SwaSan! you r my life! – (Season-2) (Episode – 15)



Recalling the recent incident swara was
crying continuesly ..her love her sanskar who doesn’t wanted to see a single drop of tears in her eyes now himself is the reason behind her tears which was making a way from her big beautifull eyes

Dolly,suresh,kamla….they feels sad seeing swara’s state

Dolly:Swara beti
Swara wipes her tears and looks at them

swara:dolly aunty (she getsup) suresh ..sanskar ko kya howa…. dolly aunty y he is behaving so strange bolo na wat happen to my sanskar he is asking whom i am to him …he is don’t me his love (tears) suresh… sans….
Dolly:(cups her face) ssh beti don’t cry come sit
Swara:no tell me wat happen to my sanskar (tears)
Suresh:swara bhabhi we will say but 1st u sit and drink the water

Dolly aunty makes her sit ..gives her water to drink …she drinks it

Swara:abb tho bolo (tears)
Suresh:swara bhabhi actually at morning u and sir left na ….after sometime sir came to take some imp file …so he went to study to take it ..he was looking happy …but suddenly wat happen don’t know sir started throwing things …was shouting at us to leave from here .. but u don’t worry swara bhabbhi sir will be fine
Dolly:yes beti don’t cry now u know na sanskar baba doesn’t like tears in ur eyes plz sleep its already late
Swara:(wipes her tears) u r right dolly … i will not cry .my sanskar doesn’t hate tears in my eyes ….hmmmm suresh
Suresh:haan bhabhi
Swara:plz clean thz room
Suresh:okay bhabhi

Suresh cleans the the room ….soon after consoling swara both dolly and suresh along with kamla leaves from there ..

Swara looks at sleeping sanskar and smiles sadly ..she touches his face lovingly …kisses his forehead …takes his head and keeps in her lap …. starts caressing his hairs lovingly ….looking at him with all her love …. she couldn’t help the tears again flow down ……now she wasn’t able to think anything …the only thing she can do is to let tears come from her eyes …. soon she dozed off


It was a morning nither with any beauty nor with any bliss ….. thz morning is conveying tat today there will be a strom in our swasan life …. which will broke into pecies either swara or sanskar … but will it be successfull in doing tat???????? (how can it be haan tanu ki story hai yaar swasan kabhi nahi alag honge hehehe)

our heavenly and lovely couple swasan were sleeping but there was no peace on their face …. swara’s head was rested to headboard and sanskar was sleeping on her holding her tightly by her belly dugging his face there …. just then the sun ray falls on him disturbing his sleep he opens his eyes …as he opened his eyes he was suprised to see himself sleeping on swara’s lap … he looks at her …smiles seeing his sleeping beauty … goes closer to her face and was shocked to see tears marks on her beautifull cheeks it is clearly seen ki tat she had cried the whole night

Sanskar:(concerned & touches her face)
swara …jaan…

Hearing her name and feeling the touch swara opens her eyes

Sanskar:(concerned) jaan did u cried whole night but y did u cried and y the hell r u sleeping like thz (confused) but how come i slept on ur lap ..if at all i slept on ur lap
u could have placed me on the pillow right … now ur leg might paining jaan (touches her face lovingly)

She was staring him ….. and immedetly hugged him so tightly tat there was no gap b/w …he ws shocked by her sudden hug …the next he was more shocked when he felt tat his shirt going wet due to her tears

Swara:(tears) i love thz sanskar …thz is my sanskar ..wat happen to u yesterday
…sanskar plz ..don’t …behave like….. plz it kills me …… sanskar
Sanskar:(releases the hug & cups her face)
(confused & concerned) sssh wat happen jaan (wipes her tears) y r u crying …and
wat did i do

she doesn’t answer anything …but hugs him more tightly

Sanskar:(caress her hairs) jaan plz tell me wat happen (she sobs more) okay ..okay leave tat ….. but plz don’t cry

release the hug & lifts her chin ….. she simles sadly

Sanskar:(smiles) now come sleep ur back and leg might be paining coz of not sleeping properly(pats her cheeks)

he makes her sleep on the bed and was abt to leave but swara holds his wrist …he turns & looks at her

Swara: Sleep here plz ….i need u

Sanskar smiles ..and sleeps beside her wrapping his arms around her waist

soon both dozed off

After sometime there ws a ring on sanskar’s mobile …which made him to open his eyes ….he opens his eyes …..takes the mobile ….checks the caller id …was happy ..

Sanskar:(happy) Bua ma …

he was abt to getup but swara tigtens her grip on him not letting him to do so …. he smiles at his love …. hugged her ….and takes the call

Mobile conversation

Sanskar:(happy tone) good morning bua ma …hw r u
Other side:……………
Sanskar:(happy tone) wat samar came
Sanskar:now …but …..
Sanskar:hmmmm okay ….
Sanskar:(smiles) bye.

call disconnected

He looks at swara …caresses her hairs

Sanskar:jaan (whispher in her ears)
Sanskar:plzzz wake up …… bua ma ka call tha … she wants us to come to MM
Swara:(sleepy tone) hmmm okay

Sanskar smiles …kisses her forehead and pecks her lips

Sanskar:fresh up soon we have to leave
she nodes ….

Soon both were ready …

Swara:(in mind) i can’t tell sanskar abt yesterday incident ….i can’t see him guilty ….better i will talk to laksh ….he only can help me …i can’t let thz matter go so easily

Sanskar comes

Sanskar:arrey jaan come soon
Swara:(comes out of her thoughts & smiles ) haan coming

soon both swasan leaves from there


Swasan reaches to MM ….knocks the door
…..kaveri opens it

Kaveri:(smiles) arrey aagaye tum dono …..
Swasan smiles & takes blessings

Kaveri:(smiles) haan haan jite raho ..
Sanskar: how r u bua ma.
Kaveri: mujhe kya hoga i’m always fine ….now come in

swasan nodes and enters …… but swara’s was searching someone
kaveri notices thz. .

kaveri:kyo howa swara
Swara:wo bua maa …. badi ma and mom …r not looking …
Kaveri: actually they all have gone to a marriage ….
Sanskar:oooh …when they will retrun ???
Bua ma
Kaveri;2mro beta

Just then a voice comes

Voice:hey hello …sanskar

sanskar turns and wss happy to see the person

Sanskar:hey samar (hugs him) hw r u dude
Samar:i’m fine yaar (releases the hug & looks at swara while she looks at him confusedly)

Samar:Sanskar ….she is (pointz to swara)
Sanskar;(smiles & wraps his arm around her waist) Swara Sanskar maheswari my wife (looks at swara) and swara he is smara bua ma’s son
Samar:oh hi swara (extend his hand)
Swara:(smiles) hi (shakes the hand …he looks at her lustly and her caress her hand lustly while she feels discomfort and pulls her hand back ) ….

Kaveri:now come u all sit …and talk …i will arrange the snacks

trio nodes and takes there seats
soon they invovles in talks

While samar eyes was on swara staring her lustly ….she feels discomfort but keeps quite seeing sanskar’s happy face ….

They spent time there ….and later leaves from there

Samara:(smiles evily) i want u swara …. u r sooo irrestable oh god i want her


Swasan reaches to S&S Manshion

Swasan room

Swara was setting the bed ..lost in thoughts …sanskar comes and back hugs her

Sanskar:(kisses her shoudler) jaan wat…..

just then swara’s mobile rings which was on the bed.

Swara: (takes it & checks the caller id) ma
……. sanskar just a min …i will be back

saying thz she frees herself from his grip and leaves from there before he could say something


she comes back ….. and was suprised to sanskar ….his eyes were red filled with anger … now she can sense tat he iz looking the same as last night …. same anger …. she gets scared ….and was abt to say …. but he holds her wrist and drag her

swara : sanskar leave me…..

He drags her out …pushes in the car ….
droves …..while she was confused

Swara: sanskar where r we going …sanskar plz tel

but he doesn’t speak a word ….

soon he stops the …pulls her out …. drags her insed a manshion ….. she was confused but later realised tat it was MM

Swara:Sanskar …y we came here and …

before she could complete he pushes her in the room and locks the door …

Swara:(bangs the door( sanskar …open it ….wat happen to u all of a sudden y r u behaving like thz plzxz open the door …y bought me here …(tears)

A voice: for me baby
Swara turns and shocked to see samar

Samar:yes baby …me shocked na ..now leave tat all come lets have fun…. waise i’m unable to control myself seeing u in thz night dress u r looking more s*xy

he comes forward and touches her face senseously

Swara:(jerks) hey wat rubbish r u speaking haaan ….don’t u dare to touch me (anger)
Samar:ohh gussa ….. its okay .. .

saying the he pulls her by waist ….while she struggles

Swara:wat r u doing leave .me…… sanskar …… sanskar…….Sanskar

while he smiles evily and leans to kiss her


So guys wat do u think.
will swara be saved ???
if she will be saved then who will save her???.if not then wat will happen???

plzzz do comment guys

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