SwaSan! you r my life! – (Season-2) (Episode – 20)



Sanskar gets conscious ….he slowly opens his eyes ….was confused see all …..looks at uttara who was sleeping on his chest ….hugging him tightly. …..

Sanskar:(caressing her hair’s) Uttara ….

Hearing his soft voice all looks at him ….
Uttara gets up ….looks at him

Uttara:bhai ….

Sanskar gets up from the couch

Sanskar:(confused) wat happen …all r here
Aur y I was sleeping here …..
Uttara:wo u were ………(laksh signals her to keep quite she does so)
Sanskar: (confused) mai kya???
Laksh:wo bhai uttara wanted to meet u ….
So we came here ….and abt ur sleep …swara told ki u were feeling tiered so u slept ….hai na swara (looks at her)
Swara:(nodes) yes
Sanskar:(smiles ) strange me aur sleep and i don’t remember at all
Laksh:leave it na bhai…..(looks at swara)
Waise swara u wanted to tell bhai abt something right (signals her something )
Sanskar:wat. ….

Swara: (understood) yes. ….haan… Sanskar
wo rishi wants some help from me…..
abt the project actually we both r doing that
As dean asked us to do …..so if u don’t mind rishi will stay at manshion for today is it okay (looks at sanskar)
Sanskar:(smiles) madam its our home . .not only mine so u need not ask any permission from me okay …..waise bhi
Rishi is ur friend he can stay ..
Rishi: (smiles) thank u sanskar
Sanskar: u r welcome ..(smiles)
Swara fake smiles

Laksh:bhai …now we have to take leave from here …..(to uttara) uttara come…

Uttara hugs sanskar tightly. ..

Uttara:noo (to sanskar) bhai I want to be with u ….
Laksh:uttara .
Sanskar:lucky let it be na…(to uttara) u r not anywhere my angel sis ..
Laksh:but bhai …….
Sanskar:lucky ….waise y r u leaving …stay for some time
Laksh:no bhai …I have some work to do so have to leave …(to uttara) okay uttara u stay me and ragini will leave …
Uttara: okay (nodes)
Laksh:hmmm bye bhai ….bye swara (looks at tanu and shakes her) tanu chal

Tanu who was lost in someone comes to sense (hehehe u better know )

Tanu:haan….yes…(confused) par y should I come
Laksh:coz u r staying at MM
Tanu:and who told u tat haa
Ragini:tanu u r staying with us ..now come
(Holds her hand)
Tanu:yeh 1st listen to me yaar
Ragini:wat???? Wat u want to say
Tanu:yehi ki I can’t stay there ..
Laksh:but y??
Tanu:coz today I’m leaving from here
Ragini:wat ..but y soo soon ….we dnt even talk properly …
Tanu:arrey ragu it’s really important so have to leave …..
Laksh: but….
Tanu:laku. …don’t worry I will meet u all again soon …but for now bye yaar
Laksh:okay but next time tujhe Jane nahi donga
Ragini:exactly (smiles)
Tanu:tike mere baab . .
Raglak:(hugs her) chal bye
Tanu:bye (smiles)

Sanskar was confusedly looking at them

Sanskar:laksh ..who is….(looks at tanu(
Laksh:bhai she is…..
Tanu:(interups) laku. .u go I will introduce myself
Laksh:(smiles) okay

Ragini hugs swara

Ragini:take care swara
Swara:(sad smiles and nodes)

Raglak leaves from there

Rishi:hmm so bye swara …I will meet u at ur home …..nice to meet u again sanskar
Swara just nodes
Sanskar:same here (smiles)
Uttara:(shyly smiles) bye rishi
Rishi:bye …

He leaves from there

Tanu:1min I will be back swara ..

She also leaves …..she looks at rishi
Runs to him

Rishi:(turns) u ..(confused)
Tanu:I want to say u something
Rishi:wat….don’t tell me ki u want fight with me again
Tanu:shut up monkey …..and now listen
Dekho rishi I know 1st love is 1st u can’t forget it ..but it doesn’t mean it is a true love …or u can’t love anyone ….see move on in ur life I’m sure u will find ur true love
Rishi: (confused & surprised) how …do u know tat ki. ……I wo….
Tanu:(in mind) arrey dumbo my hi tho thz ff writer I Will surely know na(to rishi)
I have some power ..from tat I came to know
Tanu:yeah for now bye ….and think abt my words

She leaves to the cabin ..

Rishi :but…arrey thz girl (shakes his head and leaves from there)

Tanu enters the cabin

Swara:Tanu where u went
Tanu:nowhere swaru leave it …
Swara:(smiles) okay …(to sanskar) sanskar she is……..
Tanu:(interupts) tanu ..swara ki friend
(Winks at swara and hugs sanskar)
(Omg omg …feeling jealous kya …no problem feel it hehehe)
Sanskar:(smiles) well I’m …..
Tanu:(breaks the hug) haha who don’t know u the famous business tycoon MR SM (smiles) waise u know (makes sanskar sit on the couch …sits beside him
While swara gives her death glare ….also sits beside sanskar)

Tanu:(continue) (chuckles) sanskar u know u r sooo handsome I’m just mad for u …I. Like ur every style ur smile …ur hair …urs everything

Swara fumes in jealousy

Sanskar:(smiles) well thanks for the complement …….
Tanu:hyhy ur smiles its soo sweet
Sanskar:haahaa ur so funny
Tanu:wow is it so ..and ur laugh …….

Swara who was burning in jealous …drags tanu to a corner

Swara:(jealous) bas Kar chipkali .sticking my hubby like a fevicol
Tanu:aah swaru soo bad I’m chipkali haaa
Chal I will not talk to u(fake sad face)
Swara:haa haa bas kar dramebaaz (smiles)
Tanu:.(smiles) keep smiling meri friend ….
But sacchi I’m mad for sanskar ..(chuckles)
Swara:(fake anger)tanu ki bacchi
Tanu:accha tike baba …bye ..bye sanskar bye uttara ..
Swara:(smiles and hugs her) bye
Sanskar and uttara:bye

Tanu leaves ……

Soon swasan with uttara also leaves to s&s manshion



Swasan room

Swara was arranging the bed ..lost in deep thoughts …..sanskar comes out of the washroom ..looks at her and smiles ….
He goes towards her and back hugs ….
Placing his hand her belly …nuzzling his face in her hairs ….inhales the fragrance of her body. ……

Sanskar:jaan (kisses her shoulder lovingly)

Swara was breathing heavily feeling his touch it was like heaven for her ….
He moves her hairs one side …and keeps teasing her shoulder ……kissing there


Uttara wasn’t feeling sleepy. ….
She getsup …looks at jug for water but it was empty

Uttara:(looks at jug) no water …..cholo let’s get it

She getsup and leaves. ….

On her way she bumbs with someone and was abt to fall she closed her eyes in fear …..but get hold by the person ….feeling herself save she opens her eyes ….was lost in the person who saved her ….

Uttara: Rishi (yes it is he)
Rishi:(makes her stand)r u fine uttara
Uttara:(comes to sense & blushes) haan
wo actually I came take water. .
Rishi:hmm okay….but be careful
Uttara:(nodes shly)
Rishi smiles and was abt to leave but……
Uttara:rishi …
Rishi:(turns) haan uttara…
Uttara:wo actually I want to say ….something not. from now but the day I saw u from day itself
Rishi:(confused) wat….
Uttara:wo rishi I (blushes) i love u

Shock bechara rishi got a shock…he dnt reply anything but left from there ….
Uttara feels sad ….also leaves
Rishi keeps thinking abt tanu’s words ….


Screen shifts to swasan

Sanskar slide the sleeves of her shoulder ..and began to kiss her …sensuously and romantically ……
She cluthes his hand which was on her belly. ..closes her eyes feeling the touch
But …something strikes to her mind she immediately opens her eyes and pats away

Swara:(avoids eye contact) sanskar ….I will see uttara …and rishi …….

Before she could complete he pulls her by wrist …..turns her …and looks at her lovingly careses her face ….

Sanskar:(rubs her lips) sshsshhh
Swara: I’m feeling tiered ..(avoids eyes contact)

He lifts her chin and smashes his rough lips on her soft lips ……was kissing her sensuously ..with all his love care …she lost …but she herself know how happy she is …..she was scared too …last night incident which a horror or a bad dream for her always now flashes in her eyes. ….
He pulled her more closer not letting a inch gap b/w them ….and began to kiss her more and more sensuously …..he bites her lower lip …she gasp in pleasure ….taking its a opportunity he enters into her mouth. …..their tounges interwind with each other.tasting the essence of eachothers mouth …..it was long lasting broked due do lack of oxgyen. ….
Both were lost in each other eyes ….
Sanskar lifts her in his arms …and places her on the bed gently yet lovingly
She was just lost in him ….

He adjust bedsheets on her ….kisses her forehead lovingly and sleeps beside her ….hugging her tightly

Sanskar:u were feeling tiered right …sleep ….(whisphers in her ears) I love u jaan
good night …

Swara just smiles and keeps her head on his chest …hugs him tightly ..
Hides her face in his chest ….he smiles and careses hr hairs lovingly

Swara:(teary eyes but controls ) (in mind(
Sorry sanskar……sorry to lie u…..sorry

Swara’s behavior. ….and today laksh’s behavior …made sanskar tensed …..
Swara’s silence was killing him more over she was avoiding him ..
And laksh was also dnt talk to him properly
He wanted to ask but kept quite

Soon both dozes …thinking something deeply …in each other embrace

Hope u all liked thz epi ..plz do comment guys ……next epi u will SM ka Avatar but thz time it will more scary
But wat do u think. …..how come sanskar came to know abt all thz. ..
And still I dnt reveal the person drugging sanskar whom do u think????

Thank u all guys coz exams I’m not able to reply all of u ……

And sweety u asked abt me right
Tho yeh Lee

I’m Feriha ..log mujhe pyaar se Tanu bolathe hai …..I live in Bangalore ….aur my age is 17….and i’m a friend of u (hehehe) hai na ab tell abt u
Hmm bye guys love u all

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  1. WOW superb. Yaar tanu I want you to make swara pregnant and take swasan on A holiday. There swara suffers from miscarriage and then she iz shattered. Sanskar takes a lot of care for swara to make her sweet and bubbly like before. And there are beautiful swasan moments then. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can you put this part in your ff in next chapter plsss I want this bcause this perfectly suits for your storyline. And you have done a great job in writing this lovely FF on swasan

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