swasan! you r my life!! (season-2) – episode-1

Deewani…mai ..Deewani …
SWASAN ki Deewani hogaii ….hehehehehe ..haaahaa guys i’m back …. missed me ? Or my ff? hmmm but i missed …
So thz is swasan you r my life season -2 i guess u now …. before starting let me tell tat it is continuation ….


It is beautifull morning .. the birds were chirping …the trees were dancing to the rhythm of wind ….it is fresh morning with a fresh start ….

Our heavenly and lovely cute couple … our swasan were sleeping in eachother embrace ..such tat swara’s head was on sanskar’s chest … both r holding eachother tightly …… as they don’t even want to be far from eachother ..for sec also ….

The sunrays falls on our cute and handsome hero SANSKAR MAHESWARI OR U CAN SAY MR SM ….disturbing his sleep
He slowly opens his eyes … and finds his beautiful.. wife SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI OR U CAN SAY MRS SM (hehehehe) sleeping on him with a angelic smile on her face ……. he smiles and kiss her forehead lovingly ….. places her on the pillow gently … and pecks her lips … and gets up from the bed …. moves towards the window and stands there looking at the sky.. remmbering his life…his love…. how she removed him from the darkness the pain which he was going through … now everthing is perfect ……

Swara puts her hand on other side of bed only to find sanskar but he was there …thz made her to open her eyes …. she looks at the bed …. just then her eyes falls on sanskar who was standing near window lost in deep thoughts ………. she smiles seeing thz …… she gets up from the bed …
She was just wearing sanskar’s shirt .which was above her knees she was looking like always gorgeous …. she comes towards sanskar and back hugs him ….resting her head on his back……… sansku smiles

Swara: good morning …

Sanskar smiles and turns …places his hand on her waist and pulls her closer to him

Sanskar:(smiles) good morning jaan
Swara:awweee u r looking chooo cute (pulling his cheeks) sansku cutiee

Sanskar comes more closer to her and

Sanskar:(wisphere in ear) And u r hot … (winks)
Swara:(laughs) hahahahaha is tat so …thank u….
Sanskar:(shakes his head) impossible girl
Swara:ya i am (winks)
Sanskar:(smiles)…. hmm now u get ready we have to leave for ……
Swara:(happy tone) for date ….
Sanskar gives “unbelivable” look

Sanskar: for date really swara…. its morning 6 ….. i guess no one goes for date at thz time ….
Swara:hahahaha … we r unique … (yes its right)
Sanskar: swara i want u to get ready for (swara was about to tell but ) noo shut ur mouth i dont wanna listen u .okay …… where was i … haan for my office ..
Swara: (confused) wat ur office … but y me … u go …
Sanskar: from now onwards we both r going to office …..i dont want u to leave alone …
swara:but wat will i do there ..
Sanskar:nothing … it just ki i want u with me always …
Swara: but…
Sanskar:(angry look) i said u to get ready …so go fast …
Swara pouts : okay
Sanskar smiles and pecks her pout

Swara was about to go … sanskar turns …
She smiles naughtily … she turns and holds sanskar’s wrist ….pulls him …

Sanskar: arrey…
Before he could complete …. she smashed her soft yet rosy lips on his rough lips.. started kissing him … he was just numb by her sundden action .soon he realises his wife is unique …… he smiles …but before he could respond to kiss … she pats away and runs from there

Swara:(while closing washroom door) u was looking soo cute …. so iiiiiiiiiii (bluses)

closes the door

Sanskar: hahaha carzy girl …(smiles) but mine

Soon both gets ready…..
Swara was dressed in blue crop top with a black jeans …. she was looking beautifull her hairs r open ….. she appiled light makeup …looking gorgeous

Sanskar was dressed in white shirt with a grey coat and pant … he was handsome,cute, no words to describe him yaar(guys warning u don’t u dare to keep eye on him okay hehehehehe  i’m serious)

both left to downstair

Swara:(smiles) dolly aunty ….suresh wats there in breakfast …
Dolly:allo paratha ..
Swara:ooo Alloo partha ..it my fav thank u for making …
Dolly: hahaha welcome beti

She looks at sanskar who was busy speaking on mobile …. she gets angry …goes towards him … and snatches his mobile …

Sanskar:wat the….
Looks at swara who was angry … and smiles
Sanskar:(smiles) haha jaan breakfast na …come lets have it …

Swara cuts the call and smiles proudly

Both have there breakfast and leaves to office


S&S Company

Both enters hand in hand …

All: good morning sir (Suprised to See swara)
Johan signals them …to wish swara ..they did so

All employees: good morning mam
Swara:hahahaa good morning to u to … waise y u r looking scared …am i looking like any devil …

All looks at sanskar …swara see’s …understoods tat they r scared of him and smiles

Swara:hahahahaha my hubby is not any ghost tat u r getting scared of him ….. he is cuteeeeeeee

She raises her hands to pull his cheeks .. but he stops her and holds her wrist and take her to his cabin

Sanskar: swara .. how can u call me tat infront my employees (angry look)
Swara:oooh i’m sorry … from onwards i will call u cute infront of world nice na(winks)
Sanskar: haahaa nice … wait i will show u

Saying thz he pulls her closer to him
And began caressing her cheeks and neck by his nose

Swara:(low tone)(blushing) sanskarrrrrrrr
Swara:we r in office …
Swara: stop thz …
Sanskar:(smiles naughtily) wattttt

Saying thz he places his rough lips on her soft yet rosy lips ….and started kissing it sensously…….. she also responded with the equal passion ,love … his hand went under her top …and started caressing her bare back senseously and romantically
… she was cluthing his shirt by one hand …. by another hand … she was caressing his hairs pressing him more on her … their tounges were playing… tasting the essence of thier mouth …. it was long kiss …. but soon they broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen and was staring eachother lovingly just then ….

Knock knock knock

Both swasan comes to sense …. swara turned crimson red …She was blushing hard … …. sanskar smiles …

Knock knock knock

He curses the person in his heart who is disturbing his special moment with his jaan

Sanskar:(bossy & angry tone) whoz thz
Voice: sir..vo…..
Sanskar: ohhh ragini …..
Swasan makes themselve presentable

Sanskar: come in ragini
She comes in
Swara:(smiles) hi ragu ….
Ragini:(suprised) swara u ..
Sanskar: haan from now even she will come to office ….
Ragini:(suprised) swara r u going to work
Swara: hahahaha ragu … me and job … its impossible ….
Sanskar: haaa u both carry on … i have some work ….
Ragini:but jiju…. i mean sir …me…
Sanskar:be with swara for sometime ..(kisses swara’s forehead) bye jaan
Swara:bye my cute baby..(pulls his cheeks)
Sanskar smiles and leaves ….

Ragini: swara…y …
Swara:haan haan i will tell… u know sanskar na after tat accident ..he became overprotective … ..(mocks) swara dont do thz …dont do tat … be with me … i will not leave u alone……. ufff thz sanskar
Ragini:(laughs) hahaha … but he loves u …very much
Swara:(smiles) haan tat i know …..
Ragini:waise swara y don’t u stay at MM
Swara:ragu u know sanskar ..right ….. i don’t wanna force him ..for anything … y r u still doing a job …
Ragini: swara how manytimes will u ask thz to me huh!
Swara: yeah.. yeah .. u love to do job blah blah blah hai na
Ragini:(laughs) haan
They talk for sometime … later ragini leaves from there ….

To be continued

So guys how was the episode ….. i know be’coz its a continuation many will not feel to read it … or many will not like also .thinking it will be boring ……… but my dear friends i request u to comment to do r not it is up to u …… i will make the story more interesting its just a begining … bye take care …love u 

Credit to: tanu


  1. mahjabeen

    Finally u r back with ur ff..i rlly missed u nd ur ff….nd da chappy ws rlly nice..continue soon da nxt part dear….??

  2. helina

    Its just awsm tanu u did a good job by continuing it I like ur ff a lot as sometimes new ffs seem boring thanks n plzz don’t separate them means keep them as they are now??

  3. little princess

    Awesome episode as always.. Loved it….its not boring… So dont worry ..many of them r there who wish to read ur this ff..so u carry on…waiting for next part..plz update a epilogue of swasan bin tera if u can…update next part asap.. Take care

  4. Rosey

    It was superbbb n I miss u so much n I am v happy that I start season 2 I just loved it I know I always write sweet n lively moments that’s why I love it f2f v much

  5. piya

    u always awsm yaar..lvd dis season also ..naughty swasan…nd ur info i already eyed on sanky…sanky is mine hehe..plz post nxt part asap

  6. Swasan

    Nice…..plz make after swara accident ..his care for feeding food romance and all
    Superb episode…I like to read again & again

  7. Chanu

    Vry nice.. Lv it.. I miss dis ff so much.. Our ha.. Sanky mera hei.. Use anke math dalna.. 😉 😉 😛 dnt separate swasan.. I lv dis wy.. Bt if u wnt sm twist… o_O show sm family probs.. Bt no separation.. Ok??? Plzz..
    Be hpy always 😀

  8. sweety

    U rocked it…. Even in the second season that charm is present infact I m loving it more…. Plz update nxt asap …. Keep writing dr …. Awesome story….

  9. sanya

    Oh my god it was awesome Amazing I love it you know I missed this ff soooooooooooooooooo much cant tell you dear I am sooooooooooo happy that you started i dont Care about other what will They think about your ff But I love it and will read this till and i will give you Alot of coment so be ready to bear me After swasan I am your BIG fan because of this ff love you dear

  10. Reethi

    Wow I’m so happy ki ur writing season 2.I missed ur ff soooo much. U really shows swara in different way.hahaha n laksh n Swara fighting will be super ???. Bechara laksh. Missing all those. Will be waiting for next part.post asap

  11. Tooba

    ???????????? ALLAH Tanu this all kisses are not enough for…… I’m feeling like eating you…. thanks a lot for coming back…. thank you thank you thank you thank you soooooo much by the way you also don’t think anything like that about Sanky huh cz he is no one’s only Swara’s? plssssssss post next part soon

  12. anu

    awesome.. loved it.. naughty swasan and overprotective sanskar towards swara .. continue.. and post regularly…

  13. Trishi

    In the last episode of season one you said swasan have baby name Sara!! Toh why u didnt include her in it??!?!?

  14. Prakriti

    Wow Di Awesome …I am so glad you started seson 2…No Problem if it is the continuation… Best if your ff…But I am choo sorry…I am not be a regular commenter

  15. Dharani


    |Registered Member

    awesome continue dear but in last episode of season 1 u told they have a baby girl named sara then now where is she

  16. tanu

    Thank u thank u very much guys …. and haan in last episode i have mentioned tat will have a baby but after 1year u can see …. now is just after tat accident yaar not soo soon
    And haan .. sanya my siso i’m ready to bear u plz do comment .. and me also a big fan of urs for commenting in my ff and ss…….

    And haan guys again warning u to not keep eye on my sansku okay heheheheehehe hahhahaha …arrey i’m serious

  17. tanu

    Tooba ..thank u for kisss i must tell it is very sweet … hehehehe from my side for u muhhaaaaaaa a big wala kiss
    Lil princess u r really my princess love u very muchhhhh and thank u for commenting in my ss and ff


  18. SwaSan Deewaani

    wow..m also happy ki u r back with season 2 m ur silent reader of season 1…big thnkx for continuation…?

  19. mehreen

    Ooh I am so happy u r back again..I really loved your ff…n now I am more happy to kno that u r continuing from we’re u end…..I really wanted that…I don’t kno about others …but for me ..I am happy n keep writing …u r a good writer….

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