SwaSan! you r my life! – (Season-2) (Episode – 17)



A voice: Swara

Swara and laksh turns to see the person
Who was looking at them in shock and surprised expression

(Yeah guys its R for Romeo R for Rishi)

Rishi comes forward

Rishi:swara wat is thz ..y sanskar…..
Swara:I will talk u later rishi (to laksh) laksh 1st let’s take sanskar to the room (worried)

Laksh nodes and keeps sanskar’s one hand on his shoulder ….makes him stand
While swara was abt to take his another hand but

Rishi:swara shall I help

Swara simply nodes ….
Both laksh and rishi takes him to the room

Swasan room

Trio with sanskar enters the room
…. ..places sanskar on the bed

Rishi:swara atleast now tell me wat happen to sanskar
Swara:(covers it) nothing rishi its just he is not feeling well …
Rishi:no need to lie swara I had seen everything ..sanskar words ..all
Swara:(tears) rishi plz….
Rishi:swara u only used to say tat we r friends right …so y can’t tell ur friend

Swara looks at laksh ..”wat should I do”
Look …. Laksh nodes her to say ..
Swara also nodes

Swara:hmmm OK rishi I will tell ….day before yesterday me and sanskar left the house …as he usually drops me at clg ..and leaves to office …..he did so …and (she tells everything) (tears) I don’t know rishi wat is happening he is behaving so strange

Rishi gets sad seeing her in tears as he never saw her like thz broken and pale

Just then something strikes to laksh mind

Laksh: swara…when did u saw Samar …I mean when did u met him
Swara:yesterday only laksh …. Bua ma called sanskar and asked us to visit MM
Laksh: oh my god …how can I forgot abt tat lady …swara yesterday when u and bhai visited MM she was there right
Laksh:when I and ragini came there at night she wasn’t there ….
Swara:(confused) laksh wat do u mean .say it clearly
Laksh:Swara don’t u thing something wrong …. See yesterday u met Samar
…yesterday night only tat bustard (anger and stops)
Rishi:i’m getting u laksh ……(to swara)
Swara did u told anyone abt sanskar’s behavior rather than me and laksh
Rishi:then u only said tat ki Samar told tat sanskar brought u to MM and he will not rescue u ….
Swara:(surprised)iska mathlab Samar already knows abt sanskar’s change behavior
Laksh: exactly …..
Swara:but how come …
Rishi:tat we have find out swara…
Something is very fishy
Laksh:haan rishi … But before tat we should consult bhai to a doctor…. we can’t
risk bhai’s health
Swara:haan laksh ….but don’t u think
The person who is behind all thz comes to know abt sanskar’s treatment ..(tensed)
If he harm more ……
Laksh:no swara no will come know abt thz coz we r not gonna tell anyone
Laksh:but I can’t hide all thz from one person
Swara:wat …whoz tat
Laksh:(smiles shyly) Ragini
Swara and Rishi laughs
Rishi:hahahahaha okay okay….(to swara)
Swara I have to leave now …bye …. Bye laksh
Laksh:rishi …wait I will also come . .let’s meet Dr Leo
Rishi:Dr Leo the great Doctor …do u want to consult sanskar to him (surprise tone)
Rishi:but I have listened tat he leaves in USA …
Laksh:yeah he leaves there
Rishi:then how can u consult sanskar…I
Mean he is in USA and we r in India right
….r u taking sanskar there
Laksh:no he will come here
Rishi:wat…but he is a big doctor …
Laksh:so wat….sanskar bhai’s is great businessman The SM …and no one will dare to refuse if it is matter of SM (proud smile)
Rishi:haan I frgt it ….. Okay comes let’s go
Laksh:haan….bye swara….

Rishi smiles and leaves from there
Laksh was also abt to go but


Laksh turns and looks at her ?ly
Swara comes forward

Swara:Laksh I know u r hurt by sanskar’s words ….i’m. ..s
Laksh:no swara i’m not hurt ..haan I was hurt but not now coz I trust my bhai …
He can never say such things ……never in his life u know y coz my bhai was is and will always be my idle …

He smiles and leaves from there
Swara smiles at her friend who understands her husband his bro so well may be more than her …..

She closes the door ….turns and looks at sanskar who is sleeping peacefully now ..
She goes towards him and sits beside him
Looks at him lovingly …she careses his hairs lovingly and keeps her head on his head. ……was thing abt their lovely moments….. Soon she too dozes off

After sometime

Sanskar feels a soft and familiar touch
……he slowly opens his eyes and finds his love his life sleeping peacefully ….almost laying on him holding him tightly ……
Her hair strands falls on his face …he smiles and tucks it behind . ……touchs her face lovingly
Feeling the touch swara also opens her eyes …finds sanskar .she gets scared remembering his anger and was abt to get up but…..her mangalsutar strucks to his shirt button . … She struggle to free it….
While sanskar looks at her confusedly …her behavior which is looking so new to him ….. He held her face with his palm

Sanskar:wat happen jaan

Jaan ….thz word made swara to look into his eyes. ..she look into his eyes which is so pure .. There was only love which is only for her …she realises tat it is her sanskar who loves her soo much more than anyone …

Sanskar:jaan ….wat happen
Swara:(smiles) nothing

Saying thz she hugs him …keeps her face on his hard chest …..he smiles too coz now thz is his swara who doesn’t want to be away from him not for a single min

Swara things something …and keeps playing with his shirt button

Swara:hmmm sanskar….
Sanskar:haan jaan (caressing her hairs)
Swara:u love laksh very much right
Sanskar: (smiles) yeah
Swara:how much do u love him
Sanskar:it can’t be measured swara …
Lucky is my everything u know he was always on my side in every situation …..
(Look at swara) before u. . it was only lucky who was most imp in my life ….
Now u both r the most imp part of my life
(Cups her face) YOU R MY LIFE ….and
Lucky is my strength

Swara smiles …
He looks at her lovingly …goes closer to her and was abt to capature her lips
But ….
Knock knock …some stupid knock the door
Sanskar irritatedly looks at the door
Swara chuckles

Suresh:swara bhabhi …sanskar sir…
Dinner is ready…..
Swara:haan suresh u go .. Me and sanskar will come
Suresh:okay. Bhabhi

He leaves ….

Swara looks at sanskar who is still looking at her lovingly

Swara:(smiles) sanskar come let’s have dinner
Sanskar:no Jaan ….let’s sleep
(Pulls her closer)
Swara:no 1st dinner then sleep ..now getup
(Getsup and pulls him)

Swara smiles both leaves from there



Ragini was waiting for laksh just then
He comes ….she looks at him …
goes towards him

Ragini:Laksh..u met jiju kya ….he is fine right ..(worried)
Laksh: ragini wo …….

He was abt to tell but just then his eyes falls on kaveri who was listening them
Curiously …he gets doubt and

Laksh:(smiles) haan sweetheart …he
Is fine wat will happen him …
Ragini:but laksh……
Laksh:leave tat ….come with me .

He takes her with him

Kaveri angrily looks at them which was noticed by laksh…

Raglak room

Ragini:laksh …u know right swara….
Laksh:I know …1st u sit here (makes her sit) Ragini wo (he tells everything)

She gets teary eyes …..knowing the pain which her sis …swara was going through
….laksh wipes her tears

Laksh:now listen(tells something)
Ragini:(shock) do u mean..ki ..
Laksh: yeah I mean tat …
Ragini:hmmm okay. …I wish everything will be fine soon
Laksh:I wish too. (Hugs her) I want
My bhai back….
She smiles and hugs him back
Ragini:u will


Swasan were eating there dinner
Just then swara’s phone rings
She looks at the caller id

Swara:(whisphers) laksh …

She looks at sanskar..
And was abt to cut the call but

Swara:(in mind) no it might imp …I will talk to him (to sanskar) sanskar ma ka phone hai ..I will be back …

She thz she leaves from there before
He could say

Sanskar: arrey swara….hmm oh god
Wat happen to her …


Swara goes to a room …closes the door
Lifts the call

#on call #

Swara:haan laksh bolo
Laksh:swara ..wo me and rishi talked with Dr Leo …. He is coming 2mro to India
For bhai’s treatment
Swara:really laksh
Laksh: haan.. And swara (tells her something)
Swara:but laksh I don’t think so…I mean
The way…..
Laksh:(tells something )
Swara:hmmm okay bye

She cuts the call and leaves from there


Swara comes dinning area but doesn’t find sanskar there …

Swara:Sanskar …..

She looks at kamla who is cleaning table

Swara:kamla ..
Kamla:haan Malkin
Swara:tumne sanskar ko dekha kya …
Kamla:wo Malkin mene sahab ko app kai room taraf jaate hoye dekha ..
Swara:ohhk. …..

She also leaves to room

Swasan room

Swara enters the room and finds sanskar sitting on the bed

Swara:(smiles) Sanskar ….

He looks at her ……she gets scared yet again. …he is not her sanskar …who loves her …..he is the same sanskar who hurted her …who is reason behind her tears …
His red eyes …which is filled with rage and anger was making her more scared ..
But she thinks something and gains courage to face him

Swara:Sanskar wo…..

Sanskar:(shouts in anger) shut ur mouth

She jumps in fear

He comes towards her ….helds her hand tightly

Sanskar:get lost from here
Swara:(tears) no sanskar I will not …
Sanskar: who the hell r u to refuse my words
Swara:i’m your wife
Sanskar:wife. .huh!

Tightens his grip more on her ….takes her and pushes her on the bed

Swara:sanskar u r hurting me ….
Sanskar:yeah I Will ….u r my wife right

He opens his shirts button ….throws his shirt on the floor
Swara gets scared and moves back

Swara:(fears) w..a..t …r …u d..o..n.g
Sanskar:showing u the husband rights (dangerous tone)
Swara:sanskar u r not in sense …

Before she could complete he pulls her and comes upon her…….pins her beneath
Clutches her hand with his
….and places his hard and rough lips on her soft lips … He was kissing her ..harshly like he wanted to ruin the softness of her lips biting it hardly …..she wasn’t participating in the kiss …he was kissing her hungrily ….removing her clothes ……
He nuzzles her face on her neck. ..began ..bite and kiss there. …all her clothes were removed ….he was biting and kissing her all over harshly ..she Morn’s in pain
Yeah pain it was only giving her pain..
There was no any pleasure coz there was no love in his touch now …she want to push him ….but no she can’t do so coz she helpless …coz thz man is her love her everything she can’t push him …the only thing she can do is to let her tears flow from her beautiful big eyes ……she kept
Quit bearing the pain which her love her sanskat giving to her …….they were marks all over her body …
He enters into her …..she screams in pain but he doesn’t show any mercy on her…
He was making it more hard and deeper ….
The scream which was echoing the room
Became quite ….yes she became silent coz she falled in a deep sleep ……thz made him to look at her ….now his heart was feeling the same pain …tears made way from
His eyes …..he head began to ache yet again he held his head in pain ….
…..and faints


How was the episode my friends I know u all will surely not like it …I even know u also want to punch me for not updating my ff
Regularly but the next u be more angry on me guys I will not be able update my ff
Still sep 20 i know u all will be angry on me but sorry yaar I have exams ..should
Prepare for tat hope u all understand but after my exams pakka I will post my
Ff regularly but still tat pardon me ……
Pray for me …for exams ….love u bye
Take care

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