SwaSan! you r my life! – (Season-2) (Episode – 19)



Swara ,laksh,Rishi were looking at sanskar who was sleeping on the couch in unconscious state ……with a worried expression

Just then Tanu (hehehe) comes there with the reports

Tanu:(to leo) sir

Leo and rishi looks at her where as swara and laksh were still looking at sanskar lost in thoughts

Leo:yes Tanu
Tanu:sir blood sample is checked I got the reports of it …..and sir hamara shak sahi nikla
Leo:(worried)u mean ki………
Tanu:yes sir . .
Leo:(worried) oh my god. …..

Rishi who was looking at them ?ly got worried seeing their expression

Rishi:(worried) is everything alright dr
Leo:no Mr Rishi ….nothing is right
Rishi:(confused & worried) wt do mean Dr Leo ….
Leo:yehi ki the reason behind sanskar’s change behavior is coz of DRUGS!!!

Rishi was hell shocked. ….while
“Drugs” thz word made echoed in swara and laksh’s ears brushing their thoughts they looked at leo in a shock and surprised …..

Swara:(choking voice) D..r…u..g..s
Leo:yes ma’am …Drugs ….its all coz drugs
It is a kind of drugs which makes a man mind numb …unstable ….he / she who takes thz drugs …they themselves will not know abt their change behavior .as u said in Mr SM case .

Laksh:(shock ) but Dr Leo. ….y would bhai take thz drugs
Tanu:exactly Mr Laksh it isn’t taken by Mr SM (to leo) sir I’m sure someone is drugging him …..and sir by thz drugs it is easily manipulate any person hai na
Leo:yes tanu….i’m surprised how can any get thz drugs ….I mean it is legall right

Tears made a way from the beautiful eyes of Angel …Swara ….hearing all thz …..
She covered her face with plams
And was crying …..

Rishi looks at her ….he feels sad a drop tear falled from his eyes seeing her inthz state ….he immediately wiped it ….
Walked towards swara …and sat beside her

Rishi:swara plz don’t cry ….plz swara..
(Keeps hand on her shoulder) swara plz

Swara:(tears and choking) S..a…n..s.Kar
I want…..m.y……Sans….k…a..r ….. Ris…hi…
Mujhe…..mera …..s…a….n..s…kar ….me….

She felt a soft hands taking off her plams from the face ….she lifted her head …and
Was surprised to see the person ….

Swara:(surprised) Tanu. ..(he he its me)

Tanu sits in her knees in front of swara …and wipes her tears …

Tanu:u will get back ur Sanskar…. So stop crying …….ur love is true swaru so don’t give up u will get back …(smiles)
Swara nodes with smile in tears

Tanu:(wipes her tears) abb yeh sab chod ……chal give me ur sweet smile and …haan ek hug tho bantha hai yaar after all 1saal baad we r meeting na (smile)
Swara smiles and hugs …..

Leo:I have to leave now (smiles)
He leaves from there

Swara:(breaks the hug) how r u….
Tanu:I’m tho fine .was missing u all soo much…(fake anger) but u and laku ragu. ..
Completely forget me na

Turns and looks at laksh who was standing with a super duper shock expression

Tanu:yeh loo still in shock
Swara smiles…

Tanu gets up and goes to laksh. . ..shakes him

Laksh comes to sense looks at Tanu who was smiling at him

Laksh:Tanu ..tu. ..sachi …(surprised)
Tanu pinches him. ..
Laksh:aahhhh ..
Tanu:(smiles) sachi mai hoon
Laksh:(shakes his head) u will never change (smiles and hugs her)
Tanu:haahaa I know
Laksh: (breaks the hug ) waise how come u here …
Tanu:(smiles) I came here with leo sir. ..
I’m his junior dr na…so he took me with him to assists him …waise I must say …
Tu tho phele se hi was mad for ragu but (looks at swara) how come u became his bhabhi …

Swara remembers all her moments with sanskar …tears again began to flow from her eyes …..

Tanu and laksh looks at swara ….
And gets sad

Tanu:swaru ..I said na every thing will be fine don’t cry na (sad)

Something strikes to swara’s mind

Swara:tanu who can drug sanskar. ..I mean
I will always be with him na then how come someone drug him (confused)
Tanu:swara there is something …someone whom u r unable to see…..
Swara:but who?
Laksh: Swara if someone is drugging bhai then the person wants harm bhai … .
Laksh:I have a plan
All looks at him confusedly :watttt!!
Laksh:WO (tells something)
Swara:will it work laksh. …
Laksh:(assure) yes swara. ….bhai will be fine soon ………so ….(looks at rishi)
Rishi:(smiles) yes sure laksh I will stay at swara’s place
Swara:(smiles) thank u rishi
Rishi:friendship mai no thank u no sorry u only thought it na (smiles)
Tanu:(confused) laksh who is he
Rishi:i’m Rishi….. Swara’s friend(smiles)
Tanu:ooh yaahaan ka romeo. …air serial ka majhnu. ..
Tanu:nothing ur face …
Rishi:wat the hell …….
Tanu:kya …wt u said…
Laksh:arrey. ..bas kar tanu. …..
Rishi:(grinned ) stupid …
Tanu:hey Teri ….
Laksh closes her mouth. ..
Laksh:chupp ..u do ur thz fights after ….1st let me call ragini …
Tanu:okay. …(pouts)

Laksh calls ragini

#in call#

Laksh:hello ragini (tells her something)
Os: ……….
Laksh:wat …..
Laksh:hmmm okay u both come Soon

Call ends …

After sometime

Ragini comes there ..

Ragini:laksh …
Laksh:(looks at her ) ragini ….uttara …
Ragini:she came ….uttara …

Uttara comes there with a teary eyes. …

Laksh:(concerned) uttara. ..
Uttara:(tear and hugs) bhai I heared everything wat u and bhabhi were talking
…ki sanskar bhai is …bhai …
Laksh:(breaks the hug and cups her face) ssshh nothing will happen to bhai okay. …..and listen u r not gonna tell anyone abt thz at home ..okay
Uttara nodes ….turns and looks at sanskar ….she runs and hugs the unconscious sanskar ….
Laksh just wiped his tears showing himself as strong but he better knows how much he is broken inside

Tanu goes towards ragini

Ragini:(looks at her and smiles) hi tanu..
Laksh told me ki u came (hugs her)(breaks at hug and looks at swara) I”m missing my swara. …naughty bubbly girl. ….dekho
Wat happen to her now …she is like lifless body (tears)
Tanu:don’t worry ragu next episode mai sab teek hojaye ga


Sorry I know it was a bakwas episode …
Sanskar tho ek scene kiliye bhi nahi tha
But wat to do thz episode was must needed for upcoming story …
And i’m sorry if u bored or dnt felt nice coz add of me in thz ff ….
If I get more response then I will surely post next asap if no tho ….then me also no
Comment kardo yaar

Precap:Sanskar to know everything ..
Wt will be his reaction ???????????
Samar to force swara again who
Will save her????
Swara to faint but y????????
Sanskar to leave India but y??????
Love story rishi ki begins but with whom ???????????
Whom do u want to pair with rishi???????

A San chodke ….swasan ka romance tho chaltha rahega (hehehehe)
Bye ..love u take rcare ….
Dua karo for exams

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