swasan! you r my life!! (season-2) – episode-13



IT was yet another beautifull and pleasent morning for our heavenly and lovely
couple swasan who were sleeping in eachother embrace peacefully with a angelic smile on their respective faces …but do the smile continue till the end of the day ??????? …

Sanskar was sleeping on swara holding her tightly like his whole life depends only on her y not she is his life …..the sunrays of the sunny morning falls on swara …disturbing her sleep she slowly opens her eyes only to see her cute hubby sleeping on her with a sweet smile on his face ……she smiles ……and was admiring her love her life who loves her more than anything…….she feels so lucky to get him
….just then something striked to her mind
…..she slowly placed him on the pillow …..and frees herself from his grip …smiles thinking tat how tight he holds her

Swara:(smiles) my cute baby …
kisses his forehead and pecks her lips ….
slowly wraps herself in the bedsheet …leaves to washroom…

after sometime

Sanskar puts his hand on the other side of bed to feel the warmth of his beautifull wife …..but he dnt find her …..thz made him to open his eyes ….he opens his eyes and doesn’t find swara beside him

Sanskar:(confused) swara…

just then he hears the showers sound coming from washroom ….
and he ws super superised

Sanskar:(suprised) am i day dreaming (rubbing his eyes) how come madam waked up soo early today….(smiles) cholo acha hai …..hmmm let me also get fresh …

saying thz he getsup ….walks towards wardrobe …takes his clothes and leaves to other room to freshup


in washroom after getting fresh …swara turns to take her clothes from the shelf but
Alas!! her dress wasn’t there

Swara:(slaps her head) stupid me ….i frgt to take my clothes from wardrobe (tensed) now wat shld i do …

just the her eyes falls on the bathrobe which was kept on the shelf

Swara:(takes it) haan i will wear thz …(tenses) but sanskar if he see me in thz (looks at bathrobe) …it is too short ….hmmmmmm but i don’t any way but to wear thz hmmm

after thinking for a long time …finally she wores the bathrobe ..and comes out of washroom lil tensed as she don’t want sanskar to see her in thz …
she comes out …looks at the bed and doesn’t find sanskar there …

Swara:(take relife) thank god he is not there …but where is he…hmmm might be gone freshup ..for other room cholo achai …..now no worry (smiles)

she takes the hair dryer …got busy in drying her hairs …humming the song

Swara:mujko barsath banalo
ek lambi raath banalo
ek gehra sa raaz banalo
apne jazbath banaloojana ..

she sings above lines …thinking abt sanskar her lovely cutiee hubby ..her life ..she smiles .and goes towards the wardrobe …opens it to take her clothes ..but her eyes falls on sanskar’s blazer …she smiles and takes it …
starts dancing with his blazer

All thz was see by a pair of eyes …obvio it is sanskar who was awestruck and spellbounded to see his love in thz way …she was looking like a angle to him
her wet hair ..smoky big eyes …her juicy lips …her cute nose …he wss admiring his loves beauty …he was just mesmerised to see her in the bathrobe which wss above her knees …her mikly wet legs r visible to him ….her sweet melodeous voice ….uff was making him crazy …upar se she was dancing …

Sanskar:(shakes his head) impossible girl …
he looks at her who was dancing with his blazer ….he thinks something and smiles naughtily ….slowly without making any noice he tip toes in the room …closes the door …goes and stands behind her ..
while she was still dancing with his blazer

Swara:nasha hoom mai behek ne doo
(she hugs his blazer feeling him )
mere katil mujhe jine ka hak tho do

she smiles and twrils ….turns …and was shocked…suprised to see sanskar who was standind there with a naughty smile …he winks at her ……..

Sanskar:(raising his eye brow ) wat was tat jaan …

he comes forward to her …while she was moving backward …

Sanskar:(naughty look) answer me wat was tat….barsath…nashaa something right …

she was fully embarassed …..she downs her head in shy ..still moving backwards as he was moving forward to her …
he comes closer to her ears

Sanskar:(whiphers huskily) and wat r u wearing …

she looks at herself …and realizes tat she is still wearing the bathrobe ….and widens her eyes while he smiles naughtily …she was abt to run …but he holds her wrist and pulls her closer

Sanskar:(huskily) where r u going
(tucking her hairs strands )

Swara turns crimson red …feeling his intense gaze on her …she wss blushing ..hard

Swara:(blushing)vo…sanskar..i ..o .vo..
Sanskar:say it clearly jaan …

she moves lil back …her leg hits the bed she wss abt to fall but our sanskar holds her by waist …saving her from falling …she closes her eyes in fear …he smiles seeing her innocence …..she realises tat she is save and is in his hubby arms …so slowly opens her eyes …takes a relife ….

Swara;(relife) thank god …

but sanskar smiles naughtily …leaves her …she falls on the bed ..widens her eyes .. …

Swara:sanskar wat is thz…

Sanskar smiles naughtily …comes upon her ….nuzzles his head on her …and inhales the fragnance for her body …and began to crasses her neck by his lips

Swara:(breathing heavily) sanskar …
le..ave…. me….. wat…r..u ….d..o.ing

but sanskar dnt gave any heed to her words and continues her teasing on her neck …licking fresh drop of water which on her neck ….senseously and romantically

Swara:(breathing heavily)….sanskar…plz.. leave me na…i have…to get..ready …for clg

hearing the word “clg” he stopped …and gets up from her…

Sanskar:(angry tone) clg ….. jaan wat r u taking abt haan ….
Swara:(to getsup) sanskar i want to continue my clg
Sanskar:ohh so u want to go tat clg..huh! … (he turns his face in anger)

Swara gets up and sits in his lap ..wrapping her arms around his neck

Swara:Sanskar listen na (she cups his face) plzz listen …sanskar wat shld i do being in home ..or by going with u to office haan …i feel so bored sanskar plz let me go to clg ..i know u r worried abt me ..but i promise u tat now onwards i will be carefull and responsible …plz sanskar ..let me go to clg

Sanskar looks at her pleading eyes ….which melted him soo easily …he just wants her happiness …but he is scared of losing her …. but looking at her pleading he melts and smiles

Sanskar:(caressing her hairs) okay u can go but u should keep ur promise
Swara:(jumps in happines) really …sanskar i go to clg
Sanskar:(smiles) yeah
Swara: thank u thank u thank u soooo muchhhhhhhh

Saying thz she kisses his both the cheeks …his forehead then nose ….then pecks his lips but sanskar pulls her closer …both falls on bed yet again sanskar was upon her changing her peck into a passionate kiss …he kisses her lovingly ….passionately …
she also reponded in the manner …he bites her lower lip she mourn in pleasure
..taking its an opportunty he enter into her mouth and starts exploring over all her mouth …tasting the sweet essence ….he was crassing her milky wet thighs with his on hand senseously and romantically …while he was holding her by waist with his other hand …. she was pressing him more on her moving fingers in his hairs …and cluthing his shirt tightly …it wss longlasting kiss ..which wss broked due to lack of oxygen ….he wss staring her lovingly …while she was blushing ..hard….she pushes him …and immideatly runs to washroom to avoid his gaze …
he smiles looking at his loves blushing …

soon swara also got ready …both have their breakfast ….and was abt to leave ..but.. a lady comes there her face was covered with the pallu …

Lady:Namaste malkin
Swara:(confused) who r u ..
Lady:(cries) vo malkin i want some work ..coz i don’t have money ..for my son operation .plz give me some work …

sanskar comes there

Sanskar:but we enough servant ..we don’t need u … so u can leave(calm tone)

lady:(cries more) plzz sahab don’t say like plz give me somework …i want to arrange money for my son operation
Sanskar:is tat soo then tell me hw much u want …but u r not gonna work here
Lady:no sahab i can’t take money just like tat plz give me some small work atleast plzz

Swara feels sad for the lady .

Swara:wat is ur name
swara:kamla u can join the work (smiles)
Sanskar:(looks at her) jaan
Swara:arrey rehne do na sanskar …she want to earn money for her son operation …coz she wants her son to be treated by the money which she earned ..hai na kamla
Kamla:yes malkin …and thank u very much for giving thz job …i will start working from today itself .
swara:okay (to suresh) suresh instruct her the work
suresh nodes …and they both leaves

swara looks at sanskar ..who was staring
her angrily

swara:sanskar(puppy eyes)
Sanskar:(shakes his head) impossible …leave it come lets go
Swara:(smiles) okay …

soon sanskar drops swara to the clg ….

Swara:bye …love u …take care my cute baby(pecks his lips)
Sanskar:(smiles) love u too ..and haan don’t forgt the promise
Swara:okay acha baba….now bye
he smiply nodes
she leaves from there ..

he also droves off


so guys how wss the episode hope u all liked it and sorry for no teaser part but in next episode pakka teaser starting ….plzzzzzzzzzzz do comment guys .
i know thz episode was not at all good but asking for u comments guys

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  2. Rabia

    nice and yar don’t drag the teaser part too means if they are separating then please don’t separate them for too long…. solve all the hurdles soon like u did in season 1 please….and once again awesome epi <3

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Thank u rabia….and haan there is nothing like seprartion dr ..
      so enjoy reading

  3. AnuAnn

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      Thanks yaar

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      Thank u roosey ..for commenting in all my epi

  5. Wonderful episode I always wait for your episode and it will be unfair if i dont comment so awesome episode once again and plzzzzzzzz dont separate swasan
    just remember u are the best writer according to me I LOVE U AND UR FF

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      My lovely frnd thank u soooooooo
      much it means a lot for me tat u
      broked ur silence..
      ..and commented hope u will continue the same
      love u too

  6. Tulina

    I think kaveri and smitha appointed this blo*dy kamla to destroy my swasan life……….Please undono witches ka chapter jaldi se khtm karo

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      I thinks the same(,hehehehehe)
      lets see btw witches haan..nice

      1. Tulina

        Thanks dear

  7. Tulina

    I think kaveri and smitha appointed this blo*dy kamla to destroy my swasan life……….Please undono witches ka chapter jaldi se khtm karo…….post the next part soon……..

    1. Tulina

      Posted mistakenly

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      i feel the same hmmmm lets see
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      much dr

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    Awsum..loved it..abb bas Teaser wala Trck Shuru karo aur end bhi karo..cnt wait..continue soon

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      Thanks yaar …and haan teaser ka track tho shuru hojayega par
      khatamnmmmnmnm lets see

      1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

        Omg..plzz dnt drag dat trck soo long plzz..strt n end it fast..plzz

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    Awesome! AsAlways

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      Thank u Risha dr
      Thank.u S

  12. Its a nice epi… can u show some college scenes whr everyone treats swara as mrs sm n not as swara….

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      Thanks yaar ..,&, abt the scene u wil

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      Thanks yaar ….and dare u stop reading (hehehe(

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  15. SNY


  16. mind blowing episode… feeling scared by teaser

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      Myna thanks yaar
      and abt ur guess lets see

      sny thank u dr

      tani thank u dr

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  21. Awesome my sis…But please end that teaser part soon…I also want to see college scenes….Please…Kamla…I think that both pagal aurte are doing something…Whatever…But Please don’t separate my Swasan…Coz I love them so much…
    Bye Di and Take care…
    Keep writing..
    Love u loads
    Your small lil sis

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      awwwee my lil sis thank u sooo
      …haan nice name pagal aurate
      hahahaha …..
      sisy me too swasan very much
      so no sepration in my ff
      love u too tc

  22. Niku


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