SwaSan! you r my life! – (Season-2) (Episode – 16)



Samara was leaning kiss her ….
Swara fumes in anger by his thz act and gave a tight slap to him

Swara:(anger) dare u touch me…… if sanskar comes to know tat ki u r trying to harm me ..he will surely kill u … so better be in ur limits

Samar touched his cheek where she slapped him …. he got furios and pulled her closer to him

Samar:(anger) how dare u slap me haa and wat did u say Sanskar haa (laughs sarcastically) U r sanskar will kill me hahahaha (stops) ..then i guess ur sanskar only bought u here ….hai na

Swara looks at him confusdely

Samar:do u know y sanskar bought u here (drags her and throws on the bed) coz i want to enjoy a night with u baby (touches her seductively)

Swara:(jerks in anger) just shut up …my sanskar can never do such cheap things ..he loves me a lot
Samar:oh is tat so … then y did he brought u here and (whisphers in her ears) y did he locked u in my room …
look around its my room baby ..

Swara looks at room and was shocked …
yes now the same questions where running in her mind

Swara:(tears) no my sanskar ..can’t do thz
Samar:(laughs evily) but ur sanskar did it baby …he left u here so tat i can have fun with u …so be a good and enjoy

“He left u here so tat i can have fun with u”
thz words were running in her mlnd she became numb …. he leans to kiss her yet again …. but thz time she dnt protest coz she was in shock like a statue ….don’t know wats happening with her ….is not tat she not bold enough to fight with thz bustard samar … she is bold … but now her condition was like a blank paper not understanding wat is happening with her ….sitting like statue ..
samar smriks and was abt to kiss her ..but


Thz sound made swara come to her sense ….she looked at the floor where samar ws laying with the blood ozing from the corner of his mouth ….she looked confused but later realised tat he got a solid punch from someone ….she look up to see the person who is reason for punch …….. and was suprised to see the person
his eyes were red … he wss fuming in anger

Swara:(whisphers) LAKSH

yup its laksh

he came forward …made samar stand
……and gave another punch …. he kicks him … was continuesly beating him black and blue …

in meantime …

Swara heared a door sound …she looks at the door …. and finds ragini who entered ..

Ragini:swara ….

Swara looks at ragini…. she gets teary eyes …runs and hugs her …. she was crying … yes crying …she wasn’t shedding tears only coz no one were there to give her a shoulder all thz time ….but now she got a shoulder to let her tears flow from her beautifull eyes ….ragini caress her hairs and consoles her

Ragini:swara see (cups her face) u r fine …plz don’t cry …

but she cries more by hugging ragini

here laksh was beating him nicely

Laksh:(anger) how… dare u blo*dy bustard (puches)
Samar:(hold his hand) hey laksh just stop it man …and y the hell r u beating me
Laksh:(holds his collor) wat were u doing with swara …(anger)
Samar:(acts innocently) swara …she (points to swara) wat i was doing with huh! infact she came here ..and u know wat she was saying ki she wanted be in physical realationship with me …. chi ..i ….

Tat is was for laksh he fumes in anger like hell . ……. punched him, kicked him, continuesly

Laksh:Don’t use ur cheap tricks on me (kicks) u bustard …
Samar:laksh i’m…

Laksh:just shut ur blo*dy mouth

saying thz he kicks his main point … such tat he falls unconsious

Laksh walk towards swara …turns her and was abt to slap her but…


he stops ..fetchs his fist to control his anger

Laksh:swara wat were u doing here (shouts) answer me …… do u atleast know wat was going to happen with u haa …. wo tho acha howa ki ragini wasn’t feeling well so we had to return here …. and when i ws parking the car … we heared some noices from thz room …so i peeped from the window ….and wat i saw…(shakes his head in anger) …. how can u be so irresponsible swara … if we would hav’nt not came at the right time …. do u know wat would happen to u …… and bhai …. did u thought about bhai …huh! answer me damit
y r u here …at thz time …and where is bhai …(shouts) answer me swara…

hearing all thz she was crying more and more

Ragini:laksh stop it …. enough .. wat r u doing haa …is thz a right time ask all thz … look at her …. she is scared (to swara) swara come ….take some rest ..

ragini holds her wrist and was abt to walk …but swara doesn’t move ….ragini turns and looks at her ?ly

Swara:no ragu … not now … 1st let me answer him
Ragini:but swara…
Swara:(to laksh) so laksh wat did u say i don’t care abt ur bhai …and wat did u asked y i’m here at thz time right …
do u know who bought me here … it is ur bhai … yes coz ur bhai i’m here

Laksh:(confuse) wat …bhai …. but…
Swara:haan (tears) laksh …. Sanskar is behaving wierdly i…(tell everything)
Laksh:r u gone mad swara….. bhai can never do thz … u know right he loves u very much
Swara:(tears) yes laksh …my sanskar loves me very much…. but i don’t know laksh wats happening to him … something is wrong laksh…
Laksh:but swara .. . ……
Swara:(smiles sadly) u don’t trust me right
Laksh:no swara its not like tat … i trust u swara i know u won’t lie …. but i can’t belive tat ki my bhai can do such things …
Swara:even i can’t laksh …. do u think its easy to me to tell such things abt sanskar
…he is my love laksh …i love him very much ….(tears & falls on the floor) i love my sanskar …i…l…

Ragini also gets teary eyes seeing her sis
state ……she makes swara stand and wipes her tears ..

Ragini:(tear) swara plz don’t cry ..plz…. come take some rest … will talk abt thz later

saying thz she takes swara with her … laksh also follows them …

all thz was seen by a pair of eyes …
who was fuming in anger …

Person:(anger tone) how dare u laksh … how dare u will pay for it …. u will ….

the person dails a number …

person:hello ….listen (tells something)
person:good…(cuts the call)

person:swara ….laksh 2mro will be a worse day of ur whole life …tick ..tok tick tok ..
(smriks evily)


ragini… makes swara sleep …… soon swara dozes off …she was caressing her hairs lovingly ..

laksh:(to ragini) wo …. i’m sorry ..
Ragini:(looks at laksh angrily) baas laksh ..just leav from here …
ragini turns her face angrily ..
laksh feels sad and leaves from there



Swara:(to laksh) laksh plz drop me …. sanskar might be waiting for me …

Laksh looks at her in amazed

Swara:(smiles sadly) i know u r suprised …coz yesterday i told abt sanskar and now i want to go … to him …… its all LOVE laksh
which we can’t stop ……

Laksh:(smiles) hmm k come …
Ragini:but swara…
Swara:no ragu …plzz let me go
…..u r worried abt na …but don’t do so ..i’m fine ..
Ragini simply nodes

Swara;bye …ragu
Ragini:bye swara (hugs her)

soon both swara and laksh leaves from there


Soon they reaches to S&S Manshion

Both swara and laksh enters the manshion …as they entered …they heard a clapping sound like someone was clapping ….
They wonders who is it … and looks at the direction only to find sanskar yes it was sanskar who was clapping ….

Swara & laksh :(confused ) Sanskar / bhai

He walks towards them and stops clapping .. …

Sanskar: so love birds r back haa
Laksh: (confused) wt r u talking bhai…
Sanskar:fact …u both r love birds right (points to them)
Swara:(clam tone) Sanskar i ….
Sanskar:oh wait …..u both enjoyed right

saying thz he takes swara hand and keeps it on laksh’s hand

Swara: Sanskar wt r u doing…
Laksh:bhai …..
Sanskar:enjoyed ur night with ur lover right (to swara) …

This was it for swara …she becane furious ….her eyes became red with anger the person whom she loved the most is saying such words …she never imagined thz never in her life …

Laksh stood shock ..he can’t belive his own ears .. wat he just listened tat too from his bhai’s mouth

Sanskar:had fun tog…….

before he could complete ..

Swara gave a tight slap to him she was boiling with anger …

Swara:wat rubbish r u talking ..haa …how can say such cheap things sanskar (anger)

Sanskar fumes in anger and twists her hand

Sanskar:(anger) how dare u slap me…how
dare u …(twist her hand more)
Swara:(winces in pain) aahhhhh

Laksh:bhai …wat r u doing …. leave her…
she is ur wife …pyaar hai……
Sanskar:(anger) she is my wife right .i can do anything with her …who the hell r u to stop me ..(twist her hand more & more)

Swara:(tears) aahhhh…..sanskar..

This was it for laksh he couldn’t take it more .. so he pushed sanskar .
he falls on the floor

Sanskar:(shouts in anger) LAKSH!!!

Tears roll down from laksh eyes.. hearing thz he was broken…
he stepped a back

Laksh:u r not my bhai no u r not (to swara)
he is not my bhai swara. ….. my bhai doesn’t call me by thz name …no matter how anger he is in …(tears)

Swara : tears …

Sanskar was abt to stand but he feels pain in his head … he holds his head in pain


swara and laksh:(looks at him in shock) Sanskar / bhai


he holds his head in pain ..screams in pain and falls on the floor …

swara and laksh runs to him …they sits
Sanskar eyez was closed…

Swara:(tears) Sanskar .. Sanskar …open ur eyes plz sanskar (patts his cheeks)
Laksh:bhai…bhai. … kya howa…bhai

just then they hears a voice..

voice:Swara …

Swara and laksh turns and looks at the person who was looking at them in
shock and suprise


Hmmmm waise guys all ur guess of laksh saving swara is right maanah padega u all r too intelligent ….

waise how was thz epi plz do comments or else katti tanu is katti with u k…
love u all take care …bye

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