swasan! you r my life!! (season-2) – episode-14


Sanskar was driving the car …thinking abt his love his life his swara …her innocence …no one r imp than his swara to him … he had a cute smile on his face recalling abt the morning incident with his beautiful wife ……. but his smile fades away thinking abt the lady who came asking for job ….

Sanskar: y i’m feeling soo restless …and y i’m feeling tat something bad gonna happen ….and da lady …y she had coverd her face … (takes a sigh) no sanskar nothing is gonna happen ….so clam …and coming to lady covering her face after office (something strikes his mind) OFFICE!!! ….my file (he stops the car and searches for the file but dnt find) oh shit i
left it at study …how can i frgt such a imp file ..oh god ..it is necessary for todays meeting (shakes his head) cholo lets go back to get the file …

saying thz he droves back to manshion


As swara entered the clg ….the boys who once used to stair her seeing bows their head down ….and the girls who once used to show their so called attitude ….r giving a friendly smile when she looks at them …

Swara is not suprised by the sudden change in them as she already knewz the reason ….obvio it is coz she is Mrs SM …

Swara:oh god ..thz people na ..how easily they change their attitude toward me …only coz i’m the wife of Mr SM the most angry and egostic person according them ….but for me (smiles) my cute baby (murmurs)

She enters the class ….looks at kavya and rishi ….smiles and goes towards them

Swara:hi guys …how r u …
Kavya:(happy tone) wow ..swara finally u came …u know we missed u soo much
Swara:hahahaha me to missed u both ..
Rishi:(looks suprised) but we thought SM ..i mean Sanskar will not allow u to come here..
Swara:yeah u r right rishi …. but u know he loves me sooo much ..i insisted him tat i will go clg ..tab jake he agreed …
Rishi:(sad face) oooh
Kavya:waise swara u know tat smita and her friends r suspended from the clg for hurting u ….
Swara:(understood who did thz) Thz sanskar naa…
kavya:(confused) wat
Swara:it is done by sanskar ….. u know he won’t leave them who even tries to harm me …. (smiles) my cuteee baby my love

Rishi’s face turns pale only he knowz the pain which he was going through …it is not easy to frgt the person who u loved …
Kavya notice thz ….feels sad for him …and driverts the topic

Kavya:(diverts the topic) hmm swara forward ur hand ..
Swara:(confused) wat…but y
Kavya:arrey …show ur hand 1st

swara nodes ..forwards her hand ….she smiles and takes a beautifull friendship band …and puts in swara’s hand

kavya:(hugs her) happy friendship
Swara:(smiles) happy freindship day ..(release the hug and looks at the band) omg its soo beautifull ..thank u kavya
Kavya:naa did u frgt ..friendship me no thank u….
Swara:no sorry (smiles)
Kavya:correct ..
Swara: now its my turn …u both show ur hands …
Rishi:did u….
Swara:haan hw can i frgt thz day ….now show ur hands
they forward their hands …she puts a bands on their hands …
trio shares a hug …
and invovled in talks

The day passed ….now its evening… all left to thier respective homes

Swara was waiting for sanskar ….. rishi comes there to takes his bike just then his eyes falls on swara…

Rishi: Swara…y she is stilll here …hmmm lets ask her …

He takes his bike ..goes towards swara

Rishi:hey swara wat r u doing here..
Swara: wo rishi i’m waiting for sanskar
he tld tat he will come to pick me
Rishi:ooo hmm swara if u don’t mind can i drop u ..
Swara:(smiles) Thanks rishi but sanskar might come anytime if he doesn’t find me here he will get worried …so i hope u understand
Rishi: hmm no problem …okay bye
Swara:bye (smiles)

Rishi leaves from there

2hours passed but sanskar dnt came ..

Swara:y sanskar is taking so long time …let me call him

saying thz she takes the mobile …dails the number …but it was showing not reachable ..

Swara:huh! not reachable……hmmm might be busy in some meeting

Suddenly its started raining …

Swara:oh god …yeh barish ko bhi abhi anaa tha kya …now wat shld i do …. i can’t stand here …i will take taxi…and will inform sanskar after i reach …hmm its better … (worried) god y feeling tat something bad gonna happen .plz god i pray u i don’t care abt me ..but mere sanskar ko kuch bora math hone dena …

soon she takes taxi and leaves from there

she reaches to S&S Manshion …
as she steps out of the taxi she was shocked and suprised to see the people gathering and gossiping infront of the Manshion …

Swara:(confused) y soo many people here

she walks towards the manshion ..opens the gate …hearing the gate sound all people turns …looks at her …and clears a way to her …she confusedly walks towards the door …and looks at suresh and dolly ?ly who were also standing outside

Dolly:Swara beti …sanskar baba
both suresh and dolly burst into tears they were unable to say anthing…

Swara was just blank hearing Sanskar’s name…people gathering …dolly and suresh tears …a unknown fear created in her heart
She immedeatly opens the door and as she stepped in she was shocked to see all the things were scattered…messedup …here and therr …Sanskar ..ws the only name wss running in her mind

Swara:(shouts) sanskar..sanskar..sanskar
but no response…so she immedeatly ran to their room …as she entered the room she wss just numb to see the scenerio
…her life her love …sanskar is lying on the floor like life less body …she scans the room ..all things were scattered here and there…. she looks at sanskar ..tears made a way from her eyes…. she immedeatly walks towards him …takes him in her lap

Swara:(pats his cheeks) Sanskar…sanskar …opens ur eyes plzz sanskar (she takes some water sprinkles on his face) sanskar plzzz open ur eyes

He slowly opens his eyes and looks at her confusedly ….seeing him opening his eyes she immedeatly hugs him

Swara:(hugs) sanskar …wat thz and…

before she completes ..he jerks and pushes her …she look shock

Sanskar:(angry tone) WHO R U and wat the blo*dy hell r u doing here

swara was shocked 1st by hearing thz but later thinks tat he might be joking

Swara:(hits him) idiot is thz the time for joke ..i’m here..
Sanskar:(cuts off) just shut up ..(anger) how dare ..u ….just get lost from here …

Saying thz he started throwing the things here and there ..

Swara:(tears) sanskar..wat r doing …plz stop it
sanskar:(shouts in anger) just get lost from here
Swara;(tears & cups his face) sanskat y r u behaving like thz …wat happen to u sanskar
Sanskar:(jerks) i said get lost from here can’t u understand leave me alone (anger)
Swara:no sanskar i willl not leave u ..wat happen to u …did u frgt our promise to be with eachother ..to not leave hands let any problem across our life (tears) bolo na sanskar answer me

sanskar head started paining badly..he holds his head in pain
Swara:(tears) sanskar…sanskar…sanskar

he falls on the bed with a thud ….

Swara sits beside him …pats his cheeks ..

Swara;sanskar …wat happen to u …plz open ur eyez plz (tears )

she again sprinkles the water but no use …

she cries holding him tightly

Swara:(tears) sanskar y u r behaving soo starnge y sanskar …. u were soo happy
at morning and now …(cries)


So guys how was the chappy hope u all liked it …and i’m very disappointed with ur reponse in my previous episode …silent readers …plz do comment guys if not i will not talk to u (hehehehehehe) i’m serious yaar …and haan guys don’t worry abt
mu and spearation …coz thz two things u will not get to see in my ff ever .. coz i’m also a big fan of swasan yaar


  1. Rabia


    |Registered Member

    nice and please wrap up the suspense soon πŸ˜› u know na wee are too much possesive for swasan πŸ˜‰ just joking πŸ™‚

  2. Manasa

    Tanu di sry for not commenting in previous episode I read it jst now as I was little busy with my assignments soo sryy.I know there will be no mu and separation but pls update nxt part soon.BTW the last 2 episodes are nice

  3. Mehwish

    Wonderful episode am just perplexed as to how one be so talented Mashaallah awesome epi once again

  4. SNY


    |Registered Member

    I think sanky suffered short time memory loss…I hope u solve this problem very soon….I feel like so sad…pls tanu ….solve all this problems……
    Plz nxt one asap di…

  5. Reethi

    Awesome. Feeling scared of sanskar behaviour. Will be waiting for next part.post asap. Otherwise I’ll die in excitement

  6. myna

    frightening and amazing i dont think it is memory loss bz in the teaser he remembers everything in the morning and i think kamla is drugging him and why is kamla covering her face pls end the suspense soon

  7. anu

    asusal aweome episode.. but poor swara… when sanskar will comes to know what he did how will he react….. show dear… dont dissopoint re u vl get response.. awesome… the lady sent by kaveri only i think.. what she gave him… reveal it… and dear want to see how he react when he comes to know… update next part soon

  8. sweety

    Hi dr… Writing well ah… Keep writing… Keep smiling… I read only 2 times in week so read all 4updates at a time… Don’t stop talking to me k.. U know y coz I m big fan of ur ff… N ha I like when u write in brackets like he is my sansku n ur bhai n etc…. Keep enjoying n entertaining dr….πŸ˜‹

    • Feriha_Tanu



      Sweety …u r really sweet ..and thank
      u r for ur sweet gesture ..
      u too keep smiling ..and
      haan i will not stop talking to yaar
      kyon ki bade bade deshon
      me aise choti choti batein hoti
      rehthi hai ..hehehehe im becoming tooo filmly na

  9. Bhargavi

    Arayy yar, what happened to Sanskar. I just love your ff of season 1. This one I am unable to see Sanskar like this yar

  10. Niku


    |Registered Member

    Awesome….u know wht after reading this ep. I m getting sad as this concept or d way this story is created by u doesn’t suits this track….but as we know har story m good days k sth bad days bhi aate h so it’s imp. To make story more interesting….n at last as u said their is no separation b/w them it makes me relief…☺

  11. Mahjabeen

    Omg wat hpn to sanskar..y he bhvng so weirdly???nd da epi ws rlly fantastic..hope sanskar recover soon..nd swara rishi nd kavyas scene ws rlly nice..waitng fr nxt…post soon dear…

  12. Tulina


    |Registered Member

    I think kaveri and smitha appointed kamla so that they can give drugs to my sansku cutie and create rift between them………waiting for next update…….post the next part soon

  13. Tooba

    Ohhh God!!!!😱😱😱😱😱 Mai 2 weeks k liye chali kia gayi yeh story kahan se kahan pohanch gai……. Totally shock!!!! Feeling sad for Rishi later wants to kill this Kamla😈😈😈 How dare she to hurt our sweetu cutu Sanky??? Ryt TANU di??? Once her truth will be revealed na we will together beat her!! Ok??? I swear to be born in every birth only as SWASAN Savior😜😜😜😘😘😘…… Now as for the birth yaar TANU Di I’m feeling bad for your BF😜😜😜 see na in serial also you left him making him cry and here also you are making him cry😭😭😭…… Poor boy!!! He doesn’t even know that TANU is only writing his destiny….. opsss story….. So TANU Di you too also come soon na for completing mission SWASAN Savior😘😘😍😍😍 and also boyfriend patao……. I mean Rishi patao😜😜😜😜😜 I know mai abhi apka bohot dimag kha rahi Hun so bad mai aon gi kunke agar abhi apka dimag kha lia to phir Mission SWASAN Savior kese shuru hoga han…..πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ theeke phir next part mai milte hain tab tak k Bye Bye… Tata Tata…. Miss you😍😍😍….. Kiss you😘😘😘…… opsss again mistake only Rishi have the rights to kiss youπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œ

    • Tooba

      Wait one more thing to tell you….. I LOVE YOU😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘……. hehehe not that wala love😜😜😜 Sissy wala love😘😘😘😘😘….. Well that wala love only Rishi can do😜😜😜 OK ab mai pakka jarahi Hun isse pehle k ap mujhe chappal se maro😜😜😜 So Tata and Gud nyt😘😘😘😘😘

    • Tooba

      OK I know now pakka you will kill me so no more teasing☺☺☺ Just Came to wish you…. Now don’t think much for what actually I know it’s late but HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY😍😍😍😘😘😘 Cz I didn’t wish you in last episode that’s why and you to very well know ki all Swasanians are friends so no confusion and also I’m informing you…… You are one of the best writer in my favorite writer’s list not even that you are on TOP 3……. 1st NEHA Di & Aryana, 2nd SaDu (FB writers Sanjida and Duaa) and last an 3rd You my dear sweet Tanu Di LOVE YOU soooooo much😘😘😘😘😘…….. Don’t know why I just wanted to tell my heart out….. Hope you don’t mind!!!😜😜😜😘😘😘😘😘

    • Feriha_Tanu



      Omg tobaa  rishi ko
      mera lover or bf banadiya very bad
      waise i’m telling tat already
      Sanskar’s only he have right on
      me ….hehehehehehe
      and haan happy friendship day
      too u
      thank sooooooooooooooooo much
      my sisy  kiss uuuiu
      and love u toooo …take care
      anf i will take care of my sansku cutiee

  14. sanya

    Omg omg I am crying because of you tanu you Made me cry but I loved it seriously oh god how will swara handle her Cutie but I am soooooooooooooooooo much happy that there will Not sepration and misunderstandig thank god that you cleard it but yaar am gona miss happy swasan

  15. Neha_priya


    |Registered Member

    Hey tanu my brother is gonna engaged soon so little busy with preparations so might not make much to comment…. Pardon me for this week but amazing episode I think someone has drugged sanskar bcoz he completely forgot who’s swara…. I’m believing you since you said no mu and separation I’ll read it for sure but plzzz wanna know how he reacts after knowing about his doing

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