😘😘 And Tanu full on Swara k samne uske husband ko line marahi thi😜😜😜 Swara se joote chappal khana chahti thi kia😄😄😄 agar chahiye the to mujhe bol deti😉 mere pas Bohot sare hain😜😜😜 and next I really wanted Sanskar himself know the truth and I really wanted Sanskar to that Samar like a lion….. Wow I only wanted to see this beast side of Sanskar😘😘😘😘 he looks more hot in anger😜😜😜 (Sirf tu he nahi hum bhi line marsakte hain kunke wo hamara bhi Sanku cutie hai😛😛😛) and at last Swasan openly romance hahaha😄😄😄 girls staff ki to band baj gai hogi…… Swasan rocks and staff shocks😄😄😄😘😘😘…… And really Swara looks sooooooooo cute in angry mood😘😘😘😘 and hahaha😄😄😄😄😄😄 Sanku ne kia phasaya Shona ko….. Apne ap ko he churail bolne lagi😄😄😄…… Waiting for Swasan hot romance😍😍😍😘😘😘 plsssssss come soon or else my stomach will be paining thinking about FF😘😘😘😘…….. Tanu I’ve sent you a friend request as name Tooba Khalid and my profile pic is of Sanku cutie😘😘😘😘 plsssssss accept my friend request😘😘😘😘😘😘

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